Spanish News Articles, TV and Magazines: 40 Best Sources for News in Spanish [Updated for 2024]

News is everywhere, and when it comes to the enormous Spanish-speaking world, there’s a lot of it.

This is why it’s such a great resource for immersing yourself in the Spanish language! By watching the news in Spanish, you can practice your language skills all while keeping up with current events. 

In this post, you’ll find 40 Spanish news resources, from national and international news to the latest news on celebrities, pop culture, sport, television and film from all over the Spanish-speaking world.


Spanish TV and Video News

1. Noticias Telemundo

Country: United States of America (for Spanish-speakers)

For up-to-the-minute coverage of news in the Spanish-speaking world and beyond, check out the Noticias Telemundo YouTube channel.

The videos are neatly organized into topical playlists, so you can follow the developing events of specific stories.

Noticias Telemundo also has written news articles on its website.

2. FluentU

Country: Various countries

With FluentU, you can browse thousands of video clips from authentic Spanish media, including news broadcasts. Every clip comes with interactive subtitles so you can learn new vocabulary as you watch. 


The program’s flashcard feature and personalized vocabulary quizzes will help you review and memorize common words, phrases and expressions. 

3. Radiotelevisión Española (RTVE)

Country: Spain

Radiotelevisión Española (RTVE) is Spain’s national public broadcaster which offers a variety of news and current affairs programs available to watch online on the RTVE website, such as the Informe Semanal (weekly report) and the Telediarios (news bulletins).

Audio News in Spanish

4. News in Slow Spanish

Country: Spain and various countries in Latin America

News in Slow Spanish is the definitive resource for beginners to advanced Spanish learners.

The two hosts go over a selection of news items from the past week at a much slower speed than what you’d hear on a news channel, helping improve your comprehension.

5. Radio Ambulante

Country: Various countries in Latin America

Radio Ambulante (Walking Radio) is a news podcast that focuses on Latino and Latin American stories.

Most episodes are available to download with transcripts, which allow learners to read what they are hearing.

This podcast is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Google Podcasts.

6. Voz de América

Country: Various countries in Latin America

With a dozen different radio shows, downloadable as podcasts, the news from Voz de América (Voice of America) includes programs about specialized topics:

Spanish News Articles

7. Noticias Google

Country: Various countries

Google News’ Spanish Service aggregates news from around the world into a scrolling list of articles, organized by themes.

The site includes a variety of customization options to increase or decrease the presence of a certain media provider, region, or theme, in your news feed.

8. El País

Country: Spain

El País (The Country) is a daily newspaper based in Madrid, Spain. The site offers several portals that filter the high-quality content according to region.

El País also offers an English portal with translations of a small selection of articles featured on the main page.

9. ESPN Football

Country: Various countries

Football is a huge part of the culture across the Spanish-speaking world, so it’s useful to stay updated on the latest news.

You can filter your results by country and by region if you’re interested in a particular region or Spanish team.

10. El Mundo

Country: Spain

Founded in 1989, El Mundo (The World) is one of the leading newspapers in Spain, both in its printed and online versions. This newspaper mainly covers national and international political news.

El Mundo defines itself as a liberal newspaper, however its political stance is often center-right.

11. El Tiempo

Country: Colombia

El Tiempo (The Time) is one of the top Colombian newspapers in terms of printed copies and visits to its website.

El Tiempo is a centrist newspaper that includes news on national and international politics, business, sports, law and technology, among many others.

12. La Prensa

Country: Mexico

La Prensa (The Press) is a Mexican newspaper that covers nota roja (red note) news, which is a type of journalism that specializes in crime, violence, accidents and natural disasters.

La Prensa also includes sections like national and international news, opinion, sports, science and gossip.

13. El Nacional

Country: Venezuela

Originally a newspaper leaning to the left side of politics, El Nacional (The National) is now considered a centrist paper and one of the last independent newspapers in Venezuela.

El Nacional covers national and international news, economic reports and opinion articles, among other interesting sections.

14. ABC

Country: Spain

ABC has traditionally been considered Spain’s conservative, monarchical and Catholic newspaper.

This newspaper has several local editions throughout Spain and its website is also one of the most visited newspaper sites in the country.

ABC covers everything from Spanish news and sports to international news.

