How to Talk About Clothes in Spanish: 33+ Stylish Words and Phrases to Dress Up Your Spanish

From buying a new camisa (shirt) to describing the chaqueta (jacket) you forgot on the bus, knowing how to describe clothes is essential in any language.

Whether you’re talla pequeña (size small), talla mediana (size medium) or talla grande (size large), I’ll help you find what you need to put your best fashion foot forward.

In this post, I’ll go over 33+ essential words to talk about clothes in Spanish for your next shopping trip!


When you use these words, remember that Spanish nouns are paired with gender-specific articles. Nouns are words that indicate people, places or things—like items of clothing!

Appropriate articles are paired with the nouns that follow but if you need to ask for multiples of an item rather than just one, remember to change the noun from the singular to the plural.

Here’s the article “the” in all its Spanish forms:

masculine singular — el
masculine plural — los
feminine singular — la
feminine plural — las

Let’s dress for success with some clothes vocab!

Ladies First: Spanish Clothes Vocabulary For Women


Skirt La falda
Sweater El suéter
Blouse La blusa
T-shirt La camiseta
Bra El sostén
Panties Las bragas
Stockings/Tights Las medias
High-heeled shoes Los zapatos de tacón alto
Dress El vestido
Purse El bolso

Spanish Clothes Vocabulary For Gentlemen 


Dress shirt La camisa de vestir
Suit El traje
Necktie La corbata
Jacket La chaqueta
Jeans Los pantalones vaqueros
Boxer shorts Los calzoncillos de hombre

Most Essential Clothes in Spanish


Some items of apparel are fairly unisex so there’s no need to differentiate between men or women’s clothing.

Whether you’re looking to find something in a street market or department store, use these go-to words to find exactly what you want!

Pants Los pantalones
Shirt La camisa
Shoes Los zapatos
Shorts Los pantalones cortos
Belt El cinturón
Hat El sombrero
Boots Las botas
Sandals Las sandalias
Flip-flops Las chanclas / Las chancletas
Socks Los calcetines
Eyeglasses Las gafas / Los lentes / Los anteojos
Sunglasses Las gafas de sol
Bathing suit El traje de baño
Pajamas El pijama
Bathrobe La bata de baño
Raincoat El impermeable
Gloves Los guantes

As is the case with English, there are also a variety of words for clothes in Spanish in different Spanish-speaking countries around the world.

For example, the word “eyeglasses” is commonly used in American English, however in British English “eyeglasses” are called “glasses.” In Castilian Spanish (from Spain), “eyeglasses” are most commonly referred to as gafas, while in Mexico they are called lentes. You may also hear the word anteojos used in some countries in Latin America, however, this term is quite old-fashioned and less common.

Another example is chanclas and chancletas, which both mean “flip-flops” in Spanish. The word chanclas is most commonly used in Mexico and Spain to refer to this type of shoe, while in Colombia you’ll likely hear chancletas.

These are minor changes, however, the best way to start learning these variations is by immersing yourself in the language with Spanish content like TV shows or movies so you can see how these terms are used by native speakers from different Spanish-speaking countries.

Another resource you could try is FluentU. This language learning program teaches Spanish with authentic Spanish videos such as movie clips and interesting talks. Each video features interactive subtitles, so you can simply hover over a word for its meaning or click on it for extra information. You can even use the contextual video dictionary to search for specific terms—like the ones listed in this post—to see them used in context by native speakers.

Using authentic Spanish content as part of your language studies will help you pick up these words and start incorporating them into your own Spanish vocabulary.

Important Spanish Phrases For Clothes Shopping


Clothes shopping can be a highlight of any trip!

In many Spanish-speaking countries, there are colorful, locally woven textiles to feel and fall in love with. That’s a bonus that powers up an ordinary shopping excursion!

If you’re wondering how to start the shopping spree, just say Necesito ropa nueva (I need new clothes).

Of course, if you’re looking for something in particular, choose from the list of Spanish clothes vocabulary in this post and ask for that particular item.

To get the perfect fit, remember these important terms:

I wear a size… Uso una talla…
Size small Talla pequeña
Size medium Talla mediana
Size large Talla grande
Size petite clothing Tamaño de ropa pequeña
Do you have a smaller size? ¿Tiene usted una talla más pequeña?
Smaller Más pequeña
Do you have a bigger size? ¿Tiene usted una talla más grande?
Bigger Más grande

Traveling with children? Or maybe you’re thinking of bringing a unique gift home with you for a sobrina o sobrino (niece or nephew)?

Ask for ropa de niños  (children’s clothing) to find the perfect item!


Spanish-speaking countries are filled with so many amazing sights—and that goes for what’s on the clothing racks!

Browse the shops to find the perfect article of clothing to round out your wardrobe. If you can’t find what you want, ask for help! Shopping is the ideal way to chat to and learn from the locals.

¡Buena suerte! (Good luck!)

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