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Over 150 Cool Spanish Words to Spice Up Your Vocabulary (Audio Included)

Level up your “cool” factor by adding these Spanish words to your vocabulary!

From words that mean “cool,” sound cool or have some awesome meanings, this blog post will help you ace the cool factor.

Sound awesome whether you’re calling someone a comilón (someone who enjoys eating a lot) or heading to an Argentine boliche (nightclub).

Ready? Let’s dive in!


Cool Spanish Words with No Direct Translation

Nothing is cooler than using a word in Spanish that doesn’t even exist in English. These Spanish words don’t have direct translations in English:

Antojo A strong craving
Empalagarse To overindulge to the point of feeling sick
Pena ajena Feeling embarrassed for someone else's actions
Merienda Afternoon snack
Trasnochar To stay up all night
Comilón Someone who enjoys eating a lot
Carné ID card or membership card
Friolero Someone who is always cold
Desvelarse To stay awake all night
Chuchería A small, usually inexpensive gift or trinket
Empalme The overlap of two events or commitments
Mangante Someone who constantly borrows things and doesn't return them
Sobremesa The conversation that continues after a meal
Pelusa The small pieces of lint or fuzz
Morriña A feeling of homesickness or nostalgia
Friolera A small and insignificant amount
Madrugada Early hours of the morning

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Cool Spanish Slang Words by Country

What’s cool in different parts of the Spanish-speaking world? These cool colloquialisms will get you started:

Cool Spanish Words from Spain

Guay Cool, awesome
Flipar To be amazed, to trip out
Molar To be cool, to like
Caña A glass of beer
Pijo Fancy, posh
Chulo Stylish, attractive
Tío / Tía Dude, guy/girl
Colega Friend, buddy
Marcha Nightlife, partying
Cani A young person with a distinctive style

Cool Spanish Words from Mexico

Chido Cool, great
Padre Cool, awesome
Neta Truth, real
Carnal Brother, friend
Onda Vibe, atmosphere
Chamba Job, work
Cuate Friend, buddy
Chela Beer
Güey Dude, guy

Cool Spanish Words from Argentina

Copado Cool, awesome
Guita Money
Bondi Bus
Faso Cigarette, joint
Boliche Nightclub, bar
Chanta Faker, con artist
Laburar To work
Che Hey, buddy
Boludo Fool, idiot

Cool Spanish Words from Colombia

Bacán Cool, great
Parche Group of friends hanging out
Vaina Thing, stuff
Chimba Amazing, awesome
Joda Party, fun
Parcero Buddy, friend
Rumbear To party
Ñero/a Dude, guy/girl

Cool Spanish Words from the Dominican Republic

Chévere Cool, great
Juma Party, gathering
Pariguayo Fool, naive person
Quillado Angry, annoyed
Chepa Luck, chance
Bembé Party, celebration

Cool Spanish Words About Nature and the Environment

Acantilado Cliff
Alborada The first light of day
Amanecer Sunrise, dawn
Arbusto Shrub
Arcoíris Rainbow
Brisca A light breeze
Brote Sprout, bud
Catarata Waterfall
Cielo Sky
Escarcha Frost
Espesura Thicket, dense forest
Espuma Foam, froth
Estrella Star
Fronda Foliage, leafy branch
Huracán Hurricane
Llamarada Flare, blaze
Luciérnaga Firefly
Marejada Swell, surge
Mariposa Butterfly
Orilla Shore, edge
Ráfaga Gust of wind
Remanso Quiet water, backwater
Resplandor Radiance, glow
Rocío Dew
Sereno Calm, serene
Terral Hot, dry wind
Tormenta Storm
Trueno Thunder
Vendaval Gale, strong wind

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Cool Spanish Words About Emotions and Feelings

Afán Eagerness, zeal
Aflicción Grief, distress
Añoranza Longing, yearning
Arrepentimiento Remorse, regret
Asombro Astonishment, wonder
Culpa Guilt
Desapego Detachment, non-attachment
Desazón Unease, discomfort
Desengaño Disappointment
Desvelo Sleeplessness, staying awake at night
Empalagar To have too much of a good thing
Enamoramiento Infatuation
Encanto Delight, charm
Esperanza Hope
Estupor Amazement, astonishment
Morriña A feeling of homesickness or nostalgia
Pesar Sorrow, regret
Querencia A place where one feels at home.
Serenidad Serenity
Solaz Amusement, entertainment
Soledad Loneliness
Ternura Tenderness
Zozobra Anxiety, unease

Cool Spanish Words About Food 

Agridulce Sweet and sour
Aperitivo Appetizer
Canela Cinnamon
Cazuela Stew or casserole
Comilón Someone who loves eating a lot
Crujiente Crispy, crunchy
Degustación Tasting, sampling
Degustar To taste, savor
Dulzor Sweetness
Empanada A savory pastry
Glasear To glaze
Guiso Stew
Horchata A refreshing drink made from rice or nuts
Jugoso Juicy
Manjar Delicacy, treat
Merienda Afternoon snack
Parrilla Grill, barbecue
Picante Spicy, hot
Pimienta Pepper
Rebozado Breaded, coated
Repostería Pastry, bakery
Sabroso Tasty, flavorful
Sazón Seasoning, flavor
Untuoso Rich, creamy

Cool Spanish Words About Art and Creativity

Acuarela Watercolor
Bastidor Frame, stretcher
Boceto Sketch
Desafío Challenge
Esbozo Rough draft
Escenografía Stage design
Lienzo Canvas
Mezcla Mix, blend
Óleo Oil painting
Pincelada Brushstroke
Retratar To portray
Retrato Portrait
Trazo Stroke, line
Vitrina Display case

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Different Ways to Say “Cool” in Spanish

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Beautiful Spanish Words

Spanish is a beautiful language. Moving slightly away from cool and into the realm of the gorgeous, check out some beautiful Spanish words that belong in your word bank:

Abrazo Hug, embrace
Amistad Friendship
Amor Love
Aurora Dawn
Cálido Warm
Caricia Caress
Cielo Sky
Destello Sparkle, flash
Dulce Sweet
Dulzura Sweetness
Embeleso Enchantment, captivation
Encantamiento Charm, enchantment
Esperanza Hope
Murmullo Murmur
Palabra Word
Querencia A place where one feels at home
Relucir To shine, to gleam
Resplandor Radiance, glow
Sonrisa Smile
Sosiego Quietness, calmness
Susurro Whisper
Tesoro Treasure

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And if you’re searching for even more cool and beautiful Spanish words to learn, you can find them on FluentU.


Have you saved your favorite cool Spanish words to your brain’s memory bank?

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