best offline travel apps for iphone

You Don’t Need Wi-fi! Here Are the 11 Best Offline Travel Apps for Your iPhone

“Half the fun of the travel is the esthetic of lostness.”—Ray Bradbury

The famous author had a point… to an extent.

That feeling of lostness we get in a new-to-us place has its limits, doesn’t it?

Especially when we can’t connect to Wi-Fi to access crucial information.

Staying connected is a big deal for most of us. We rely on internet connections to keep up to speed with everything and everyone.

But the world is huge, and unfortunately internet connections aren’t available everywhere. There are so-called “dead spots” that travelers run into, especially in remote areas.

Good news—those unconnected areas won’t keep you out of touch. Download a few stellar offline apps to keep your travel goals on track.

Plus, you’ll minimize the feeling of lostness—while encouraging and maintaining the esthetic of travel.

Let’s check out some excellent offline travel apps for your iPhone!


Why Travelers Need Offline Apps for Their iPhones

If you know you’ll be visiting a location where service is sketchy or non-existent, it’s a great idea to download some apps beforehand.

And even if you don’t expect to become disconnected, it’s a good idea to have a few on your phone in the event that you actually need them. They work equally well when you’re connected to the internet, too, so whatever happens, you’re covered.

It feels good to be able to grab your iPhone and head out without wondering if you’ll be able to find vital restaurant or lodging information. These apps remove guesswork from so many aspects of travel.

And if you’re the traveler with the information no one else can access, it’s a pretty safe bet that you’re going to be popular and make lots of new friends!

You Don’t Need Wi-fi! Here Are the 11 Best Offline Travel Apps for Your iPhone

XE Currency

best offline travel apps for iphone

A good currency exchange app is vital for travelers.

Even if you’re a math whiz, using XE Currency takes the stress out of figuring out the cost of things. No need to break your budget by incorrectly converting funds in your head. Use the app and know exactly what your purchase or admission to an attraction will be.

The app works offline by storing recent exchange rates for later use.

When you’re near internet connectivity, it’ll download the latest rates. When you’re away from service later, they’ll be available! It’s a perfect addition to your travel gear.

Guides by Lonely Planet

best offline travel apps for iphone

Lonely Planet guides can be accessed at any time, even without internet connection. That means that wherever you are, you’ll have instant, pertinent material at your fingertips!

The guide helps travelers find authentic options to check out while they’re in a new place.

You’ll be able to check out maps, routes, event schedules and even restaurant selections with this amazing app.

Leave wondering about where to go and what to see to others. Lonely Planet puts so much fabulous information in their guides that you may find yourself helping others who haven’t had the foresight to download this app before leaving home!

Google Maps

best offline travel apps for iphone

I have to admit that Google Maps is one of my favorite apps. It’s dependable, provides solid information so I don’t get lost in new-to-me cities and the transit information has saved my trips more than once.

This app provides excellent maps… but that’s not all it does. Restaurant and attraction information makes choosing a place to eat or attraction to see very simple. Its content isn’t stale; trendy, new eateries and clubs are featured, which makes exploring unique venues lots of fun.

Offline maps make navigation even without connectivity a no-fail endeavor. This is certainly an app every traveler should have on their phone!

Avenza Maps

best offline travel apps for iphone

The Avenza Maps app doesn’t require internet connectivity to work, which means it uses GPS technology to locate users and help them navigate their surroundings.

I’ve used this app when hiking in a pretty remote region. Honestly, I was skeptical it would actually be useful… but it worked like a charm.

We were able to set up camp and hike without wondering if we’d be lost in the jungle. Solely based on that, I absolutely urge anyone considering heading out on a hike or camping trip to download this app.

Avenza Maps has a feature that allows users to store the maps that they’ve used. They can be retrieved, so if you decide to revisit a place, the maps are already downloaded and saved for you. Win-win!

CityMaps2Go Offline Map

best offline travel apps for iphone

The CityMaps2Go Offline Map app does more than give directions.

The global map is essential if you’re trying to see the world on the cheap. No roaming charges with the offline feature!

Use the search feature to find restaurants, hotels, attractions and shopping options. Then create your own itinerary by saving that information for use when you reach your destination.

What do you do if you find yourself lost and in need of an accurate, nicely detailed map? Pull up the maps you’ve saved for offline use and the being lost part of your adventure will quickly come to an end!


best offline travel apps for iphone

Sticking to a workout schedule can be hard when you’re traveling. Hotels may not have the best gym equipment. If you’re staying with a host family or in a hostel, there might not be a gym nearby.

Download the RunGo app prior to departure to have a resource that will keep you on track with your fitness goals.

Users can create a route in advance using this handy app. Decide what you want to see and plot the path that takes you into intriguing neighborhoods and past amazing attractions.

Use the app to plot more than one route. Go past museums, churches, historic architecture—anything that interests you. Then without help from the internet, use the app to put in the steps and see the sights!


best offline travel apps for iphone

The HappyCow app allows vegans to find global restaurant choices with a minimum of effort! It’s filled with information about bakeries, vegetarian catering, coffee shops and more.

Access the vegan-friendly information about your destination city. Browse what’s available, make choices that you’d like to visit and then store your favorites. Use the stored content for use offline—and dine knowing you’ve chosen restaurants that cater to your eating guidelines.

Content is constantly being updated and reviews are added all the time. It is good to know that finding good, healthy food, even offline and in a new city, isn’t a chore!


best offline travel apps for iphone

Most of us don’t leave home without our music. Usually we count on playlists being available because internet is available, but that’s not always the case!

I don’t know about you, but I’m much more comfortable in new places when I can listen to familiar music. It positively impacts my travel experience to have that comfort accessible.

Spotify lets users listen to their music offline as long as you download the music first.

It travels where you do, regardless of connectivity. It’s so convenient!


best offline travel apps for iphone

Taking reading material along on a trip is now lightweight, and the possibilities are nearly endless.

Download the Pocket app to have access to reading material anytime, anywhere, even without the internet.

This app allows users to save content from anywhere—news stories, sport, articles and more—to curate a personalized list of materials.

Save material to your app and access it even when you’re offline. Listen to the news, read articles or content from an assortment of publishers—all on your schedule and at any point on the globe.

Google Translate

best offline travel apps for iphone

Download the Google Translate app to your iPhone and you’ll always have the local language at your fingertips.

The app has tons of amazing features like text translation, camera translation and the ability to translate bilingual conversations. Not everything is available offline, but it’s still a valuable asset to a traveler’s iPhone.

Use the translations feature to translate offline. It works with 59 different languages, so there’s a good chance this solid app will solve your translation issues, wherever you are!

WiFi Finder

best offline travel apps for iphone

Let’s face it: sometimes we need Wi-Fi.

Finding it when you don’t have connectivity can be tricky, but the WiFi Finder app makes locating an internet connection a snap!

The maps show Wi-Fi hotspots all around the world. They’re available to share so you don’t have to incur roaming costs.

Check out what’s available at your destination and save the information. Access the stored information offline so when you reach those saved spots, you’re able to connect.

It’s very handy to have on your iPhone, especially if you plan to be abroad for a long time. Those roaming costs can break a travel budget, but this app helps you solve that dilemma.


Despite the internet making us a globally connected community, there are still instances where travelers find themselves disconnected.

Don’t despair if you find yourself in that situation.

Download some of these incredibly useful apps and you’ll stay connected… even without internet connection.

Remote travel doesn’t mean you have to be out of touch!

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