6 Russian Grammar Checkers

No matter where you are in your Russian language studies, a Russian grammar checker is a must.

A good one can ensure that you have your cases on point, your Russian verbs properly conjugated and that you’ve dotted your ё’s and crossed your ф’s.

Also, there are some really long Russian words. Even if you thoroughly know the words you’re using, the longer the words are, the more opportunity there is for typos to make an appearance.

Most importantly, grammar checkers can be a helpful learning tool. They’ll let you know what you’re doing wrong so you can learn and improve from the experience.

Here’s all you need to know about Russian grammar check programs!


1. RussianCorrector


RussianCorrector.com will check your work for an array of issues, including basic grammatical errors, stylistic mistakes and spelling issues.

Once the program has done its work, it highlights the problems in a color-coded way. Spacing errors appear in purple, spelling errors appear in pink and other errors (including grammar) appear in yellow.

If you hover over the highlighted areas, a bubble will appear to clarify the type of error and the rules governing the error. It will also suggest a specific correction. However, since these descriptions and suggestions are entirely in Russian, you need a decent command of the Russian language and/or the patience to run descriptions through a separate translator to use this program.

2. LanguageTool


The LanguageTool interface is much like that of RussianCorrector.com.

Once you’ve inputted your text, LanguageTool will highlight key issues (including spelling and grammar), explain the problem and offer suggested revisions on the right hand side of the box.

Similar to RussianCorrector, the error descriptions are entirely in Russian. Because these descriptions can’t be copied and pasted into a translator, this grammar checker is best for intermediate and advanced students.

One unique feature of LanguageTool, though, is that you don’t have to use it exclusively through the website. You can install it as an add-on to your browser of choice or as a text editor for your Apple or Windows device.

3. SpellBoy


SpellBoy detects and highlights stylistic, spelling and grammatical errors. It doesn’t catch everything, though. For instance, it may miss some case errors, but other programs sometimes do the same, so always be on your guard.

Again, explanations of errors are given in Russian. Luckily, you can easily copy and paste them into an online Russian translator.

While it’s not too different from the other programs we’ve listed so far in terms of features, it has a unique interface. The text box looks like notebook paper, making it easier to keep track of individual lines of text. If you’re used to referring to your handy dandy notebook, this format could be useful.

4. Microsoft Word


This may be an oldie, but it’s also a goodie. There’s a reason this program still exists today, despite having been developed way back in 1983.

If you’re a word processing warrior, chances are you’re more than a little familiar with Word’s spelling and grammar checker. You can easily change Word’s language settings to Russian by following this guide.

Like the others, Microsoft Word uses a color-coded system to underscore spelling and grammatical errors. If you click on the specific error, you’ll see a box on the right hand side of your screen explaining the error, suggestions and an option to correct or ignore the error.

5. GrammarChecker.top


If you want to see all of the common spelling and grammatical errors in your text at once, GrammarChecker.top’s tool will give you a bird’s eye view of them.

Spelling errors will be highlighted in red, while grammatical errors will be highlighted in yellow. The type of error is in English, but the specifics of the error are in Russian (which you can run through a separate translator). You have the option to click on the suggestion provided or “Ignore error in this text.”

6. TextGears


TextGears claims to be “the most accurate” Russian grammar checker out there. While it’s always difficult to verify such claims, I did notice that when I ran the same sample text on this site and on other checkers, TextGears seems to detect more errors than the others.

Aside from grammatical errors, TextGears will also check for spelling, style, punctuation and structure. You’ll also see metrics like a readability score to see how comprehensible your text is to the average 11-year-old student.

Like GrammarChecker.top, TextGears names the type of error in English and describes the specifics of the error in Russian (which you can translate using their other tool). Unlike GrammarChecker.top, you only have the option to take the suggestion but not ignore it.

Unfortunately, you can only check up to 500 characters at a time on the free version. You need to upgrade to a Pro account to make the most of this site’s features.

How to Get the Most Out of a Russian Grammar Check Program

  • Be aware that grammar checkers have their limits. There’s no denying that grammar check programs are great, but they aren’t 100% perfect. It’s important to remember that even grammar checkers can make mistakes, so whenever you receive a suggestion, review it carefully before making the change.
  • When the program finds an error in your writing, take note of what you did wrong. With grammar checkers, it can be tempting to just take them at their word, make the change and move along. However, this won’t help you learn from mistakes you’ve made. Whenever a grammar check program finds an error, analyze that error carefully and write it down in your favorite notebook or note-taking app. That way, you can avoid making that same mistake in the future.
  • Look for consistent errors identified in your work. Everyone makes mistakes now and then, but if the same types of mistakes keep appearing in your work, you should take steps to nip them in the bud. If you’re consistently making the same grammatical or spelling errors, you may want to target that particular skill by studying the rule more and/or using Russian grammar exercises.
  • Create grammar flashcards. Flashcards aren’t just for Russian vocabulary. They can help you memorize cases, noun genders, tenses, pronouns and other parts of Russian grammar.

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With a Russian grammar checker, your writing will always look polished, and you can avoid potentially embarrassing mistakes.

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