45 Binge-worthy Spanish TV Shows (2024)

Drama. Suspense. Intrigue. Passion. Humor.

No matter what you’re looking for, you’ll find it in at least one of the Spanish TV shows on this list.

Whether you’re just learning or already fluent, these series will broaden your knowledge of Spanish accents, cultures, history and more.

So find a comfy seat and get ready to watch some fantastic Spanish television!


Spanish Comedies

1. “Paquita Salas”

Where to watch: Netflix

The once-respected talent agent Paquita Salas has something of a fall from grace into obscurity and isolation. Looking for new talent to represent, Paquita must transform in order to keep up with an everchanging technological and social landscape.

Heartwarming, hilarious and moving, “Paquita Salas” will have you laughing through every episode. It’s an awesome series for learning more about Spanish humor as there are plenty of rude jokes and awkward moments. It’s also a superb show for learning Spanish slang and informal speech.

2. “La flor más bella” (The Most Beautiful Flower)

Where to watch: Netflix

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If you liked the Netflix series “Never Have I Ever” or other teen rom-com series, you’ll probably enjoy this one. Mich is a confident girl who’s sick of being overlooked or ignored by her classmates at their high school in Mexico City. She sets out to make herself known, resulting in plenty of humorous, cringey and relatable moments.

Spanish learners can pick up lots of Mexican slang and informal language from this modern, quirky twist on your typical coming-of-age story. 

3. “Los Espookys” (The Spookys) 

Where to watch: HBO

In this dark comedy series, a group of friends use their love of horror to start a business where they are contracted to provide scary experiences for clients. Co-created by Fred Armisen, Los Espookys” combines elements of horror, comedy and fantasy, and is truly strange.

Fans of Latin American magical realism will enjoy this series. The characters speak both Spanish and English (though mostly Spanish), and subtitles are available in both as well, so the show is truly bilingual.

4. “Pequeñas coincidencias” (Little Coincidences)

Where to watch: Amazon Prime

In this Spanish rom-com series, two successful professionals try to find love while figuring out their careers and their personal lives. It will have you awww-ing as the main characters navigate a lot of “little coincidences” on their way to find each other.

“Pequeñas coincidencias” is lighthearted, adorable and easy to watch. It’s great for Spanish learners who don’t want the struggle of keeping up with more dramatic TV shows.

5. “Aquí no hay quien viva” (Nobody Could Live Here)

Where to watch: YouTube

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This sitcom-style program is centered on a group of co-inhabitants in an apartment building in Madrid. Full of situational comedy and character-based jokes, it can be reminiscent of British comedies while giving you a glimpse of Spanish society during the 2000s. Many of the jokes also satirize political and social trends of the time.

Due to the overwhelming popularity of “Aquí no hay quien viva,” there have been many international remakes. This means you can check out the series in Argentinian Spanish, Mexican Spanish or Colombian Spanish.

Spanish Dramedies (Drama/Comedy Series) 

6. “La casa de las flores” (The House of Flowers)

Where to watch: Netflix

“La casa de las flores” offers both dark comedy and drama. It tells the story of the de la Mora family, an upper-class, somewhat dysfunctional Mexican family where dark secrets, betrayal and infidelity are just everyday routine. Their secrets start to come to light after a surprise suicide opens Pandora’s box.

This is an amazing series to learn vocabulary related to topics like homosexuality, gender identity, drug addiction, suicide, infidelity and other hot-button issues— all with a fresa (posh) Mexican accent.

7. “Las de la ultima fila” (The Girls at the Back)

Where to watch: Netflix

“Las de la ultima fila” is a Spanish series about a group of friends in their 30s who take a girls’ trip right before one of them starts chemo. The trip is made more interesting by a game they play to cross some things off their bucket lists.

This series will make you laugh, cry and contemplate some deep questions about life. It’s a good challenge for Spanish learners as the women speak really quickly, but Netflix’s subtitle function can always come to the rescue when you need it. 

8. Desenfrenadas” (Unstoppable)

Where to watch: Netflix

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“Desenfrenadas” is a Mexican series that follows the journey of three friends who embark on a road trip to escape their routine lives. They get a bit more excitement than they bargained for when they pick up a fourth woman against their will.

