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7 Online Language Courses to Get the Most from the Virtual Classroom


These days, you can find a language learning app for anything.

There are photo translator apps that extract words from your pictures for instant translation. Apps to carry with you as you travel. There are even language learning apps …

Is Passive Listening Language Learning Possible? How to Learn with Music

passive listening language learning

It’s a demanding world out there.

How many times have you heard the following cries for attention?

“You’re just not listening.”

“Everything I say goes in one ear and right out the other.”

“Aren’t you paying attention?”

“What did I …

How to Become an Interpreter: A Comfortable 5-step Guide


Night after night, you keep having the same dream.

You hear voices whispering… then getting louder and louder. Frantic voices.

It’s dark. The voices around you sound confused. Agitated. Maybe even afraid.

At first, you can’t understand what they’re …

Just Roll with It: The Ultimate Guide for How to Roll Your Rs

how to roll your rs

Are you studying a language that requires a rolled R, but you feel like the technique is escaping you?

Turn to pop culture for inspiration.

Method #1: Vibrate your tongue. You may remember some variation of this Rrrrrruffles have

16 Super CEFR Placement Tests That Speak for Themselves


Do you remember that “Kids in the Hall” skit about the shopkeeper who speaks no English?

If you don’t, feel free to take a peek. I’ll wait.


Oh, good! You’re back.

You can imagine the frustration of …

Learn a Language Through Music with 6 Awesome Lyrics Sites


You just can’t stop humming that tune.

It’s an earworm. And you’ve tried everything to make it stop.

Worse yet, it’s a song you heard while watching a foreign film. And you only caught some of the words.…

Easy Language Books: 6 Places to Find Your Inner Kid


Ah, to be a kid again.

To read picture books… and not get teased for it.

To pretend you’re Nancy Drew or one of the Hardy Boys—or some other world-famous, super-cool, yet surprisingly humble teen detective—as you bravely …

6 Spots to Pick Up Texts in the Bilingual Parallel Universe


Some texts lead parallel lives.

It’s almost like they have a doppelgänger in a parallel universe somewhere.

In one universe, they’re written in English. Or French. Or German. Or Spanish… or in any of a dozen other languages.

Then, …

Language Audiobook Jackpot! 5 Sound Sources for Learners


Way back before the advent of television…

…imaginations were sparked by stories told through nothing but the human voice and simple sound effects.

Listeners imitated the iconic performances, from the demanding lilt of Mrs. Aldrich to the maniacal cackle of

The 31 Best Online Language Courses in 2020 for Any Budget or Level

30 of the best online language courses

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably just recently decided to throw caution to the wind and learn a foreign language, traumatic high school Spanish finals be damned.

Or maybe you’re in the midst of learning a new language online