What Is the Best Program to Learn Spanish Online in 2020? The Answer Is FluentU!

Do you remember the last time you had fun while learning Spanish?

Maybe you were studying abroad in a Spanish-speaking country.

Or you were in your home country where you just so happened to spark up a conversation with a native Spanish speaker.

Either way, a Spanish learning opportunity presented itself and you turned it into something you could get excited about!

Now you’re wondering: What’s the best program to learn Spanish? Will it be a structured or unstructured program? Will it be slow and dull or fast-paced and dynamic? Most importantly, will it make learning Spanish exciting?

Look no further. We’ve got the perfect solution!

The best program to learn Spanish is FluentU, an immersive learning site that’s user-oriented.

FluentU encourages language acquisition through immersion. It also gathers the best language-learning resources so you don’t have to. This all-in-one program features convenient tools that make learning Spanish all about your unique learning style.

But that’s not all!

FluentU now has a Spanish YouTube channel as well!

You’re reading this post, so I know you like learning with movies. FluentU’s Spanish YouTube channel takes videos like movie scenes and movie trailers and transforms them into engaging Spanish lessons.

As an example, have a look at this in-depth analysis of the trailer of the animated movie “Up!” and see how much you can learn out of a two-minute clip:

Many more videos like this are in the making right now. Subscribe to FluentU’s Spanish YouTube channel so you don’t miss out on any of them.

What Is the Best Program to Learn Spanish Online in 2020? The Answer Is FluentU!


What’s so memorable about FluentU that you’d pick it over the myriad of immersion programs out there?

Glad you asked!

Here are the top four things that set FluentU apart from any other online learning program.

1. FluentU Keeps You Entertained and Educated

With its authentic videos, you’ll receive quality exposure to real Spanish spoken by real natives. An immersive environment has already been created for you. All you have to do is jump in!

Choose what you want to learn

FluentU’s impressive array of video content has something for everyone. Whatever walk of life you’re coming from, you’re bound to hit the ground running with the easy-to-navigate platform. Browse FluentU’s wide selection of videos designed for learners at all levels.

Not enough time to watch full-length films in Spanish? View trailers for some of the year’s biggest blockbusters, like “Captain Marvel 2,” dubbed in Spanish. Or even find an eye-catching movie to watch later.


No need to worry if you’re not a cinema connoisseur. FluentU also has short news segments that are sure to improve your listening skills. Then you’ll be tackling actual live news coverage in no time!


If you prefer something quick and witty, check out comedy clips that feature jokes and pranks! We all know that laughter is a universal language, but it doesn’t hurt to pick up some jokes in Spanish, right?

Meet your learning goals with FluentU’s educational features

But FluentU is way more than just a place to watch fun videos. FluentU’s unique features allow you to improve your listening skills while also broadening your vocabulary and improving your pronunciation. Each FluentU video comes equipped with interactive subtitles in English and Spanish, which you can toggle on and off. You’ll also find a vocabulary list and full transcript for each video. These features make it a breeze to practice pronunciation and look up unfamiliar words while you watch. Use FluentU’s “learn mode” and comprehension quizzes to review what you’ve seen in the videos.

FluentU also delivers blog posts that cover just about everything. From cooking in Spanish to immersing yourself at home, there’s so much that I dare you to find something you wouldn’t be interested in reading!

2. FluentU Enhances Your Memory with Music

Music is a universal tool for memory! Whether it’s a sensational hit or a cute nursery rhyme, any good song makes learning Spanish unforgettable.

Need some recommendations? FluentU can start you off with a rocking playlist if you need one. Or you can check out some classics on the platform, like “They Say About Me” by Tita Merello for a dose of Argentinian Spanish.


Otherwise, get ready to stretch those vocal cords!

Transform your next music listening session into karaoke

Hearing music can facilitate a form of learning known as passive learning. With passive learning, one absorbs a language by casually listening to music or TV in the background. There’s less emphasis on dissecting or speaking words.

Getting into a singing mode is considered active learning. Throw in a funky beat with repetition, and you’ll find yourself going from the passenger’s seat to the driver’s seat of learning Spanish!

To make sure you never steer off course, FluentU provides on-screen lyrics as well as simultaneous English translation. Now you can pronounce words and learn where to put stresses on vowels.

The visual elements of a music video will also strengthen your ability to remember the words and grammatical constructions you see. It’s a great way to leave an impression on your brain.

3. The Interactive Dictionary Will Make You a Word Addict

Online Spanish dictionaries are goldmines of information. FluentU’s dictionary is both informative and interactive. It won’t pull you away from the fun by opening a tab or window. Instead, it keeps all your learning in one place with a smooth pop-up glossary. Now you don’t have to pause that awesome video you were watching!

Use the study list feature to create vocabulary lists

We don’t remember becoming fluent in our native language(s) so we may be convinced that in order to learn Spanish, our memory has to be perfect.

The good news is that you don’t need a perfect memory to become fluent in Spanish.

If you’re not comfortable with learning Spanish through textbooks yet, you’re not alone. There’s nothing wrong with not wanting to bombard yourself with tables and charts. Physically writing things down may not be an option for busy Spanish learners. With FluentU, you can easily form study guides out of vocabulary and phrases that line up with your interests. Simply hover over the word that you want to learn and click. Just like that, it’s been added to your personal list!


FluentU’s dictionary also includes real-life examples and relevant graphics for each word to aid in memorization.

Learn grammatical structures through easy explanations

Some of the most complex forms of grammar can be explained by placing them in practical situations.

FluentU does this by showing you videos of native speakers utilizing preterite and imperfect forms, conjugating verbs, using the subjunctive mood and more. In addition to video explanations, you’ll be provided with easy-to-remember syntax formulas so you can start making your own sentences!

4. You Can Personalize Your Learning Experience

You’ll never run out of challenges with FluentU’s quiz feature. It adapts as you progress. Save time by letting FluentU know what to no longer test you on so you can focus on new material.

Let FluentU’s tracking system spark your competitive streak. You can earn points while maximizing your learning skills. Hold yourself accountable in a quantitative way. The key to turning language learning into a game involves putting yourself in the right mindset. Studying Spanish doesn’t have to feel like a chore but an adventure. Want to see that score go up? Keep learning!


Make FluentU’s content work for you

Filter by level of difficulty, format and more to find a daily dose of Spanish that’s to your liking. You also have the option to favorite and rate videos just like you would on YouTube. This makes learning Spanish on FluentU feel even more down-to-earth. You’ll forget that you’re on a language-learning site but you’ll definitely remember feeling immersed!

Another great option that FluentU includes is making everything accessible offline. Learning shouldn’t stop when you turn off your phone or log off your laptop. Download video transcripts or print out blog posts. Having study materials on hand means faster references that you can turn to when you need them. As a mother trying to limit her screen time, this option is a lifesaver.

But you don’t have to be a parent to appreciate the innovative way FluentU makes itself a memorable program for learning Spanish.

Still Not Convinced?

Not only is Spanish the second most widely spoken language in the world, it’s the second most studied language, as well!

With the continued growth of online language learning, getting in on this international study party is easy. The hard part, however, is finding the best program to learn Spanish.

FluentU is the best program to learn Spanish because it makes learning enjoyable.

You wouldn’t forget something that you get a kick out of, would you?

If you love having a fun learning experience, I’m sure that you’ll love FluentU.

Errol de Jesus is a language lover who writes about raising children bilingual even if you’re a non-native speaker. Fight monolingualism and support bilingual education by reading her blog Morenita Mommy.

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