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66 Most Useful Soccer Terms in Spanish (Audio Included)

If you already know greetings, travel phrases, and idioms in Spanish, then it’s time to take the next step.

To connect with Spanish speakers, what could be better than being able to talk about fútbol?

(We should note that like most Spanish words, football/soccer vocabulary varies by region. So depending on where you are, you might hear different words being used.)

In this guide, I’ll show you some of the most common soccer terms in Spanish, including game-related words, clothing vocabulary, and more!


Soccer Positions in Spanish

Football players by the goal

Example Sentences:

El portero de Argentina es el mejor pagado de Suramérica. (Argentina’s goalkeeper is the best paid in South America.)

El delantero de Real Madrid metió un gol para empatar el juego.  (The forward of Real Madrid scored a goal to tie the game.)

Portugal acaba de meter el gol de empate contra los Estados Unidos en el último minuto.  (Portugal just scored an equalizer against the United States in the last minute.) 

Soccer Game Terminology in Spanish

Hand holding up a yellow card and a whistle

Example Sentences:

Se fueron a tiempo adicional por tantas faltas cometidas durante el partido.  (They went into additional time because so many fouls were committed during the game.) 

El jugador hizo un buen saque lateral. (The player did a good throw-in.) 

El equipo no ha ganado ningún partido fuera de casa este año. (The team hasn’t won any away game this year.)

Soccer Stadium Vocabulary in Spanish

 Seats at a stadium

Example Sentences:

Todos los asientos del estadio están vendidos por el clásico del domingo. (The stadium seats are sold out for Sunday’s classic game.) 

El partido fue cancelado porque la cancha de fútbol estaba en malas condiciones. (The game was cancelled because the soccer field was in bad condition.)

Los espectadores están muy ansiosos por el Mundial. (The spectators are very anxious for the World Cup.)  

Soccer Verbs in Spanish

Footballers playing football

Example Sentences:

Para meter un gol, hay que centrar bien la pelota.  (To score a goal, you have to center the ball correctly.

El arquero pateó el balón muy fuerte y lo tiró fuera de la cancha.  (The goalkeeper kicked the ball very hard and shot it off the field.)

Dio un cabezazo y metió el gol de empate.  (He did a header and scored the equalizer.)  

Soccer Clothing Vocabulary in Spanish

 Footballers kicking the ball

Example Sentences:

Los botines de fútbol son esenciales para jugar en el campo.  (Soccer boots are essential for playing on the field.)

La camiseta del equipo nacional es un símbolo de orgullo para todos los aficionados.  (The national team jersey is a symbol of pride for all the fans.)

Los pantalones cortos son cómodos y permiten una mayor libertad de movimiento durante el partido de fútbol. (Shorts are comfortable and allow greater freedom of movement during a soccer match.)


So, now you have all the soccer terms in Spanish you need to spark up a conversation about the sport!

And if you want to learn even more about how to talk about sports in Spanish, you can check out this vocabulary list here.

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