The series offers a fresh take on the complexities of modern womanhood and the pursuit of freedom, self-discovery and empowerment. For language learners, it offers plenty of Mexican slang and casual language you can use with your friends. 

9. “Valeria”

Where to watch: Netflix

“Valeria” is a Spanish drama series inspired by the novels of Elísabet Benavent. The show follows the life of Valeria, a struggling writer in Madrid, and her three best friends as they navigate the complexities of love, friendship and career.

With a mix of romance and humor, this series offers a contemporary and relatable portrayal of a woman’s journey toward empowerment and self-realization. It’s also great for those hoping to learn how to speak like a real Spaniard! 

10. “Club De Cuervos” (Club Of Crows)

Where to watch: Netflix

“Club de Cuervos” is a Mexican dramedy series that revolves around the power struggles and comedic dynamics within a fictional professional football club, the Cuervos FC. Following the death of the club’s owner, the inheritance unexpectedly goes to his two children, Isabel and Chava Iglesias.

The siblings, with contrasting personalities, must navigate the challenges of running the team while dealing with personal and professional conflicts. Filled with humor and drama, the series offers insight into the eccentricities of football culture in Mexico and plenty of realistic dialogue for language learners. 

11. “Madre Solo hay Dos” (Daughter from Another Mother)

Where to watch: Netflix
Mexico brings us another entertaining dramedy series! This one follows the lives of two women, Ana Leal and Mariana Herrera, whose babies are mistakenly switched at birth. When the mix-up is discovered, both families face the challenge of redefining motherhood and forming an unconventional but loving family unit.
The series delves into the complexities of maternal bonds, social expectations and the humorous situations that arise as these two very different mothers navigate the joys and struggles of raising each other’s biological child. 

Spanish Dramas and Thrillers

12. “Las chicas del cable” (Cable Girls)

Where to watch: Netflix

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“Las chicas del cable” is the story of a group of young women in 1920s Spain who start work at a telecommunications company in Madrid. It tackles some deep topics, like the difficulties women face in their professional lives in male-dominated domains. 

The series also explores friendship formed through hardship and overcoming challenges both and outside the workplace. It’s a good option for fans of period pieces and for all levels of Spanish learners. The language used is modern, standard European Spanish. 

13. “Monarca” (Monarch)

Where to watch: Netflix

“Monarca” is a Mexican drama series that revolves around the powerful Carranza family and their tequila empire. When Ana María returns to Mexico after her brother’s death, she becomes entangled in the family’s web of deceit, power struggles and dark secrets.

Ana María is forced to confront corruption and betrayal as she strives to modernize the family business, learning the dangerous legacy that comes with being part of the wealthy elite. The series offers a gripping narrative set against the backdrop of Mexico’s high-stakes business and family dynamics. 

14. “Siempre bruja” (Always a Witch)

Where to watch: Netflix

“Siempre bruja” follows a 17th-century witch named Carmen who makes a pact with a powerful wizard and is propelled forward into modern-day Colombia. Packed with mystery, magic and romance, this show is a popular choice for younger viewers and fans of shows like “Charmed” and “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.” 

Note that the series received some criticism for controversial themes and its handling of historical injustices. But it gathered loyal fans looking for something different than your typical Colombian druglord series. 

15. “Bajo el mismo cielo” (Under the Same Sky) 

Where to watch: Hulu

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This intense family drama tells the story of Carlos Martínez, an undocumented immigrant living in Los Angeles. Carlos works hard and does his best to live right despite his paperless status in the US.

The show includes a healthy balance of family-related plotlines and telenovela drama, as the Martínez family increasingly struggles with gang-related violence. It also gives viewers a look at the struggles of undocumented immigrants in the US, putting a face and personal story to an important section of the country’s population.

16. “La cocinera de Castamar” (The Cook Of Castamar)

Where to watch: Netflix

“La cocinera de Castamar” is a Spanish historical drama set in the 18th century. It follows the story of Clara Belmonte, a young and mysterious cook with a troubled past who takes a job in the kitchens of the Duke of Castamar.

