Top 10 Spanish Tutorial Websites for Flexible but Focused Learning

For fun but focused language lessons, there are tons of great Spanish tutorials on the web if you know where to look.

These take you behind the scenes of Spanish grammar, word usage, culture and way more. Best of all, they’re either free or low-cost, and you can follow them at your own pace.

In this post, we’ll show you 10 of our favorite Spanish tutorial resources, with diverse content for various levels. 


1. Spanish Sessionsspanish-language-tutorial

Learn from a veteran Spanish language teacher from Madrid through this YouTube channel. Pilar González Manjavacas is the cofounder of Tilde Madrid—an Instituto Cervantes-certified Spanish language school for adults, professionals and travelers.

Her YouTube lessons are bite-sized, lasting around four to five minutes. This is a good thing because they’re presented in Spanish and you’ll really feel immersed in the language quickly. (Don’t worry, there are always transcriptions to help you out.)

There are more than 50 high-quality video tutorials that provide your daily dose of Spanish grammar.

2. FluentU Spanish

FluentU offers a unique, engaging way to learn the language as it’s really used by native speakers.

You’ll find a large library of video clips from authentic Spanish media—movie trailers, music videos, news segments and more—complete with learning tools to support your comprehension and help build your language skills. 

Every video comes with a downloadable transcript, interactive subtitles and a personalized quiz to review the key vocabulary from the clip. 


The flashcard feature will help you review and memorize common words and phrases, and the app offers speaking practice using speech recognition technology. 

3. StudySpanish

StudySpanish is one of the oldest online Spanish learning websites around (it’s been around since 1998), and there’s an app now too with a full Spanish course. However, their website also has a lot of great tutorials that you can check out for free.

Their pronunciation tutorial is extensive, covering each sound in Spanish over 50 topics with audio exercises. You can also work through their grammar lessons, which include short quizzes. Other resources include vocabulary lists plus drills for mastering different verb tenses and a travel phrasebook.

There’s a lot of information on this website, so it works for all levels of learners!

4. The Spanish ExperimentSpanish Experiment Logo

If you like learning Spanish through reading, you might enjoy the Spanish Experiment, which has a collection of well-known children’s stories that have been adapted to Spanish, like Chicken Little (Pollito Tito) and The Three Little Pigs (Los Tres Cerditos).

All of the stories come with English translations as well as Spanish audio. You can even watch fun animated videos for some of them.

Aside from the stories, the Spanish Experiment also has beginner-friendly tutorials on various grammar points like comparisons, expressing feelings and directions. These are presented in an engaging format (with illustrations), and you can listen to new vocabulary as pronounced by native speakers.  

5. SpanishPod101spanish-language-tutorial

SpanishPod101’s YouTube channel has a whopping 500 tutorials—all meant to teach you Spanish. With their entertaining video lessons, you’ll have different teachers handling different topics, from how to use common Spanish verbs to phrases tourists should never use in Mexico.

There are also several playlists with mini-courses such as “Spanish in Three Minutes.”

If you enjoy these videos, there’s lots more material waiting for you with SpanishPod101. This resource takes your learning a step further, with thousands of audio and video lessons as well as exercises, vocabulary builders, PDF lessons notes and more.

For a more in-depth review of SpanishPod101, click here

6. ielanguages’s Spanish Language Tutorial

Ielanguages’ Spanish Language Tutorial is a 150-plus page e-book that also comes with two hours of native Spanish audio.

Written by Dr. Jennifer Wagner, the book is a healthy balance of vocabulary, grammar and cultural topics. You’ll learn things like tenses in Spanish or the most common colloquial expressions. The audio represents Spanish from three countries to give you well-rounded listening comprehension and accent skills.

There are also transcripts of authentic videos and eye-grabbing photos to make the language come alive. And with those lifetime updates we mentioned, you can be sure the information is always up-to-date!

7. Butterfly SpanishButterfly Spanish Logo

Do you want to learn Spanish with a teacher who’s a complete delight? Sure you do!

And that’s why you shouldn’t miss out on Spanish teacher Ana’s lessons through Butterfly Spanish. She can teach you vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation and Spanish learning tips and techniques.

Ana’s friendly smile can make you realize that Spanish is an approachable language. She only needs a whiteboard and marker to open you to the wonderful world of Spanish. For example, learn the nuances of Hispanic first names or the verbs most often used for the holidays! 

8. SpanishDict on YouTubeSpanishDict Logo

You’re probably familiar with SpanishDict, the site where you can look up definitions, translations and conjugation tables in Spanish. But did you know that they also have a YouTube channel with Spanish tutorials?

Paralee Whitmire, the channel’s main teacher, takes you through your Spanish language lessons in a very structured but friendly manner.

Tutorials last around 10 minutes, and they cover everyday topics like house vocabulary or Spanish professions.

She also has English lessons for Spanish speakers. It’s worth checking out when you’re a more advanced learner, if only to put your Spanish through its paces.

9. Rocket LanguagesRocket Languages Logo

Rocket Languages is a tutorial jackpot, with lessons on everything from pronunciation to grammar to even Spanish culture. Head over to the lessons page to get started!

One unique feature is the interactive pronunciation tutorial. You’ll get a thorough lesson on key Spanish sounds, and then you can record your own pronunciation to compare against audio examples.

The great thing about Rocket Languages is you can pair these tutorials with a comprehensive learning plan, all in one place. Rocket Languages offers courses that can take you from beginner to advanced with interactive practice tools and voice recognition technology for pronunciation.


If you’re learning Spanish for a career move, this site’s tutorials could be very beneficial. learners will benefit from the compensation, banking, accounting, advertising, benefits, marketing and even passport information provided by the tutorials on this site. Get started on the Lessons page, where you’ll find six tutorial chapters each providing dialogues, grammar/vocabulary lessons and interactive practice exercises.

Honestly, even if you’re not searching for a career move, the grammar tutorials are invaluable. There are tables that specify masculine or feminine, singular or plural for applicable sections, as well as examples of pronouns, adjectives, etc. in use.

How to Maximize Spanish Tutorials

Aim for mastery, not just completion

Instead of rushing through a course, why not check whether you’re actually learning from the material? Can you remember new words or conjugate a verb based on the rules you just saw?

Don’t move along unless you’re reasonably confident that you’re ready. Repetition is key to truly absorbing language concepts. Repeat lessons right away, then again after a few days or weeks!

Go for active learning

When watching a tutorial on YouTube or listening to a podcast, it’s tempting to simply sit back and enjoy. That’s called “passive learning,” but it’s actually more effective to learn actively.

This means you try to use new vocabulary in sentences and you actually repeat Spanish phrases like “Hola, cómo estás” (Hello, how are you?) out loud when you hear them in video lessons. It means not skipping those drills at the end of every textbook chapter.

Mix and match your resources

In this post, you’ve got some really awesome content to consume—great tutors who are passionate about their work, PDFs that rock and videos fat with learning content.

Your job as a language learner is to assemble your own “Dream Team” of Spanish language learning content. Use language apps throughout the day, or put your new knowledge to use with Spanish language exchanges. You can even mix and match your tutorials—how about one that’s video-based and one that has print lessons?


Hopefully, you’ve found a “kindred spirit” from the 10 Spanish tutorial websites provided. Check them all out, as they’re all excellent! As always, I’d like to wish you the best in your Spanish language journey.

It won’t be smooth sailing all the time, but with a little bit of help from these tutorials, you’ll soon arrive at your most cherished destination: Spanish fluency!

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