Tune In for Learning: Learn Spanish with These 9 Awesome Audio Resources!

You need to use audio to learn Spanish.

And to do that, you need some great audio resources for the best listening practice.

Listening to Spanish will help improve both your speaking and listening skills, which in turn will increase your overall fluency.

So if you want to improve your Spanish skills, just hear us out and give these nine Spanish audio resources a listen!


Why Learn Spanish with Audio?

Learning Spanish with audio is convenient. Since many audio programs can be uploaded to various devices, this means you can get your practice while driving, while waiting in line or even while shopping. Spanish audio is portable and can fit into any schedule, making it an ideal learning tool.

Plus, learning Spanish with audio can prepare you for real-world experiences. Since most interactions will involve speaking and listening, practicing Spanish with audio is a valuable way to hone the skills you need to not only succeed in these interactions but actually enjoy them.

Additionally, Spanish audio is engaging. Since you’re often participating more actively than you would with a textbook, learning Spanish with audio will probably hold your attention more than reading would.

Finally, learning Spanish with audio is more naturalistic than book learning. In your native language, you learned spoken language before you learned written language. Therefore, learning Spanish with audio is a logical first step on your road to fluency.

How to Learn Spanish with Audio

  • Mix and match resources. Each resource is unique and uses different materials and speakers. Mixing and matching several resources will allow you to hear Spanish from a variety of speakers and give you a more well-rounded Spanish education.
  • Listen whenever you can. Frequency and repetition are important. Even if you can only fit in a couple minutes a day, hearing spoken Spanish as often as possible will help ensure you don’t lose your skills by waiting too long between study sessions.
  • Interact with the audio. Respond to and/or repeat what is being said to get speaking practice. In fact, interacting with the audio will improve more than just your speaking. It will also reinforce your learning and improve your focus.
  • Use supporting materials. Many Spanish audio programs also contain printed material, which you can use as reference material to reinforce and increase your learning. Whether you use these materials for a better understanding of what is being said or as additional study material, supporting materials are useful tools.

Hear, Hear! 9 Great Audio Resources for Spanish Learning

Gritty Spanish

Gritty Spanish offers awesome audio that will engage you and help improve your Spanish skills. Gritty Spanish is well-reviewed and has a lot to offer.

Gritty Spanish’s audio is more emotive than many audio sources, which makes it more engaging. Additionally, Gritty Spanish uses speakers from a variety of backgrounds to expose you to a wide array of accents including Puerto Rican, Castilian, Mexican, Colombian and many more.

Dialogues feature a variety of topics and scenarios to teach you a wide array of words. Plus, each dialogue has an associated transcript so you can read along or study the text independently. You can download the MP3s of the dialogues to any device. If you listen to dialogues on an iPad, iPhone, iPod or Android device, you can even use the “lyrics” feature to display the text of the dialogue.

Additionally, each dialogue offers a full-speed version and a version that is 30% slower. This is a great way to transition towards a more naturalistic rate of speed, without missing any of the valuable material.


FluentU teaches you a language using authentic video content from native sources. This immerses you in audio from a wide variety of native speakers across different types of media like movies trailers, cartoons and even DIY videos.

FluentU’s videos have interactive subtitles, providing access to additional information about any word like definition, example sentences and other videos that use that same word.

FluentU also provides personalized quizzes based on each learner’s history, helping you reinforce everything you’re learning from the videos.

Language Transfer

Language Transfer offers a free Spanish audio program featuring 90 tracks.

It encourages you to avoid memorizing and taking notes. Instead, you are supposed to simply concentrate on understanding. This makes it a low-stress way to learn beginning Spanish.

Tracks are available on YouTube, SoundCloud and for download through the website.

Your local library

Public libraries often offer Spanish audio programs. Plus, since they are public libraries, this material is free to borrow.

If you prefer CDs, you might find Spanish learning CDs at your local library. Otherwise, check out your library’s digital presence. Many libraries offer digital borrowing options, which often include audiobooks, including Spanish learning audiobooks.

Learn Spanish Online

Learn Spanish Online offers free Spanish lessons for beginning Spanish students. This includes about eight hours of audio.

The full program takes about 40-50 hours to complete and aims to improve your speaking and comprehension.

Dialogues are offered with both audio and text to allow you to read along.

Lots of audio paired with additional materials like exercises and quizzes make Learn Spanish Online a good all-around learning option.

Learning Spanish Fast

Learning Spanish Fast is a free resource that aims to help you learn Spanish in 19 minutes a day. While it offers useful text guides to help you understand the language in more depth, the main focus is the podcasts.

Each podcast is about 19 minutes long. Podcasts target advanced students and feature thematic content about topics like Christmas, vacations and more.

You can download podcasts from iTunes or access them through Learning Spanish Fast’s RSS feed.


Innovative Language offers an array of audiobook options for Spanish students.

While there are general, leveled audiobook options, what really sets Innovative Language apart is that they offer regional audiobooks. This means if you are planning on traveling to a specific country like Spain or Costa Rica, you can prepare by using audiobooks that focus on the specific variations of Spanish used in each region.

Audiobooks include audio lessons, audio reviews and audio dialogues. Additionally, audiobooks also come with printed material to help support your learning.

No-Work Spanish

No-Work Spanish aims to help you learn Spanish without any time or effort.

Instead, No-Work Spanish offers audiobooks in which you hear a story in both English and Spanish to help you connect words and phrases to their English equivalents. First, the story is told one sentence at a time, and each sentence is read in both English and Spanish. When a chapter is complete, you will also hear the complete chapter in Spanish.

No-Work Spanish is meant to be fun and easy to listen to while you do other things so that you can easily fit it into your schedule.

Spanish Programs

Spanish Programs offers Spanish software programs with an abundance of audio.

Programs range from beginning to advanced. Each program offers lessons along with several hours of audio.

If you are looking for a product with a lot of audio, Spanish Comprehension Trainer is particularly notable. This program focuses on helping you understand native speakers and learning vocabulary. It has 120 hours of Spanish audio lessons, so if you listened around the clock, it would take five whole days to listen to it all!


Listen up to these nine great audio resources! You’ll hear improvement in your Spanish skills in no time.

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