As Clara navigates the complex social hierarchy of the time, she becomes entangled in a forbidden love story with Diego, the Duke. The series offers a rich blend of romance and period drama against a backdrop of societal norms, passion and intrigue.

17. “Vis a Vis” (Locked Up)

Where to watch: Netflix

This Spanish thriller series revolves around Macarena Ferreiro, a young woman who ends up in prison for financial crimes committed by her lover. Imprisoned in the tough Cruz del Sur prison, Macarena must adapt to the harsh environment while facing danger from both inmates and corrupt prison officials.

The series delves into the complex relationships within the prison walls, providing intense plot twists and a compelling exploration of societal issues. It’s a bit like “Orange is the New Black,” but with a more serious tone.

18. “Luis Miguel, la serie” (Luis Miguel – The Series)

Where to watch: Netflix

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This show tells the life of music icon Luis Miguel, who you may know from hits like “La Incondicional” (The Unconditional) and “Por Debajo de la Mesa” (Under the Table). It’s a must-watch for Latin music lovers and anyone hoping to learn Mexican Spanish.

The biographical series shows how he became an international star, the love he’s always had for his family, and how fame had an impact on their private lives. The role of Luis Miguel is played by the amazing Diego Boneta

19. “La catedral del mar” (Cathedral of the Sea)

Where to watch: Netflix

Adapted from the hugely popular novel by Ildefonso Falcones, “La catedral del mar” takes the viewer into the life of a serf in medieval Spain. It follows protagonist Arnau Estanyol as he attempts to break free from his seemingly predetermined fate as a stoneworker to take a place in high society.

The show has a similar vibe to “Game of Thrones” and features incredible acting. You’ll get a sense of 14th-century Barcelona, including the striking class differences and distribution of power in Spanish society at that time.

20. “En terapia” (In Therapy)

Where to watch: Vimeo

This show brings you into a psychotherapist’s office in Argentina as he sees four patients throughout the week, then reveals what he’s learned to his own supervising therapist.

“En terapia” began as an Israeli show but has been replicated around the world. This version provides fascinating insight into Argentinian culture and people, who are known for their love of therapy. Spanish learners might struggle with the lack of visual cues, but you can watch the American version, “In Treatment,” first to get to know the characters and storylines.

Spanish Crime Dramas

21. “La casa de papel” (Money Heist)

Where to watch: Netflix

The enigmatic Professor and his group of skilled robbers take over the Royal Mint of Spain, where they attempt to print 2.4 billion euros while holding 67 people hostage. Their goal is not to hurt anyone but to attack a system that has frustrated them for years.

The series is full of edge-of-your-seat moments and plenty of action. With lots of realistic dialogues and slang, it will teach you the kind of Spanish you won’t learn in school, as well as crime and legal vocabulary.

22. “Élite” (Elite)

Where to watch: Netflix

Three working-class teenagers receive scholarships to a school for the rich in the mountains of Madrid. Add murder, drugs, millennial teenager drama and a whole lot of high-school clichés, and you have “Élite.”

It’s not for the faint of heart. Sexuality and related themes are all over the place, and the show revolves around a murder and the mystery of who’s responsible. This show will teach you Castilian Spanish along with slang and informal language used between friends and especially young people.

23. “El desorden que dejas” (The Mess You Leave Behind)

Where to watch: Netflix

This mystery thriller focuses on substitute teacher Raquel, who takes a position at a high school in a fictional town in northwest Spain. Raquel discovers that her predecessor Viruca died of a suspected suicide under suspicious circumstances and that she took some pretty dark secrets with her to the grave.

You can actually learn a great deal of formal Spanish from “El desorden que dejas. Since many scenes take place in a literature classroom, you’ll be able to pick up some language from Spanish literature in particular.

24. “¿Quién mató a Sara?” (Who Killed Sara?)

Where to watch: Netflix

“¿Quién mató a Sara?” is a Mexican thriller series that follows Álex Guzmán’s quest for justice after spending 18 years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit. Focused on uncovering the truth behind his sister Sara’s mysterious death, Álex navigates a web of family secrets, betrayals and a powerful dynasty.

