Learn a Language with Blogs: Over 75 Options for the Solitary Student

How do you start your days?

By texting your fellow language learners “good morning” before even getting out of bed?

Poring over the latest language software innovations in the daily newspaper?

No? Not so much?

Despite being one of the most world-expanding activities you can take on, learning a language can sometimes make you feel isolated. Especially if you’re the only person you know who’s actually learning one.

Luckily, you’re never really alone.

Your German studies may not be the main subject on the morning news, but there are places you can check into to feel closer to other learners.

Specifically, you can read language blogs.

And language blogs aren’t only about a sense of community. They’re also an excellent source of actual learning material, as well as tips, resource reviews and fun, relatable anecdotes.

Today, we’re going to look at some of the best.

But first, let’s look at why learning languages alongside blogs is a great idea, especially now.

Why Learning Languages with Blogs Is a Better Idea Than Ever

  • More and more high-quality language blogs are appearing and developing. Blogs used to be a personal affair. But more recently, they’ve gone corporate and have also become a way for individuals to deliberately reach a larger audience.

Even within the past couple of years, language product companies that weren’t in the blog game before have started to create regular online content for their audiences.

  • Improved mobile technology makes it even easier to enjoy blogs on the go. Blogs also used to look awful on phones, but now it’s clear that websites need to cater to smartphone and tablet readers.

Now, you’ll find more blogs out there that are mobile-optimized, which makes it easy to regularly peruse your favorite language blogs just like you would any other online publication.

  • Language learning options can be overwhelming—blogs help you narrow down resources and techniques. It can be tough to know where to start with language learning, but it can also feel impersonal to simply have an online program to walk you through everything.

Language blogs, even if they’re run by companies, are written by individuals and tend to be warmer and more casual than designated learning material. Their personal and noncommittal nature makes them a low-pressure way to check out language concepts, products, methods and more.

So let’s look at some blogs!

Learn a Language with Blogs: Over 75 Options for the Solitary Student

General and Multi-language Blogs from Polyglots, Enthusiasts, Communities and Brands

If you’re interested in top blogs that specialize in some of the most popular languages, you can scroll down for those. Directly below, we’ll look at some blogs and sites that cover general language learning tips, advice, resources, etc. Some of these include specific language blogs and coverage, as well.

Fluent in 3 Months


Fluent in 3 Months is one of the most popular language blogs online. In addition to posts from Benny Lewis, also known as the Irish Polyglot, you’ll find material from guest posters and other regular contributors.

Posts cover everything from personal success stories to resource reviews, and often focus on specific languages.

Transparent.com Blogs


Transparent Language offers a wide array of separate language blogs. More obscure languages include Urdu, Pashto and Norwegian. Blogs give you a “word of the day” feature, along with dissections of many language and culture topics.

FluentU Blog


We also try to keep you entertained while bringing you quality language learning tips, resource recommendations and reviews.

And we’ve been churning out blog material for a long time, so we like to think we keep getting better at it!

You’re already in the right place for general learning info, but make sure to also check out our separate language blogs for Chinese, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, English, Italian, PortugueseRussian and Korean.

Listen & Learn Blog


Listen & Learn is written by multiple language and travel enthusiasts. They cover practical subjects like learning languages through films and music, as well as topics that have more of a cultural bent, like the social implications of gendered languages.

The Language Mastery Blog


John Fotheringham, who’s written for us here FluentU, focuses on immersion techniques and thoughtful takes on language learning over at The Language Mastery Blog. He’s written about how depression and anxiety can affect language acquisition, among other interesting subjects.

LinguaLift Blog


LinguaLift’s blog includes resource lists, fun language facts and useful tips for learners in general. Currently, their posts tend to veer towards Russian and Japanese, but as they’re expanding their program to more languages, they’ll likely continue to expand their blog as well.

Live Lingua Blog


Live Lingua’s blog sometimes covers languages in clumps—for example, you’ll see multiple posts about Spanish, or Russian, all in a row. But if you browse the archives and explore language categories, you’ll find resource and tip posts for lots of languages, including Spanish, French, Japanese, Korean, Chinese and Russian.

MosaLingua Blog & Resources

MosaLingua offers well-organized and straightforward blog posts on tips and resources for some of the most popular languages. Some of their entries include original videos from their YouTube channel.

