80 Art Words in Spanish for a Colorful Vocabulary [With Audio]

Art soothes the senses, offers peace in troubled times and challenges us to see the world through the eyes of another.

It really is a universal language—so getting some art words in Spanish into your conversational skill set is a super idea.

All of these words will be helpful beyond the art world, too. Use them in everyday conversations or in school or office situations—just about anywhere!

Let’s check out all the terms you’ll need to know to chat about art in Spanish like a local!


Basic Spanish Art Words

spanish art words

el arte art
el artista/la artista artist
la creatividad creativity
el estudio studio
la exhibición/la exposición de arte art exhibit
el ilustrador illustrator
los materiales materials
el museo museum
la obra maestra masterpiece
las técnicas techniques
la temática theme


El artista dedicó años de esfuerzo y dedicación a su obra maestra. (The artist dedicated years of effort and dedication to his masterpiece.)

Experimenta con diferentes técnicas y materiales en su estudio. (She experiments with different techniques and materials in her studio.)

El ilustrador fue invitado a hablar sobre su proceso creativo en la exposición de arte. (The illustrator was invited to speak about his creative process at the art exhibition.)

Painting Words

spanish art words

las acuarelas watercolors
las brochas/los pinceles paint brushes
el caballete easel
los colores colors
los colores pastel pastel colors
la espátula painting/palette knife
la esponja sponge
el lienzo canvas
el marco frame
el óleo oil paint
el paisaje landscape
el paisajismo landscape painting
la paleta the palette
pintar to paint
el pintor/la pintora painter
la pintura paint/painting
la pintura acrilica acrylic paint
la pintura al óleo oil painting
la plantilla stencil
la trementina turpentine


El pintor mezcló los colores en su paleta antes de aplicarlos al lienzo. (The painter mixed the colors on his palette before applying them to the canvas.)

El óleo es en una elección popular entre los artistas. (Oil paint is a popular choice among artists.)

La artista usa un pincel fino para pintar los detalles de su obra. (The artist uses a fine brush to paint the details of her work.)

Sketching Words

spanish art words

el aguafuerte the etching
el boceto the sketch
el bolígrafo pen
el carboncillo charcoal
los crayones crayones
dibujar draw
el dibujo drawing
el lápiz pencil
los lápices de colores colored pencils
los detalles details


El estudiante de arte disfruta haciendo bocetos en su libreta durante su tiempo libre. (The art student enjoys sketching in his sketchbook during his free time.)

Los niños usaron bolígrafos de colores y crayones para dibujar. (The children used colored pens and crayons to draw.)

El artista comenzó su obra con un boceto a lápiz para planificar los detalles. (The artist started his work with a pencil sketch to plan the details.)

Sculpting Words

la arcilla clay
esculpir to sculpt
el escultor/la escultora sculptor
la escultura sculpture
la estatua statue
la madera wood
la piedra stone


El escultor está utilizando arcilla para esculpir una nueva obra maestra. (The sculptor is using clay to sculpt a new masterpiece.)

La escultura de madera es impresionante por su detalle y belleza. (The wooden sculpture is impressive for its detail and beauty.)

La piedra se utiliza en escultura desde hace muchos años. (Stone has been used in sculpture for many years. )

Photography Words

spanish art words

blanco y negro black and white
el papel mate matte paper
el papel brillo glossy paper
la fotografía de naturaleza muerta still life photography
la fotografía de retrato portrait photography
la fotografía moderna modern photography
la luz natural natural light
el modelo/la modelo model
la cámara camera
la apertura aperture
el tamaño de apertura aperture size


Me gusta mucho la foto en blanco y negro. (I really like the black and white photo.)

La modelo sonrió para la fotografía de retrato. (The model is smiling for the portrait photo.)

El fotógrafo ajustó la apertura de la cámara. (The photographer adjusted the camera’s aperture.)

Art Movements in Spanish

spanish art words

el arte abstracto abstract art
el arte moderno modern art
el arte renacentista Renaissance art
el cubismo cubism
el expresionismo expressionism
el impresionismo impressionism
el minimalismo minimalism
el modernismo modernism
el movimiento artístico art movement
el muralismo muralism
el neoclasicismo neoclassicism
el postimpresionismo post impressionism
el realismo realism
el romanticismo romanticism
el surrealismo surrealism


El impresionismo es conocido por sus hermosas pinturas de paisajes. (Impressionism is known for its beautiful paintings of landscapes.)

Hay mucha experimentación y expresión personal en el arte moderno. (There’s a lot of experimentation and personal expression in modern art.)

El cubismo fue creado por Pablo Picasso y Georges Braque. (Cubism was created by Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque.)

Bonus Art Words

spanish art words

un artista deconocido/una artista deconocida an unknown artist
un artista famoso/una artista famosa a famous artist
una colonia de artistas an artist colony
en venta for sale
una edición limitada a limited edition
firmado signed


Este cuadro fue pintado por un artista desconocido y está en venta. (This painting was done by an unknown artist and is for sale.)

La exposición de arte presenta obras de artistas famosos de todo el mundo. (The art exhibit showcases works by famous artists from around the world.)

El boceto es una edición limitada y está firmado por el artista. (The sketch is a limited edition and is signed by the artist.)

How to Practice Art Words in Spanish

The best way to practice these Spanish art words is to use them in your daily conversations. Try to find someone who you can talk to about art in Spanish—ideally a native speaker with a shared passion for the art world. 

Here are some more ways you can get practice with this new vocabulary:

Observe and discuss art whenever you get the chance.

Of course, the best option is to visit a museum in a Spanish-speaking country, like the Picasso museum in Spain or another of the country’s incredible museums. If that’s not an option, try to find a museum in your city or state that offers information in Spanish. For example, you may find a Mexican heritage museum. You can also find virtual museum tours online. 

You can find plenty of art outside museums, and likely come across it in your normal errands. For example, when you’re shopping or sitting in a cafe, stop to admire what’s on the walls. Think about or write down the medium and the techniques and materials used to create it. If possible, spend a few minutes talking with someone (or record yourself talking) about the artwork, either in the moment or later on. 

Join a Spanish-language art class or art appreciation group. 

Lots of museums, colleges, libraries and social centers offer art classes in Spanish. You could learn to sculpt or enjoy photography—and it’s a great way to use your art words. Get started by exploring art-related groups on Meetup or calling your local library to ask about art classes—oftentimes, these are even free!

Not a fan of going places solo? Try to find an art buddy who can go with you to galleries or enroll in a class with you. Challenge yourselves to only speak Spanish as you discuss art.

If you’re in a spot with limited in-person options, consider some of the fantastic online opportunities available, like an art application or appreciation class. Many distance offerings are set up with chat rooms, so you can practice your Spanish art words with like-minded art lovers from the comfort of your own home!

Practice with a language learning program.

Most programs offer basic vocabulary resources that cover art words, but some are more advanced and customizable than others. For example, FluentU lets you search for specific words in the video library, and watch Spanish videos where native speakers discuss art and culture.

FluentU takes authentic videos—like music videos, movie trailers, news and inspiring talks—and turns them into personalized language learning lessons.

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Whether you’re an art expert, a budding artist or simply an art admirer, knowing some Spanish art terminology is very beneficial.

Learn these core words and phrases to build a solid foundational art vocabulary that’ll take you from art studios to museums and help you engage in conversations with other art connoisseurs!

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