As he unravels the layers of deceit, the series combines suspense, drama and intricate storytelling. It offers a compelling narrative that will have you struggling to turn it off with each thrilling revelation.

25. “Ingobernable” (Ungovernable)

Where to watch: Netflix

This is another series that offers plenty of mystery and intrigue, set against a backdrop of corruption and power struggles. You won’t want to stop watching until you figure out what really happened when the president of Mexico dies under suspicious circumstances and his wife, Emilia, goes on the run after being falsely accused of his murder. 

As Emilia confronts powerful adversaries, “Ingobernable” weaves a tale of suspense, showcasing the complexities of both personal relationships and the political landscape in Mexico. 

26. “Alguien tiene que morir” (Someone Has to Die)

Where to watch: Netflix

Set during the Franco era in the 1950s, this drama series follows the journey of Gabino, a young man who returns to his family in Spain after expatriating in Mexico for several years. To everyone’s surprise, he returns with a “friend” named Lázaro, a young and handsome ballet dancer from Mexico who poses issues for Gabino’s conservative family.

“Alguien tiene que morir” has a diverse cast, so you can listen to both European Spanish and Mexican Spanish accents, and learn some Spanish history.

27. “El marginal” (The Marginalized)

Where to watch: Netflix

Miguel, a former Argentinian cop, is sent to prison undercover to try to determine the whereabouts of a kidnapped girl. Once inside, he’ll have to infiltrate the corrupted hierarchy of the prison and make friends with the right people to save the child.

But he gets trapped inside the prison with his new false identity. No one knows he’s there and he’s treated like any other inmate. Cue the escape attempts. “El marginal” is a great place to pick up on Lunfardo (a special type of Argentinian slang).

28. “El Chapo”

Where to watch: Netflix

Based on the life of Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán Loera, “El Chapo” is a series packed with action, drugs and violence. It tells El Chapo’s uprise from a teenage drug dealer to the most powerful and famous drug lord in the world as head of the Sinaloa Cartel. 

The series also covers his downfall, reaching as far as the year 2016. With well-structured informal dialogue, language learners can use this series to improve their Mexican slang, especially about topics like narcotics and crime.

29. “Pablo Escobar, el patrón del mal” (Pablo Escobar, The Drug Lord)

Where to watch: Netflix 

This series follows the entire life of notorious Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar, whose drug cartel made him the wealthiest criminal in history. It gives you a close, personal look at El Patrón and his gang.

The show’s producers really must have spared no expense, because every last detail is impeccable. Every twist and turn of this show, every alleyway in Bogotá, feels authentic. That’s because it’s made by Colombians for Colombians (and the rest of the world, of course).

30. “Fugitiva” (Fugitive)

Where to watch: Netflix

“Fugitiva” tells the story of four intense days in the life of a mother who sacrifices everything in order to save her children. It’s an ode to powerful women who, like the main character, believe they’ve suffered enough.

The series stars Paz Vega, one of the most well-known Spanish actresses. It’s a fast-paced, thrilling series that will have you glued to the screen from the very first minute. You’ll hear Mexican Spanish, Castilian Spanish and Vega’s Andalusian accent (if you’re a good listener!).

31. “Fariña” (Cocaine Coast)

Where to watch: Netflix

This series is based on the nonfiction book by Galician journalist Nacho Carretero, which was temporarily banned in Spain in 2018. It follows Galician narcotrafficker Sito Miñanco and his rise to prominence and power as a cocaine smuggler between Latin America and Europe. 

The show is fast-paced and full of boat chases, flashy cars and scenes of the stunning Atlantic Coast. It reveals a bit of the dark past of Galicia and features some Galician language as well as Spanish, Galego and various Latin American accents.

32. “Capadocia” (Cappadocia)

Where to watch: Apple TV

Teresa Lagos, an attorney in Mexico City, works with clients in a maximum-security prison for women. The show tells the stories of the various women incarcerated there for different reasons.

Fair warning: “Capadocia” is an intense show. However, it has also won a number of awards and features an amazing, female-heavy ensemble cast. Alongside legal and crime-related vocabulary, the show’s fast pace makes it especially well-suited for advanced Spanish learners.