15. La Jornada

Country: Mexico

La Jornada (The Working Day) is a 32-page, tabloid-format daily newspaper. Ever since its creation, La Jornada has been left-leaning and very critical of neoliberal globalization.

This newspaper covers a variety of topics, from Mexican politics and the economy to culture.

Spanish Mixed Format News

16. SBS Spanish News

Country: Australia (for Spanish-speakers)

The website of the Australian Special Broadcasting Service includes news content in Spanish.

Print news in Spanish is complemented by a collection of short news radio programs.

For Australian viewers, SBS also offers an on-demand option for their daily, one-hour Spanish TV news program. 

17. Vogue

Country: Spain and Latin America

Vogue is the most prominent publication in fashion and includes coverage in a variety of media, including short videos.

It’s a good mixed-media platform for those looking to improve their listening comprehension skills, as well as their reading skills while keeping up to date with fashion news.

18. La Nación

Country: Argentina

La Nación (The Nation) is one of the most widely-read daily papers in Argentina and has been in circulation since 1870.

It offers different sections on politics, economics, international affairs, society, opinion, sports, lifestyle and entertainment. 

The lifestyle section even features Spanish podcasts!

19. El Nuevo Herald

Country: United States of America (for Spanish-speakers)

El Nuevo Herald (The New Herald) originally consisted of Spanish translations of news published in The Miami Herald, but it’s been on its own since 1987.

It mainly focuses on news from the U.S. (especially Florida), but still has other categories such as Latin American news.

20. El Vocero

Country: Puerto Rico

This newspaper covers national and international news, with a special focus on politics and governmental information, but it also has sections on sports, opinion and economics.

Try listening to the Audionoticias (Audionews) which sum up the main news of the day in around four minutes!

21. La Tercera 

Country: Chile

La Tercera (The Third) is one of the most important newspapers in Chile.

It has many sections, some of which include the weekend news, several podcasts, sports, Qué pasa (What’s going on), politics, national and international news and even a cooking club!

22. El Observador

Country: Uruguay

Founded in 1991, El Observador (The Observer) is one of the main papers of Uruguay. On its website you can read the latest national and international news as it happens.

The website has many sections, but one I particularly love is the one devoted to podcasts.

23. BBC News Mundo

Country: Various countries in Latin America

BBC Mundo (BBC World) keeps you up to date with news about Latin America, Central America and the international scene in Spanish. You’ll also find stories about science, culture, technology, health and the economy.

You can also check out the BBC News Mundo channel on YouTube.

24. La Opinión

Country: United States of America (for Spanish-speakers)

La Opinión (The Opinion) was originally created for Mexican immigrants in the Los Angeles area and later changed to cover news from all of Latin America and the entire Spanish-speaking world.

La Opinión covers international news and even offers a daily podcast, which is great for listening practice.

Spanish Sports News

25. Marca 

Country: Spain

Founded in San Sebastián, Spain in 1938, Marca is one of Spain’s most popular sports newspapers, currently based in Madrid.

Marca covers a range of different sports, such as soccer, motorsport and basketball, although the main focus is on national and international soccer.

26. Mundo Deportivo

Country: Spain

Mundo Deportivo (Sports World) is a Spanish sports newspaper that was founded in 1906.

It covers soccer, a range of motorsports from Formula 1 to MotoGP, basketball, tennis and many other national and international sports. Plus, its website is available in both Spanish and English.

27. Récord

Country: Mexico

Founded in 2002, Récord is a daily sports newspaper based in Mexico City, Mexico.

Récord offers coverage of national and international soccer, NFL, baseball, Formula 1 and many other sports. On its website you can find schedules for sporting events around the world.

28. Diario AS

Country: Spain, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, USA, Mexico, Peru

Diario AS is a daily sports newspaper based in Madrid, Spain, with various international editions: Spain, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, USA and USA Latino, Mexico, Peru and America (the continent as a whole). 

The main sports it covers are soccer, cycling, basketball, motorsport and tennis. Diario AS also offers content on their website that is available in English and Spanish.

29. Olé

Country: Argentina

Olé is an Argentinian sports newspaper based in Buenos Aires.

It covers many different sports in Argentina, from tennis and rugby to national and international soccer. On its website, you can also find an agenda deportiva (sports schedule) for upcoming sports events.

Spanish Pop Culture News 

30. ¡Hola!

