Lyrical Learning: 7 Quality Websites for Listening to Spanish Learning Songs

Are your Spanish skills ready for a tune up?

Seeking an upbeat study tool that makes you want to dance for joy?

Then try learning Spanish through songs and music! After all, who doesn’t like music? It’s catchy, memorable and a great way to learn.

But when you’re looking to learn specific grammar rules and vocabulary and remember them for life, nothing works quite like the magic of Spanish learning songs.


Why Use Spanish Learning Songs?

Well, if being able to whip out a cool, educational tune at parties isn’t enough to pique your interest in Spanish learning songs, perhaps these reasons will be more convincing…

  • They’re memorable. Any time you forget a rule or phrase, you can just run through songs which use that rule or phrase in your head to remember it. Additionally, they’re all so catchy that, once you learn a Spanish song, you’ll probably never forget it. Someday, when you’re 90 years old and you forget a Spanish grammar rule, you’ll be using one of these songs to remember it again.
  • They’re easy to learn. Some learning songs are designed specifically for children, which makes them exceptionally easy for adult learners to memorize and understand. Still, others are designed for adults, and are ideal for helping you to remember more advanced, nuanced rules. Regardless of who the songs were written for, you’ll be able to remember them more quickly than you would simple print material. Music makes learning easier. This also contributes to the next point.
  • They’re fun. Entering grammar rules into your memory with songs is more fun than studying texts alone. Music is always enjoyable. Plus, you can never have too many tunes in your shower repertoire. You’ll find yourself playing these songs all the time, while studying, driving, cooking, cleaning or getting ready for work in the morning.

Now that I’ve completely convinced you, let’s move on to some great websites where you can track down the best learning songs.

7 Musical Websites Loaded with Spanish Learning Songs



Rockalingua is a unique Spanish learning website that offers a variety of learning activities aimed at children. These activities range from videos to games to worksheets, but the real stars here are the learning songs.

“But I’m an adult!” you say. “How could these children’s songs possibly benefit me?” Good question. Thankfully, the answer is pretty simple.

One reason why it’s useful for even adult Spanish learners to use children’s learning songs is that the material is all the same. Beginning Spanish learners of any age will need to learn the same grammar rules and vocabulary. While material aimed at children may seem a little “cutesy,” it’s also often catchier and easier to digest, so adult learners will also benefit from it. Just like cartoons are easier to follow than art films, children’s songs are easier to follow than songs aimed at adults.

While Rockalingua charges for some services, the songs themselves are free, and many songs also offer free corresponding activities to aid your learning even more.

There are plenty of song options available ranging from topics like the days of the week to expressing emotions to describing the weather.


FluentU helps you learn Spanish in context by combining authentic videos with learner tools. The video library includes songs performed by and for Spanish speakers, as well as those designed for Spanish learners.

Every video comes with interactive subtitles. So, when you choose a music video or something else to sing along with, you’ll find that all the lyrics are translated for you. You can hover over any word or phrase to see the translation, along with a helpful image and an audio pronunciation clip.

Clicking on the word shows you in-context example sentences, as well as other FluentU videos which use the word. For example, check out this screenshot from a popular song by Carlos Baute:

Carlos Baute - Available on FluentU

To save or review the vocabulary you learn, you can craft vocabulary lists, compile flashcard decks or take personalized quizzes.

FluentU is also available in app format on the iTunes store and Google Play store.

Songs for Teaching


Songs for Teaching is geared towards teachers, but it’s helpful for anyone seeking materials that will assist in learning.

Songs for Teaching offers a tremendous number of songs from a variety of different sources. These songs are grouped thematically. For instance, if you’re looking to learn animal words, you’ll have 14 different song options. That’s right, 14. The selection is unmatched.

To give you one neat example of a song lesson here,¿Dónde está ese lugar? (Where is that place?) is a particularly useful song for learning how to give and understand directions.

Many of the songs are designed for children, but the site also offers songs for more advanced learners and songs geared towards teenagers and adults. The sheer quantity and variety of songs makes this an excellent resource. While Songs for Teaching offers free samples of songs, to listen to the full version of a song you must purchase it.

Common Ground International

Common Ground International is a YouTube channel with a wide variety of educational videos. However, its Spanish learning songs are true standouts.

While the songs are brief, they offer some great content paired with catchy tunes that are great for beginning through advanced Spanish learners. To give you a taste of what you’ll find here, you can check out a couple of great songs to learn about the use of por (for) and the use of para (for).

Where this channel really excels is with its songs on irregular verbs. You can perfect your irregular present tense verbs, irregular present perfect tense verbsirregular preterite tense verbsirregular conditional tense verbs, irregular future tense verbs, irregular formal commands and irregular informal commands.



Wordpie is a YouTube channel dedicated to teaching vocabulary in a number of different languages including English, Chinese, Japanese, French and, of course, our darling Spanish. Wordpie’s Spanish playlist is a terrific source of Spanish learning songs for beginner- to intermediate-level vocabulary.

Since the focus is entirely on vocabulary, it’s a great way to learn a lot of words quickly. The songs are accompanied by cute animations to illustrate what each word means. Additionally, each word appears in both Spanish and English to help you learn what the written word looks like while learning what it sounds like. That’s the best way to connect letter combinations with pronunciations.

The vocabulary is a bit more advanced in later videos in the series than it is in the early videos, so watching the videos in order will help ensure you don’t jump in over your head.

Keep in mind that some of the songs are a bit fast, so you’ll benefit from listening multiple times. This repetition will help you hear and learn each individual word.

Señor Jordan

Señor Jordan is an extremely helpful Spanish learning channel on YouTube. It provides dozens of videos for learners of all levels. The topics range from vocabulary to conversation to grammar.

While there are many great learning videos that don’t contain songs, Señor Jordan also offers a number of helpful Spanish learning songs.

Check out Señor Jordan’s learning song playlist. Most of the songs are beginner to intermediate level. Topics range from beginning-level vocabulary like days of the week to more intermediate material such as preterite vs. imperfect.

This English-language song explaining reflexive verbs is particularly helpful, as it will help you teach yourself proper reflexive verb usage.

Slusion Productions

This YouTube channel is a curious combination of videos. Many videos are spoofs, but it also offers a number of helpful Spanish learning songs presented as humorous music videos.

The videos are in English, but they serve to explain grammar rules. This is a helpful way to gain a clear understanding of the underlying rules of the language. For instance, this rap about preterite and imperfect tenses will help you learn when to use each tense and how to conjugate verbs, all while and making you laugh.

You can also watch this video to learn when to use ser and estar (to be). If you’re still struggling after their first video on ser and estar, you can also try their second video on ser and estarIf you still can’t get enough, you can even download these from iTunes and take them with you everywhere you go.


So, if your Spanish skills are ready for a tune up, look no further than these entertaining, educational Spanish learning songs.

You’ll be tapping your feet and singing along in Spanish in no time.

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