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Gigante! 150+ Spanish Words That Start with G (with Audio)

G only occurs in 1% of Spanish words, but that doesn’t mean it’s not an important letter.

G is a tricky one to pronounce in Spanish. In general, it sounds like an English H, so gente (people) sounds like “hente” and girasol (sunflower) sounds like “hirasol.” This is known as the soft G and it occurs before the vowels E and I.

This H sound is common throughout the Spanish-speaking world, but in Spain, there’s a second pronunciation.

This sound is represented by the /x/ on the International Phonetic Alphabet. This /x/ sound is similar to the H, but it’s more guttural. You can hear this sound by listening to the Castilian Spanish pronunciations of gente (people).

The third G pronunciation in just like the one in English, so guitara (guitar) sounds like “geetara.” This is known as the hard G and it occurs before A, O, U or any consonant.

Now let’s get onto the list of Spanish words that start with G!


Spanish Nouns That Start with G

Spanish Word (with Audio)English Word
Gafas Glasses
Gaita Bagpipe
Galleta Cookie
Gallo Rooster
Gamba Shrimp
Gancho Hook
Ganso Goose
Garaje Garage
Garganta Throat
Garra Claw
Gaseosa Soda
Gato Cat
Gaveta Drawer
Gaviota Seagull
Gelatina Gelatin
Gemelo Twin
General General
Genero Gender
Gente People
Gigante Giant
Ginebra Gin
Girasol Sunflower
Giro Turn
Glaciar Glacier
Globo Balloon
Gloria Glory
Gobierno Government
Gol Goal
Golpe Blow
Goma Eraser
Goma Rubber
Gorra Cap
Gorrión Sparrow
Gota Drop
Gozo Joy
Gracia Grace
Grado Degree
Granada Pomegranate
Granja Farm
Grano Grain
Grapa Staple
Grasa Fat
Grifo Tap
Grito Scream
Guitarra Guitar
Gusano Worm
Guante Glove
Guía Guide
Guirnalda Garland
Guitarra eléctrica Electric Guitar
Guitarra acústica Acoustic Guitar

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Spanish Verbs That Start with G

Spanish Word (with Audio)English Word
Ganarse To Earn
Generar To Generate
Gestionar To Manage
Gobernar To Govern
Graduarse To Graduate
Granjear To Farm
Gratificar To Reward
Gratificarse To Reward Oneself
Gravar To Tax
Gravarse To Get Engaged
Gravitar To Revolve Around
Gritar To Shout
Groserar To Be Rude
Guardar To Keep
Guiar To Guide
Guiñar To Wink
Gustar To Like
Gustarse To Like Oneself
Gastar To Spend
Gastarse To Spend (money)
Gestionar To Manage
Girar To Turn
Gozar To Enjoy
Gozarse To Enjoy Oneself
Gratificar To Reward
Guiar por To Be Guided by
Guiarse To Guide Oneself
Galopar To Gallop
Garantizar To Guarantee
Gasificar To Gasify
Gemir To Moan
Generalizar To Generalize
Generar To Generate
Golpear To Hit
Granizar To Hail
Guitar To Play the Guitar

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Spanish Adjectives That Start with G

Spanish Word (with Audio)English Word
Gafe Unlucky
Galante Gallant
Gallego Galician
Galopante Galopping
Gandul Lazy
Gabacho French (derogatory)
Ganoso Desirous
Garganta Throaty
Garzota Heron-like
Gasiforme Gasiform
Gastronómico Gastronomic
Gavilán Hawkish
Gélido Icy
Generado Generated
Generoso Generous
Genial Genial
Genital Genital
Gentil Gentle
Gentilicio Gentilic
Genuino Genuine
Geodésico Geodesic
Geográfico Geographic
Geométrico Geometric
Geriátrico Geriatric
Germano German
Gestual Gestural
Gigante Giant
Giroscópico Gyroscopic
Glacial Glacial
Glorioso Glorious
Golfista Golfer
Gordo Fat
Gótico Gothic
Grafico Graphic
Gramatical Grammatical
Gran Great
Grande Big
Grande Great
Grandioso Grandiose
Grapado Stapled
Graso Fatty
Gratificante Gratifying
Grato Pleasant
Gratuito Free
Grave Serious
Gravoso Cumbersome

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Spanish Adverbs That Start with G

Spanish Word (with Audio)English Word
Gallardamente Gallantly
Garrulamente Garrulously
Gelidamente Coldly
Generalmente Generally
Generosamente Generously
Gentilmente Gently
Gloriosamente Gloriously
Groseramente Rudely
Grávidamente Pregnantly
Gratuitamente Freely
Gravemente Seriously
Gustosamente Delightfully
Guapamente Beautifully
Gustoso Delicious
Guturalmente Gutturally

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Spanish Words That Start with G Quiz: Test Yourself!

What's Spanish for "people"?
Correct! Wrong!

How do you say "to enjoy" in Spanish?
Correct! Wrong!

What does "guiar" mean?
Correct! Wrong!

In football (soccer), when a player kicks the ball into the goal, they score a _______.
Correct! Wrong!

How do you say "to hit" in Spanish?
Correct! Wrong!

If your vision isn't that good, you may need ____________.
Correct! Wrong!

What is a type of bird that you often see on the beach?
Correct! Wrong!

What is the Spanish word for "balloon"?
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What does "goma" mean?
Correct! Wrong!

If you bite into an apple and see a ___________, you'll probably stop eating.
Correct! Wrong!


So there you have it, gente (people). By the time you’ve finished this post, hopefully you’re a lot more comfortable pronouncing the Spanish G and developing your G word vocabulary nicely.

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