The Mezzofanti Guild Blog


This is the website of Australian multi-language learner Donovan Nagel. Blog entries cover resources for separate languages, broader product reviews and language-learning how-to guides.



Lingholic is a visually appealing, well-organized blog that makes it easy to browse information about some big language programs and popular learning topics, like memorization and language learning benefits.

Busuu Blog


Busuu’s blog tends to be more edgy and topical, tying language subjects to news and cultural subjects, like the British royal family.

Tandem Blog


Tandem’s blog posts are geared toward language learners but veer to general interest topics, like phrase lists related to food, holidays or international events.

The Mango Blog


While you’ll find a lot of language topics here, Mango Languages’ blog puts a lot of emphasis on culture and travel, as well. They’ve covered eco-friendly travel and other subjects that aren’t exactly language-based but are likely to be of interest to learners.

Clozemaster Blog


Clozemaster’s blog offers specific tips for separate languages and puts more of a spotlight on grammar than many other language blogs.

The Glossika Blog


Glossika offers a good mix of language and culture posts. In addition to popular languages, they’ve covered languages that may be harder to find information on elsewhere, like Kazakh, Uzbek, Hungarian and Indonesian.

Rocket Languages—Blog


The Rocket Languages blog tends to be focused on practical language learning: What’s possible in language learning, what the best methods and resources are, how to make the best use of your learning time, etc.

Language Learning Blog: Rype Magazine


Rype brings fun facts and practical tips to learners. You can either scroll down to view the latest posts or select a particular language under “Topics” and “Language.”

Rosetta Stone Blog


This hugely popular program has a pretty slick language blog. Covering a variety of languages, it places a strong emphasis on travel and study abroad.

Blog—Live Fluent


This approachable blog gives you a lot of content devoted to resource reviews, grammar and general info for multiple languages, including some more obscure ones.

Innovative Language Learning Blog


Much of the information on this blog is geared toward using Innovative Language’s own resources. Also, for some reason, you have to manually copy and paste links to access some of the resources in the posts. Still, it’s pretty easy to navigate by language and to find useful content, like core word lists.

Innovative Language also offers tons of language learning resources like videos, podcasts, grammar and vocab notes and more for many languages—including Spanish, Russian, German and more.

Language Learning Tips—LingQ Blog


The LingQ blog tends to be focused on input. You can use it to hunt down stories, resources for listening practice, phrase lists and podcasts. There are also some grammar and general advice posts.

Language Trainers USA Blog


Language Trainers covers some language and travel subjects, along with more general interest subjects like forensic linguistics.

The Superprof Blog 


Superprof Magazine includes all kinds of topics relevant to learners and potential learners. As blogs are separated by language, this is a good place to find basic information if you’re still in the stages of considering learning a common language.

The Games for Language Learning and Travel Blog


As the title suggests, this blog encourages learners to use games as a study method. It also includes breakdowns of foreign language songs, travel accounts and looks at other learning resources.

The blog is sometimes written from more of a teacher/parent perspective, but it’s easy to apply suggestions to your own learning.



This site uses audio from Innovative Language to teach vocabulary from a variety of languages. You can also read resource reviews at this resource.



This blog seems to cover just about everything language-related, from tech hacks to travel, culture topics and general language subjects.

Shut Up and Go

This is a travel blog run by Damon Dominique and Jo Franco of the popular YouTube channel DamonAndJo. While primarily about travel, Shut Up and Go has a language learning section that delves into personal learner experiences.

Blog—Luca Lampariello


Language coach Luca’s blog gives you a healthy dose of advice on language learning approaches and resources.

Language Blog—I Will Teach You a Language


Olly Richard’s blog gives very concrete, specific tips that you can sometimes get the gist of just from reading the titles of his posts. For example, “Don’t Take Language Learning Advice from Native Speakers” and “Don’t Learn Grammar Before You Really Need It” are pretty clear about their topic! The blogs often come with a video if you’d rather watch than read.

If you like Olly’s style, you can also check out his courses for learning languages, Grammar Hero and Conversations, which are meant to set you up and build a good foundation for your language learning journey.

Joy of Languages


On this blog, multi-language learner Katie gives advice and insights with a fun personal twist. Some posts include interviews with people involved in language learning in some way.

Language Learning Journey


Polyglot and traveler Maureen runs this impressive blog that covers language challenges and her own adventures.

