Have It Your Way! 4 Big Types of Advanced Spanish Lessons to Choose From

We all learn in different ways.

Are you a YouTube fanatic? An avid reader? A gamer? No matter how you learn, there are lots of options for studying advanced Spanish.

All of these resources will further your Spanish vocabulary, grammar knowledge, verb conjugation skills and move you along your own personal path to fluency.

And each resource teaches you in its own unique way.


4 Excellent Types of Advanced Spanish Lessons to Suit Your Style

1. Advanced Spanish Video Lessons

I’m about to blow your minds. YouTube isn’t the only place to find videos on the Internet!

What’s that? You already knew that? Well, okay then.

Of course, that’s not to say that the popular video hosting site isn’t a phenomenal resource for learning Spanish in addition to checking out music videos and hilarious bloopers—it’s actually the first resource we’ll go to on this list.


As you’re probably aware, YouTube has videos about pretty much any topic you can imagine. And the same absolutely goes for Spanish language YouTube. This makes it easy to find videos in Spanish that are of interest to you, which will help motivate you to work on your Spanish listening skills.

The specialized nature of so many YouTube videos also means that you can pick up a lot of new vocabulary from them, especially when it’s a topic you’re very familiar with.

Not to mention, videos on YouTube are posted by Spanish speakers from all over the world, so they can help you become familiar with an enormous variety of Spanish dialects.

The big disadvantage of YouTube is that the sheer quantity of videos can make it difficult to find reasonably high-quality videos that meet your specific needs as a language learner.

Overall, YouTube makes up for that with a seemingly infinite number of videos on every topic imaginable. Whether you’re into current events, video games or makeup tutorials, there’s a ton of Spanish language content on YouTube to immerse yourself in.


If you enjoy practicing your Spanish listening skills with YouTube, you might like FluentU. This app and website offers a full language learning platform built around authentic native videos from the web.

FluentU videos include engaging clips from all corners of the Spanish-speaking world, covering everything from Nicaraguan boxing to Mexican recipes. And all videos contain interactive Spanish subtitles that let you look up unfamiliar words as you go.

The videos on FluentU are incorporated into multimedia lessons which include flashcards and personalized quizzes that focus on what you need to improve most. FluentU also has speech recognition features that allow you practice your speaking skills.


CoastalSpanish teaches a number of advanced Spanish topics in a neat, clear and concise manner, with the guidance of a native speaker. You’ll find helpful video series that cover the subjunctive tense and other key topics for your current stage of learning.

They’re taught in a more formal and traditional style, so you’ll learn by watching lectures presented in a straightforward manner. However, the fact that the lecturer delivers this content in 100% Spanish and speaks very clearly makes watching any one of these videos great listening practice as well as a great grammar lesson.


Looking for longer lessons and in-depth, video-based practice exercises? Well, you needn’t look further than the videos posted by SpanishInRealWorld on YouTube.

The videos allow you to practice listening and reading, and then they’ll actually have you start using your newfound knowledge with interactive exercises. You can skip ahead to different activities as you feel ready to progress, or start from the beginning of the advanced lessons and refresh yourself on topics you’ve already studied.


Okay, so the past two recommendations are admittedly located on YouTube—just further endorsements of YouTube as a great place to find advanced lessons.

Remember when I mentioned earlier that there were places besides YouTube to find videos online?

One of the best places where you can find videos for learning advanced Spanish is LingusTV. They focus on friends hanging out, talking about their lives and getting into somewhat humorous situations.

While the video library here is still in the process of growing and expanding, the videos are generally rather entertaining and feature loads of great vocabulary that you’ll actually need and want to use in your daily life.

2. Advanced Spanish Text Lessons

Some language learners prefer to learn in a more structured and traditional style.

If that’s the case for you, you’ll likely benefit from a text-based learning site. This means plenty of reading and writing, and less focus on speaking and listening. Ideally, the text-based resource you’ll land on will also have some supplementary lessons for speaking and listening.

While some of these resources are not complete lessons themselves, they’re always wonderful accompanying materials to your other resource choices. Seeing lessons written down will definitely give your memory an extra boost.

FluentU has scoured the Internet for advanced Spanish lessons and come up with this comprehensive list. It features more conventional, text-based resources as well as ones that combine multiple learning styles.

So, start there! Then, try out this next great resource.


There’s a variety of factors that determine whether or not someone is willing to spend money on a language learning program. If you’ve decided that you wish to invest financially in an online program, check out StudySpanish.com.

The program focuses on conversational Spanish, which is often the most challenging obstacle to overcome when trying to achieve fluency. The site also has free Spanish tutorials that you can check out before deciding if it’s worth spending money on, or a free membership that you can work with as an additional resource at any time.

Yes, the free membership option will let you play with exercises, take quizzes and keep track of all your grades. But the real magic happens with the other programs. You can bump yourself up to a premium membership or “complete conversation” course and take your learning offline as well, as you’ll be able to order a collection of CDs or download the software directly from the site.

3. Advanced Spanish Audio Lessons

Has anyone ever told you that you’re a great listener?

Do you use the radio to jam out as well as get your news updates?

