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8 Cool Beginner Spanish Sayings About Day-to-day Life


Así es la vida.

You’ll have many a Spanish speaker shrug and pitch this classic “that’s life” line at you when something goes wrong or your plans come crashing down around you.

As a learner, it’s only natural that you …

5 Great Blogs in Spanish for Locking Those Reading Skills Down


It’s a blog-eat-blog world.

Indeed, the world of online content is creating more buzz than ever before.

Many people today (and businesses for that matter) start blogs in order to express opinions, share recipes, discuss hobbies, sell products or all …

Top Training: 6 Prime Ways to Practice Spanish Grammar as an Advanced Learner

advanced spanish grammar practice

If you want to get stronger, you’ve gotta train regularly.

So to whip your Spanish grammar into shape—in order to reach or progress through the advanced level—you’ll need a workout you can trust.

That’s why we’ve put …

It Takes Two: 25 Juicy Spanish Verbs That Are Linked with Prepositions

spanish verbs with prepositions

Who depends on you?

What do you believe in?

Eh sorry, is that too heavy for you?

We can go light: What do you feel like eating today?

Each of those sentences has a verb with a preposition …

Learn Latin American Spanish by Experiencing the Full Audio Spectrum

learn latin american spanish audio

Does your heart flutter when you’re daydreaming of traveling to Latin America?

Do your taste buds ignite when thinking of burritos, empanadas or anything with picante (hot sauce)?

Do you secretly watch telenovelas (you know, to learn Spanish)?…

The Simplest of the Simple: The 5 Fundamentals of Spanish Sentences

simple spanish sentences

Are you just starting to learn Spanish?

Building or reinforcing your foundation in the language?

Or perhaps you’re prepping yourself for a big trip to a Spanish-speaking country, and you just want to survive.

Wherever you’re at, …

The 10 Most Common Spanish Verbs You’ve Gotta Know to Survive

most common spanish verbs

What do zip-lining, kayaking and “The Dark Knight Rises” all have in common?

They’re awesome, yes, but they’re also all about action.

Oh, and you might end up doing any of these activities while abroad in the Spanish-speaking world