Black Girls Learn Languages


Language Bae, a.k.a. Shahidah, is a self-described foreign language enthusiast and aspiring polyglot. Her blog celebrates “black linguistas” and touches on language and travel topics of interest and importance to black women.

Fluent Language Blog


Kerstin of Fluent Language is an accomplished language learner who’s studied multiple languages and presented at language conferences. She’s a prolific blogger who covers all kinds of language-related topics.

Blog: Hitoritabi


Elena Gabrielli maintains this blog for introverts and “other quiet learners.” Her focus is on using language learning as a vehicle for self-care and preventing it from becoming a catalyst for anxiety.



Shannon Kennedy of Eurolinguiste is a regular contributor at Fluent in 3 Months, and she also blogs here. She covers challenges, strategies, resources and more.

Blog: The Linguist on Language


This is the blog of Steve Kaufmann, the input enthusiast who founded LingQ. He covers general learning topics with a focus on strategy.

Lindsay Does Languages


Pretty self-explanatory. Lindsay Williams provides insights on resources and learning approaches here for both language learners and teachers.

Nai Likes Languages


On this blog, language learner Nailah Saleem shares tips derived from her own experiences learning languages, which involve Brazilian Portuguese, French and Spanish.

Language Learning Blog: 5-Minute Language


Here, language coach Agnieszka Murdoch gives you language tips in posts that take less than five minutes to read.

Smart Language Learner


Noel van Vliet runs this language learning blog for “normal people.” He explicitly describes himself as “not a language-learning guru” and writes casual posts of language learning advice.

The Intrepid Guide


The Intrepid Guide is a beautiful, image-heavy resource for kicking back and brushing up on language learning and travel hacks alike.

Itchy Feet


This is where Malachi Ray Rempen regularly shares hilarious comics about travel and languages. Sometimes you can learn from them, other times they’re just funny.

Adventures in Fluency


This is the blog of Elizabeth Hilton, a traveler who’s resolved to learn the language of every country she visits. She blogs about multiple stages and aspects of language learning and travel, making this a sort of lifestyle blog for learners.

Now, let’s take a look at some helpful blogs for individual languages. First up, Arabic.

Arabic Learning Blogs

Arabic for Nerds


Written by “Arabic addict” Gerald Drißner, Arabic for Nerds is geared toward intermediate and advanced learners.

It really is very nerdy, covering not just the Arabic language itself, but learning tech subjects and hacks like how to adjust your Arabic font or unlock more Arabic movies on Netflix.



This blog covers resources, hacks and advice for Arabic learners. A nice feature here is that it gives you a wide range of information on different Arabic dialects, and titles indicate which dialect a particular post is about.

Blog—Arabic Online


This blog gets more heavily into culture, covering cuisine, cities and news in the Arab world along with helpful tips and vocabulary for learners.

Mandarin Chinese Learning Blogs

Hacking Chinese


This is a Chinese learning blog with a fun, edgy vibe. You’ll find challenges, resource tips and general interest info.

Skritter Blog

Skritter is an app that helps you learn Chinese and Japanese characters. Their blog covers conversational tips, challenges and cultural tidbits. Some posts include videos.

Mandarin HQ


This blog, maintained by teacher Angel Huang, is actually a series of lessons on conversational Chinese.

English Learning Blogs

English Tips Blog—Espresso English

Espresso English brings you short, manageable English lessons. Lessons cover easily confused words, common mistakes and vocabulary lists. Posts include original videos.

English Learning Blog: English-at-home.com


This blog covers a lot of subjects for English learners. It includes useful information for more advanced learners who want to expand their vocabularies and abilities.

Grammarly Blog


Grammarly is an app used not just by English learners, but also by native speakers. Their blog is useful for anyone wishing to improve their English communication skills, regardless of whether English is their native language.

French Learning Blogs

Frenchplanations Blog


This blog covers French learning topics in detail, from vocabulary to resources to cultural notes. While some posts are lengthier, they’re all presented in a digestible and non-intimidating way.

French Today Blog


This blog is full of tips, explanations and practice for French learners. The practice sessions involve readings with blurred-out translations that you can view as needed.

OffQc: Québécois French Guide


Here’s a super well-organized blog for learners of Québécois French.