Perhaps listening to music in other languages is the best way to ingrain new vocabulary in your mind. If any of this rings true for you, this section is for you. Though, regardless of your learning style and chosen resources, you should certainly tune into some audio from time to time—so, check out what we have to offer here!

Spanish Obsessed

Everyone tells you that you’ve got to listen to native speakers talk if you want to achieve fluency. But are you unsure of how to listen to native Spanish speakers without actually knowing one?

On Spanish Obsessed, you can do just that.

The above link will take you to a page of advanced Spanish audio lessons made just for your level! You can download the interviews with native speakers and other audio files available on the site, or you can just listen online. If you have trouble understanding anything they say, fear not, for transcripts accompany every audio.


You may have seen the name of this popular Spanish audio series before. It’s pretty visible around the internet, and it’s recommended all the time. However, it’s usually only recommended for beginner learners. What a mistake!

SpanishPod101 has over 1,600 audio and video lessons in total, and you better believe that there are lessons in there for intermediate and advanced Spanish learners too. Everything is covered from grammar and vocabulary to culture and real conversation.

Notes in Spanish

If you ever thought iTunes was only the place to find the top 100 songs of today, think again. Notes in Spanish is one of many podcasts available via iTunes, and it has you covered on the cultural front.

In the podcast, the hosts Ben and Marina discuss culture, news and conversation as well as teach you fun words that you likely didn’t learn in class.

Notes in Spanish is available via iTunes, but that’s not an exclusive deal! Keep in mind that you can also check out the Notes in Spanish website, too.

News Time Spanish

News Time Spanish is another great option for boosting your vocabulary and listening skills. It’s geared specifically towards high-intermediate and advanced learners, taking hot topics from around the world—like politics, social issues, technology, science and more—and delivers them in a clear, easy-to-understand format, all at a pace that’s super approachable for non-native speakers.

If you aspire to listen to the news in full-on native Spanish someday, this is basically giving you all the benefits of that experience, with some training wheels to keep things at your level.

CoffeeBreak Spanish

What you see in this podcast’s title is exactly what you’ll get—Spanish lessons that are perfect for any coffee break. These podcasts revolve around native speakers doing their thing, chatting conversationally and explaining Spanish grammar in no uncertain terms. Every lesson is clear as day, and makes even the most complex grammar details feel like fun and easy things to learn, which is no small feat.

Plus, there’s plenty of structured guidance, downloadable audios and transcripts in addition to other featured learning tools.

Gritty Spanish

You’re advanced now, so it’s time to learn what Spanish really sounds like, uncut and uncensored. In the real world, people shout and curse and make dirty jokes. Prepare yourself for anything the Spanish-speaking world throws at you with Gritty Spanish!

Just one warning: This is not for the faint of heart, or for the easily offended. Definitely not for children. Read our full review of Gritty Spanish here.

Beyond these recommendations, there are other podcasts available, of course, and many that cater to more specific learning goals, like this Medical Spanish podcast. Search until you find the one that’s perfect for your immediate learning needs, or rotate around through different podcasts covering different topics as you see fit!

4. Advanced Spanish Practice Online

Ready to test your knowledge? Yes, of course you are, and you’ve come to the right place to find ways to do so online.

From games to flashcards to other interactive lessons, you can find whatever you need on the good ol’ Internet.

The Bowdoin Spanish website

The Bowdoin Spanish website packs a powerful punch of productivity with its resource-rich collection of links for students of intermediate and advanced Spanish. The links are alphabetically organized by topic from acentos to verbos como gustar, so it’s ideal for locating and practicing basically any topic you need to work on.

If you’re feeling particularly ambitious, you can just go down the list and do every exercise. It would take a while, yes, but imagine how accomplished you’ll feel afterwards! The site won an award for one of the best collections of resources available, and it’s pretty easy to see why.


Not sure exactly which way you learn best? Or do you crave variety? LingQ is the place for you.

It’s got tons to practice with, but this site could easily have fit into all the above categories of video, audio and text lessons. They have what’s perhaps the most diverse Spanish learning site out there. And you can even supplement what’s there by importing outside Spanish materials from the web to your online LingQ account.

Digital Dialects

The advanced page of the Digital Dialects website provides games to help you practice your Spanish. The page is divided into sections with games focusing on vocabulary and others focusing on verbs.

One nice aspect of the games is that, as you go through them, they’ll actually teach you the material you need to know in order to play successfully. Who said learning can’t be fun?


No matter how you like to learn, there’s something for you on the advanced page of spanish-resources.com. Exploring all this site has to offer would take hours upon hours. It features video, audio, text-based lessons and practice exercises on topics ranging from Spanish-speaking cultures to verb conjugations to classic Spanish literature.

Living Language

Last but not least is the Advanced Spanish section of the Living Language website. Here you can learn new vocabulary and then test your knowledge with activities and flashcards. The advanced portion is divided into units with 16 lessons total, so you can spend a good chunk of time perusing the site and mastering new Spanish skills.


Hopefully the above resources will provide you with hours of learning to help you really advance your advanced Spanish skills.

Now stop procrastinating and start studying!

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