Country: Spain

Founded in Madrid, Spain in 1944, ¡Hola! (Hello!) is one of the most famous magazines currently in circulation in Spain. This magazine covers a range of different topics from celebrity news and fashion to travel and cooking.

31. Billboard Español

Country: United States of America and various countries in Latin America

The Spanish-language website of the music and entertainment magazine, Billboard, Billboard Español (Spanish Billboard) was launched in 2007.

Billboard Español mainly focuses on Latin American artists and music; however you can also find some latest news on other famous artists under noticias (news).

32. Quién 

Country: Mexico

Quién (Who) covers a range of news and topics from royalty, politics and fashion to beauty, travel and food.

On its website, you can also access and download the revista digital (digital magazine) to read the current magazine and previous editions.

33. Glamour

Country: Mexico

Originally launched in the U.S., Glamour magazine is currently available in Mexico, Spain and many other countries around the world.

Like its American counterpart, Glamour México y Latinoamérica (Glamour Mexico and Latin America) covers celebrity news, beauty, fashion, shopping, horoscopes and more!

34. Pronto

Country: Spain

Pronto is one of the most popular magazines in Spain.

This magazine covers a range of topics from celebrity news, television and cooking to the latest beauty hacks. If you’re interested in horoscopes, there’s also a section on that too!

Online Spanish Magazines

35. People en Español

Country: United States of America (for Spanish-speakers)

As time goes on, more U.S. magazines are becoming available in Spanish. If you love People magazine, you’ll love it en español (in Spanish).

People en Español includes profiles and entertainment news with an emphasis on Spanish-speaking celebrities with a presence in the U.S.

36. Siempre Mujer

Country: United States of America (for Spanish-speakers)

This is a lifestyle magazine that features a wide range of advice-type articles aimed mainly towards women.

In this magazine, you’ll also find long-form articles, fun interviews with celebrities and a wide variety of lifestyle topics from relationships to recipes.

37. Cuerpomente

Country: Spain

Cuerpomente (body/mind) is all about health and well-being. You’ll find articles, columns and advice on a variety of health-related topics like nutrition, exercise and natural therapy.

The magazine also features inspirational stories and lessons on meditation and mindfulness for coping with day-to-day stress.

38. Muy Interesante

Country: Spain and various countries in Latin America

In Muy Interesante (Very Interesting) you’ll be able to find everything from technology, natural wonders, history and prehistory to the latest scientific advancements.

This magazine even publishes different versions in Spain and Latin America with information that’s relevant to each region.

39. Muy Interesante Junior

Country: Spain and various countries in Latin America

Like Muy Interesante, Muy Interesante Junior offers a wide array of fun-fact science for younger people and language learners. The articles are a little shorter, and the magazine also includes brain teasers and kid-friendly lessons on staying healthy, taking care of the environment and more!

40. El Mueble

Country: Spain

If home decor is your passion, El Mueble (The Furniture) is a great option. This magazine offers helpful inspiration for furniture and home accents as well as DIY projects.

You’ll also find glossy features on Spanish homes and a few miscellaneous topics, such as travel and cooking.

Tips for Learning Spanish Through the News

  • Read at least one article per day. Consistency will help you remember what you’ve learned!
  • Find a news source that actually interests you. This will keep you engaged.
  • Combine print, TV, and radio news. This will help you practice both reading and listening comprehension.
  • Read out loud. When you read out loud, you improve your pronunciation, rhythm and intonation.
  • Keep a notebook with the words you translate each day. Writing down what you learn will make your learning more active and help you remember better what you learn.
  • Study your notes after each news reading session, and again at the end of each week. As you study your notes, you’ll reinforce and refine what you’ve learned.
  • Try summarizing articles in a few short Spanish sentences. This will allow you to practice building your own sentences and also reinforce what you learned from the article. 
  • Create flashcards. This will help you reinforce the words that you learn.
  • Don’t skip the commercials! Ads and commercials in Spanish provide bit-sized language lessons. 


Whether you like focusing on local news, sports, fashion, money or science—or the happenings in dozens of other areas—there are Spanish news sources that can immerse you in the language and gradually improve your fluency.

Mix and match your news sources. Use the information you learn to spark conversations with Spanish-speaking partners.

You can use the news to practice both Spanish reading and listening comprehension—all while keeping on top of the latest news and getting a better understanding of the world we share.

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