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Teach Yourself Spanish: 10 Tips to Get You Started

tips teach yourself spanish

After four years of high school French, I was able to describe my neighbor as a communist, watermelon…

…and little else.

So when I decided to learn Spanish, I took a different approach.

I made up my mind to steer …

How to Survive the Spanish Subjunctive

survive spanish subjunctive

I suffered from subjunctivitis for a long time.

Long after I had my forms of ser and estar (both meaning “to be”) straight…

Long after I was happily chatting away in the present tense

I was still floundering for …

9 Great Resources to Learn Spanish Through the News

9 great resources learning spanish news

Learning Spanish shouldn’t be a chore.

One of the keys to successfully learning Spanish is finding ways to combine your passions with your language practice.

For example, if you like movies, you can learn Spanish with classic Argentine movies.…