33. “Alta mar” (High Seas)

Where to watch: Netflix

Imagine “Downton Abbey,” only on a luxury cruise liner traveling from Spain to Brazil, and everybody speaks Spanish. Throw in a murder mystery, some complex character plotlines and unexpected twists and you’re in for one mysterious voyage!

“Alta mar” has garnered conflicting reviews, so if you want to watch, it’s best to just take it for what it is. It’s something of a period piece, so some of the language is a bit old-fashioned. It’s suitable for intermediate-level Spanish learners who want to learn some formal language.

34. “El sabor de las margaritas” (Bitter Daisies)

Where to watch: Netflix

This series follows the journey of Guardia Civil (Civil Guard) agent Rosa as she takes an assignment in a small town in the northwest of Spain. What seems to be a simple case of a teenage runaway quickly blows open a whole trove of secrets and mysteries.

“El sabor de las margaritas” lets viewers learn more about a sometimes overlooked region of Spain. The original language of the show mixed Galician with Spanish, which makes it easier for learners to watch with a full Spanish dub. 

35. “Gran Hotel” (Grand Hotel)

Where to watch: Prime Video

“Gran Hotel” is a Spanish period drama that unfolds within the luxurious Grand Hotel in early 20th-century Spain. The series follows Julio Olmedo, a young man who arrives at the hotel in search of his missing sister. As Julio delves into the secrets of the hotel staff and its wealthy guests, he discovers a world filled with intrigue, love affairs and dark mysteries.

The show masterfully combines romance and suspense, offering viewers a captivating narrative against the backdrop of societal complexities and class divisions.

Reality TV Shows in Spanish

36. “Made in Mexico”

Where to watch: Netflix

“Made in Mexico” follows a group of young Mexican socialites as they go about their daily lives. It’s got everything you’d expect from this type of show: influencers, infighting, flirtations–all set against the backdrop of stunning Mexico City.

While some of the storylines seem a bit manufactured, it’s a great choice if you’re after something easy to watch and not overly complex. The Spanglish makes it easy for learners to follow along and the drama will keep you entertained and wanting more.

37. “MasterChef Latino” 

Where to watch: Prime Video

If you love cooking competitions, then you can watch skilled chefs compete against each other on “MasterChef Latino.” Head over to Telemundo’s site to catch episodes of the show, as well as interviews, behind-the-scenes footage and other exclusive content.

“MasterChef Latino” is the undisputed choice if you’re looking for food and restaurant vocabulary. The competitive nature of the show also means it’s heavy on command conjugations. And because participants hail from various countries, it’s a great way to compare Spanish accents.

38. “Nailed It! Mexico”

Where to watch: Netflix

Bakers compete in this classic competition-style show, with a twist: they’re all amateur home bakers! In each episode, the non-professional contestants can win a 200,000 peso ($10,000) prize for the best recreation of the example treats and sweets.

There are mishaps, fails and epic cake collapses. But it’s all in good fun and makes for great, lighthearted viewing full of jokes, friendships and wisecracks from the judging panel. It’s great for learners who want to be able to talk about cooking and baking in Spanish.


39. “La reina del flow” (The Queen of Flow)

Where to watch: Netflix

“La reina del flow” begins with the story of Yeimy Montoya, a 17-year-old girl with a talent for writing lyrics. Now 34, her only wish is to take revenge against the person who wrongfully sent her to prison.

If you like reggaetón music, revenge and cliffhangers, or enjoy seeing powerful women take back control of their lives, you’ll thoroughly enjoy this thrilling series. This telenovela features Colombian Spanish, good music and plenty of dialogue about the music industry.

40. “La reina del sur” (The Queen of the South)

Where to watch: Netflix

Watch the rise of Teresa Mendoza, a young Mexican woman forging a name for herself in the world of narcotrafficking in southern Spain. As her empire grows through clever dealings and strong alliances, so does the risk to her business and personal life.