German Learning Blogs

The German Professor


This blog includes tips for German teachers and learners. You’ll find information here on the basics of German grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary.

German is easy!


This entertaining but informative resource takes deep dives into German vocabulary and grammar.

Angelika’s German Tuition & Translation

This blog is run by a native German-speaking teacher and translator. Posts here are often short and casual, but the blog is updated pretty often and shares useful information for learners. You can also check out Angelika’s YouTube channel.

Italian Learning Blogs

Iceberg Project


Note that this blog includes sections for learning both Italian and Mandarin. The Italian section includes a robust selection of learning posts, and you can sign up for a weekly lesson newsletter.

Learn Italian with Lucrezia


This popular and beautiful site gives you the chance to read posts in both English and Italian.

Learn Italian—Italian Language Blog


Learn Italian blends language and culture with an easy-to-navigable selection of posts that sometimes contain videos.

Japanese Learning Blogs



This is a very well-maintained site that publishes articles of interest to Japanese learners. You’ll find the reading quality to be as reliable as in your favorite print magazines, and you’ll learn about everything from Japanese history, to modern Japanese food culture, to the best Japanese learning resources.

TheJapanesePage.com: Word of the Day


Here’s a Patreon-supported “word of the day” blog for Japanese learners. Entries include sound clips, explanations and examples.

How to Japanese


An enthusiastic project from one Japanese learner, How to Japanese is a labor of love. It includes a close reading of Haruki Murakami’s novel “Hard-boiled Wonderland and the End of the World” that was blogged over a period of six years!

Korean Learning Blogs

Hangukdrama & Korean


This blog is written and maintained by language lover Shanna, a native speaker of English and Mandarin Chinese, who details her experiences and takeaways from learning Korean and Japanese.

Sometimes the blog is written in languages other than English, and it can veer toward language learning in general, but it’s still an excellent resource for Korean learners, especially those looking for book reviews.

90 Day Korean


Here’s a blog of mini-lessons on the Korean language and culture that are simple and visually appealing.

Motivate Korean—Blog by Korean Learners


This blog belongs to Heather, a Korean self-studier who shares detailed, organized posts on the hows of learning the language.

Portuguese Learning Blogs

Blog: Fun with Brazilian Portuguese


The name says it all: This blog really focuses on fun and practical topics, like ordering food, texting, etc.

Learning Notes Archive: Practice Portuguese


The detailed “Learning Notes” section of this site puts a heavy focus on Portuguese grammar, breaking it down with example sentences, charts and sound clips.

Caminhos Blog


This blog is run by a language school in Rio de Janeiro. It includes plenty of detailed language information, as well as travel advice centered around Rio.

Russian Learning Blogs

Blog—Learn the Russian Language


Learn the Russian Language is packed with engaging content about learning Russian. It’s simultaneously a place where you can go for a quick Russian lesson and a spot to unwind after a long day of studying Russian.

Enjoy Russian: Our Blog


Here’s another blog that’s run by a language school. You’ll find many posts about the school itself, as well as regional travel, but also facts about Russian culture and study advice.

Language Heroes Library


Formerly PetitePolyglot, this is a multi-writer community blog that covers multiple subjects of interest to language learners and travelers, much like some of the blogs in the first section of this post.

However, Language Heroes Library is also mainly written in Russian, and so may be of special interest to more advanced Russian learners who are also aspiring polyglots.

Spanish Learning Blogs

NachoTime Spanish


NachoTime Spanish is a sharp resource with a specific focus: “[getting] out of Spanish Intermediate Purgatory.” Native speaker Nacho shares intermediate reading practice and straightforward advice on this bilingual blog.

Gritty Spanish Blog


This blog complements the program of the same name built around learning realistic, conversational Spanish, but it feels more sunny and positive than “gritty.” You’ll find tons of free, high-quality and culture-adjacent posts on learning Spanish here.

Blog—Spanish Obsessed


Spanish Obsessed, run by a native speaker and a learner, digs into the ins and outs of Spanish learning with a strong emphasis on method.


Language learning gets lonely sometimes.

But there are blogs out there that can help you feel less alone, even if you’re an introvert or non-traditional learner.

Maybe reading some of these blogs will even inspire you to start your own!

Elisabeth Cook is a freelance writer and language learner who writes about the relationship between literature and language on her own blog, Lit All Over.

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