The Best Spanish Movies to Stream on Amazon Prime for Language Learners

If you’re looking for unique Spanish movies to boost your Spanish language skills while keeping you entertained, look no further than Amazon Prime.

Not only will you find movies to stream in Spanish from many different countries, but also across many different genres as well.

I’ve listed my favorite movies on Amazon Prime here to get you started.

1. “Cumbia Callera”

English Title: “Cumbia Connection”

Cumbia Callera (English Subtitled)

Set in Monterrey, Mexico, this movie is youthful and passionate. The vocabulary is easy to access due to the relatable theme of the movie—the trials of adolescence facing the film’s protagonist.

A unique feature of this movie is the absence of dialogue in favor of letting song lyrics do the storytelling.

This choice enhances the cultural immersion for the viewer.

2. “Dulce de Leche”

English Title: “Sweetened Caramelized Milk”

An indie love film set in Argentina, “Dulce de Leche” centers around Luis and Anita, who meet by chance while getting school portraits taken. Their relationship blossoms into a passionate and sweet first love that every viewer will be able to relate to.

The Spanish accent in this movie is quite distinctly “Argentinian,” and the use of the colloquial “vos” to mean “you” might throw some viewers off initially, but overall the dialogue is very accessible and easy to follow from beginners to advanced learners.

3. “La Sirga”

La Sirga (English Subtitled) (English Subtitled)

English Title: “The Towrope”

19-year-old Alicia is a Colombian refugee who flees from war and arrives at her uncle’s home. He isn’t keen on her staying but agrees to let her in exchange for manual labor getting the guesthouse up and running.

La Sirga” is an artistic collaboration in film production between Colombia, France and Mexico and designed to peak the cinematic palette of viewers.

The dialogue is sparse but complex in this film, so intermediate to advanced speakers looking for a challenge will appreciate it the most.

4. “Sólo Química”​Just a Little Chemistry

English Title: “Just a Little Chemistry”

A predictable love story about a girl who’s infatuated with a famous person, only to realize that love and chemistry aren’t the same thing. 

The plot essentially hinges on the protagonist’s difficult choice between two very different men, which makes for a host of dramatic and quick exchanges in rapid-fire Spanish.

This movie is set in Spain so it’s good practice for anyone learning Spanish.


Films in Spanish should certainly be embraced for the breadth of language immersion they offer, and Amazon Prime hosts a varying choice of options to stream for every language learner to enjoy!

Stream our top four picks tonight!

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