“La reina del sur” is based in part on the real-life female drug lord Sandra Ávila Beltrán. Thanks to an international cast and various filming locations, this series is perfect for viewers looking for exposure to different Spanish accents from around the globe.

41. “Amar y vivir” (All For Love)

Where to watch: Netflix

This feel-good Colombian remake of a classic telenovela follows the journey of two young dreamers: Irene, a singer, and Joaquin, a mechanic. They’re both fighting for their dreams, and their desire to be together creates intense drama and heartwretching pain. 

“Amar y vivir” explores what people will do because of their circumstances and how strangers can completely turn our world upside down. You’ll hear smooth Colombian accents and an awesome soundtrack. This means heaps of opportunities to learn song lyrics!

42. “El señor de los cielos” (Lord of the Skies)

Where to watch: Hulu

“El señor de los cielos” follows the life of a Mexican drug lord, Aurelio Casillas, as he tries to transport his product across the US-Mexico border. The show also tells the story of his wife, children and other family members.

This show is rife with the sort of drama you’d expect from a telenovela: murders, fake deaths, characters posing as others, long-lost sons and more. It’s one of those shows that will give Spanish learners more crime-related vocabulary, as well as some nice family-oriented conversation.

Shorts and Series Made for Spanish Learners

43. “” (Plug.TV)

Where to watch: YouTube

This is a web series of short, comedic clips that offer a hilarious look into the daily experiences, customs and quirks that are part of life in Ecuador. It provides viewers with authentic Ecuadorian Spanish and an insight into the country’s sense of humor.

The YouTube channel also features many “Making of” videos so you can see the behind-the-scenes action. “” is great for anyone who doesn’t have a lot of time to study Spanish as the clips range from 30 seconds to a few minutes long.

44. “Extr@”

Where to watch: YouTube

“Extr@” follows the life of Sam, an American, who travels to Barcelona to stay with two girls, Ana and Lola. The 13-episode series is about the group’s adventures and Sam’s attempts to learn Spanish. 

This series was designed for Spanish learners, so the characters speak slowly and clearly and often repeat themselves. The Spanish speakers correct Sam as he makes mistakes, and there are recaps that review the language Sam’s learning. It’s perfect for elementary to intermediate-level students, and even beginners can learn from it.

45. “Destinos” (Destinations)

Where to watch:

Don Fernando receives a mysterious letter concerning his past. His family hires lawyer Raquel Rodríguez to help untangle the puzzle. She travels to Spain, Argentina, Puerto Rico and Mexico to discover the truth.

“Destinos” aims to teach Spanish in the style of a telenovela. Nowadays, the series looks very dated, but continues to be a great learning tool. At the end of each episode, Raquel recaps the events and asks the viewer questions. The language level is suitable for beginners but gets more complicated as the series progresses.

How to Learn Spanish with TV Shows

There are a number of ways you can aprovechar (make the most of) watching Spanish TV.

  • Use subtitles. You can use English subtitles at first, and then use Spanish subtitles as you get better so you can read and listen at the same time. This will help you notice new vocabulary and expressions. Netflix is pretty useful for this!
  • Having a good program like FluentU in your toolbox for this is really helpful. The program uses video clips from authentic Spanish media—movies, TV shows, news segments and more—to teach the language as it’s actually used by native speakers. Every video comes with learning tools like interactive subtitles and personalized vocabulary quizzes. 
  • While not all TV show resources have excellent subtitles like FluentU, you can also apply this learning method to any other video you watch. Read along with the subtitles, and pause often to note unfamiliar words (and write down the sentence that you found them in).
  • Watch TV online. Watching online means you can pause more easily if you get stuck. You can go back to hear sections of dialogue again and again (and again) until you understand them. Like most parts of language learning, repetition is key. Need to watch a scene 10 times before you understand it fully? No problem.
  • Don’t be a perfectionist. No need to panic if you don’t understand every word! That’s 100% normal. If you do understand everything, you either need to stop pretending you’re learning Spanish when you’re clearly fluent, or watch something more difficult.


Now it’s time to sit back and enjoy these entertaining Spanish TV shows. 

Choose one that calls to you and get ready to be entertained—and learn a ton of new Spanish! 

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