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10 Spanish Romance Movies That’ll Sweep You Off Your Feet

If you’re craving for an unforgettable love story, then you’ll never run out of choices with Spanish romantic movies!

Many Spanish movies are known for packing an emotional punch, with storylines that don’t hold back and will have you both laughing and crying.

To top it off, Spanish-language cinema has diverse settings too, from 1990s Cuba to modern Barcelona.

Here are 10 amazing Spanish romance movies that stand out as some of the best in the genre:


1. Busco novio para mi mujer (A Boyfriend for My Wife)

Year: 2016
Where to Watch: Amazon Prime

This movie is a remake of the popular Argentinian original from 2008. There’s actually a version from Spain, too.

Paco is tired of his wife Dana, who’s perpetually grumpy and critical. He tries to end their marriage indirectly by hiring a professional womanizer named Taiger to seduce Dana and make her fall in love with him.

To Paco’s surprise, though, Dana starts to change, becoming more confident and happy. This reignites Paco’s feelings for her, but the problem is she already likes Taiger.

It’s pretty funny to watch, especially during Taiger’s scenes since he’s not what you’d expect.

2. Culpa mía (My Fault)

Country: Spain
Year: 2023
Where to Watch: Amazon Prime

“My Fault” is one of the most watched non-English flicks ever on Amazon.

Noah and Nick end up as step-siblings because Noah’s mom decides to marry Nick’s dad, who’s a billionaire. Noah resents moving in at first and keeps on clashing with Nick, who seems perfect on the outside. In reality, he’s deep into partying, gangs and even street racing.

Despite this, sparks fly between them and soon they’re dating each other secretly, knowing that their parents would never approve.

The lead actors have great chemistry. For a romantic comedy, it’s heavy on the action, especially after Noah gets kidnapped.

3. Y tu mamá también (And Your Mother Too)

Year: 2001
Where to Watch: Amazon Prime | Netflix

This is included in practically every list of iconic Mexican films—and more than 20 years later, I’m still recommending it because it depicts intimacy so beautifully.

Two teenage friends, Julio and Tenoch, persuade an older woman, Luisa, to join them on a road trip.

This turns into a life-changing journey for them. They have conversations about life, love and personal secrets, all while encountering various people and places all over Mexico.   

Tensions rise as the boys get competitive, especially when Luisa displays interest in both of them, but they also discover the deeper meaning of sexuality.

4. Enfermo amor (Love Sick)

Year: 2022
Where to Watch: Amazon Prime

“Love Sick” features the stories of nine couples, as told in ten-minute snippets that all take place on the same day.

Based on John Cariani’s play “LOVE/SICK,” it represents the various aspects of love that go beyond the standard “happy ever after” narrative.

I didn’t have high expectations of it because of the unusual format, but the stories hit hard because they’re all too relatable. The couples go through common issues like communication breakdowns, commitment issues and boredom.  

There are a lot of high-profile Mexican actors here, including Camila Sodi and Fernanda Castillo.

5. Loco por ella (Crazy About Her)

Year: 2021
Where to Watch: Netflix

Adri, a successful journalist, falls in love with a free-spirited woman after a one-night stand. The problem is he doesn’t know her name!

Eventually, he finds out that she’s a patient in a mental hospital. In a bold move, he admits himself there to be close to her.

Even though the focus is definitely romantic, I like how the film gives a realistic depiction of mental health issues. While Adri’s main motive is still to catch the eye of the girl he likes, he also learns more about the complexities of mental illness and the importance of accepting people as they are.

6. A través de mi ventana (Through My Window)

Year: 2022
Where to Watch: Netflix

This teen drama made quite a splash when it was released.

Rachel is a high school student who’s crushing hard on her mysterious and handsome neighbor, Ares, whose family happens to be very wealthy. She has been low-key checking Ares out from her window for years, daydreaming about him but never making a move.

Then thanks to an unexpected wi-fi incident, they finally meet, and things get steamy. Rachel soon finds out that Ares might seem like a one-sided bad boy, but he also has family dramas to deal with.    

There’s a 2023 sequel (and another one for 2024!).

7. Fin de siglo (End of the Century)

Country: Argentina
Year: 2019
Where to Watch: Apple TV

“End of the Century” is an unconventional movie that plays around with multiple timelines. By the end, I wasn’t sure anymore what really happened and what was imaginary, and I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

Ocho is a middle-aged Argentinian poet who’s visiting Barcelona. There, he meets Javi, a Berlin-based producer, and they hook up right away. While it seems like only a superficial encounter at first, it turns out that they already met 20 years earlier.

The film then jumps back to the past and even ventures into an alternate timeline where they ended up together, with beautiful shots of Barcelona included.  

8. Eres tú (Love at First Kiss)

Year: 2023
Where to Watch: Netflix

“Love at First Kiss” is a romantic comedy with an interesting premise.

When Javier kisses a girl, he gets a vision of what their future will be like. Most of the time, he sees them breaking up and ending in disaster, so he moves on to the next girl right away.

But then he kisses his best friend’s girlfriend, Lucia, while drunk—and he’s shocked to see that they’ll have a happy future together.

This gives him a new dilemma: should he push his best friend aside and get together with Lucia instead?

9. Candelaria

Year: 2017
 Cuba, Colombia
Where to Watch: CINE.AR

“Candelaria” is produced by a Colombian director but set in 1990s Cuba—when an economic crisis was happening and even necessities were hard to find. It stands out as a romantic movie because it’s focused on an elderly couple.

Candelaria and Victor live in a rundown apartment in Havana. Over the years, their relationship has fallen into a rut, with the hardships of life taking a toll on them.

Everything changes when Candelaria finds a forgotten video camera. Victor Hugo gets hooked on filming Candelaria, and through the camera’s eye, they start seeing each other in a whole new light.

10. La novia del desierto (The Desert Bride)

Year: 2017
 Argentina, Chile
Where to Watch: Amazon Prime

Teresa has worked for decades as a maid in Buenos Aires, but now she has to move jobs to a distant town in the desert.

While she’s traveling there, she loses her bag containing all of her belongings. Luckily, she crosses paths with El Gringo, a traveling salesman.

As he helps her search for her lost bag, they come to trust each other more. At the same time, Teresa comes out of her shell and starts to embrace adventure.

The romance here is subtle since it’s also a story of self-transformation. By the end of the movie, Teresa really seems like a changed person!


Cozy up with these Spanish movies and enjoy all of the heartwarming emotions! These are great picks too for a chill date night. 

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