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60 Spanish Art Words for a Colorful Vocabulary

Art soothes the senses, offers peace in troubled times and challenges us to see the world through the eyes of another.

It really is a universal language—so getting some Spanish art words into your conversational skill set is a super idea.

All of these words will be helpful beyond the art world, too. Use them in everyday conversations or in school or office situations—just about anywhere!

Let’s check out all the terms you’ll need to know to chat about art in Spanish like a local!


Basic Spanish Art Words

spanish art words

artista (artist)

arte (art)

el estudio (the studio)

museo (museum)

exhibición de arte (art exhibit)

Painting Words

spanish art words

pintura (painting)

pintura (paint)

pintar (to paint)

pintor/pintora (painter)

caballete (easel)

lienzo (canvas)

los colores (colors)

los colores pastel (pastel colors)

la acuarela (the watercolor)

la pintura al óleo (the oil painting)

el paisaje (the landscape)

paisajismo (landscape painting)

óleo (oil paint)

trementina (turpentine)

los pinceles (paint brushes)

Sketching Words

spanish art words

bolígrafo (pen)

crayones (crayons)

el pincel (the brush)

lápiz (pencil)

lápiz de color (colored pencil)

carboncillo (charcoal)

dibujar (to draw)

el dibujo (drawing)

el boceto (the sketch)

el aguafuerte (the etching)

Sculpting Words

la estatua (statue)

la escultura (sculpture)

esculpir (to sculpt)

escultor /escultora (sculptor)

la madera (wood)

la piedra (stone)

la arcilla (clay)

Photography Words

spanish art words

blanco y negro (black and white)

papel mate (matte paper)

papel brillo (glossy paper)

fotografía de naturaleza muerta (still life photography)

fotografía de retrato (portrait photography)

fotografía moderna (modern photography)

luz natural (natural light)

modelo (model)

cámara (camera)

apertura (aperture)

tamaño de apertura (aperture size)

Art Movements in Spanish

spanish art words

el movimiento artístico (art movement)

Cubismo (Cubism)

arte abstracto (abstract art)

Realismo (Realism)

arte moderno (modern art)

Bonus Art Words

spanish art words

en venta (for sale)

edición limitada (limited edition)

exposición (exhibit)

firmado (signed)

artista desconocido(a) (unknown artist)

artista(o) famoso(a) (famous artist)

colonia de artistas (artist colony)

How to Practice Spanish Art Words

Learning Spanish art words can be fun, but chances are you’ll want to do more than simply study the words and phrases. You’ll want to use them, which is easy if you just incorporate them into your daily conversations.

You’ll probably even want to dig deeper and maybe share your growing art savvy with another who appreciates art as much as you do. Am I right?

It’s a breeze to make that happen!

  • Look at art while you run errands. For example, when you’re shopping, stop to admire what’s on the walls in a boutique. Note the medium and, if possible, spend a few minutes chitchatting with whoever is nearby. Chances are, your new Spanish friend will appreciate you sharing your knowledge. Cafes are another great place to observe artwork while you practice your Spanish art vocab—even if it’s just running through the phrases in your head!
  • Join a class to practice your Spanish art words and maybe even get your hands messy! That’s right, take an art class in Spanish. Lots of museums, colleges, libraries and social centers offer them. You could learn to sculpt or enjoy photography—and it’s a super great way to use your art words. Get started by exploring art-related groups on Meetup or calling your local library to ask about art classes—oftentimes, these are even free!
  • Team up with a friend. Not a fan of going places solo? That’s okay, lots of us feel the same way. So, find an art buddy who can go with you to galleries or enroll in a class with you. Challenge yourselves to only speak Spanish as you discuss art.
  • Take advantage of online opportunities. If you’re in a spot where there are very few in-person options, consider some of the fabulous online opportunities that make distance learning and adventures super fun. There are art application or appreciation classes, virtual museum tours and much more available. If exploring art from home interests you, check out this list of Spanish museum virtual tours. Many distance offerings are set up with chat rooms as well, so you may be able to practice your Spanish art words with like-minded art lovers from the comfort of your own home!
  • Go to a museum. If you haven’t had a chance to see some Spanish art in person, maybe you’re considering doing so. You’d be among countless other art lovers who stream through museums and galleries in Spain and other Spanish-speaking countries. Are you curious about the art master Pablo Picasso? Well, you’re in good company! He was incredibly prolific and produced a massive amount of artwork in his lifetime. Ever consider visiting the Picasso museum in Spain? Spain’s museums are some of the best in the world. Any traveler would do well to check them out! I know from firsthand experience that once you visit one Spanish museum, you’ll want to visit another. And, quite possibly, another after that!
  • Practice with a language learning program. Most programs offer basic vocabulary resources that cover art words, but some are more advanced and customizable than others. For example, FluentU lets you customize your own multimedia flashcards, so you can make a Spanish art word set and practice the vocabulary through audio, images, videos and text. You can search for specific words in the video library, and watch authentic Spanish videos where native speakers discuss art and culture.

Whether you’re an art expert, a budding artist or simply an art admirer, knowing some Spanish art terminology is very beneficial. Learn these core words and phrases to build a solid foundational art vocabulary that’ll take you from art studios to museums and help you engage in conversations with other art connoisseurs!

So what are you waiting for? Grab your new art vocabulary list and decide where you’re going to go practice it. Will you choose a museum or gallery? An art class at the local university or library or online? Perhaps a nearby boutique that has framed prints of famous artwork on its walls? Out in the neighborhood, chatting with your friends and family over dinner at the local café?

Or, maybe you’re going all the way to Madrid and the Prado! Wherever you go and whatever you do with these Spanish art words, know that art appreciation is always beneficial.

And even if you can’t claim (like I can’t!) “Yo soy un artista” (“I’m an artist”), you’ll at least be able to say that you recognize art and can speak about it conversationally in Spanish!

Have fun!

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