28 Awesome Resources for Advanced Spanish Lessons Online

After hard work and undying dedication, you’re ready to take on the world.

You may have gotten to advanced Spanish by studying on your own, learning while abroad—or maybe your online Spanish course only had you covered until upper-intermediate lessons.

Congratulations on getting to this stage. Now it’s time to enter the big leagues.

Here, we’re going to be providing you with the resources you need to practice and continue to learn the lovely Spanish language.


Your One-stop Blog Post for Finding Advanced Spanish Lessons Online

1. Lessons for the Audio Learner

As you likely learned at this stage in your Spanish studies, it’s crucial to dedicate your time to practicing and learning Spanish in a number of ways. One great way, of course, is through audio resources.

advanced spanish lessons onlineThe website Spanish Obsessed features a page dedicated to advanced podcasts available for immediate listen or download.

Transcripts accompany the audio for those who wish to follow along during parts that are trickier to understand.

advanced spanish lessons online

You can download or instantly listen to free advanced Spanish audio with accompanying related questions on Notes in Spanish. These activities serve as great lessons, and they come with worksheets for practice as well.

For more audio lessons with accompanying worksheets, visit SpanishPodcast. The advanced spanish lessons onlinepreviously linked page lists archives for their podcasts, and this one contains all the accompanying PDF files. Enjoy!

SpanishPod101 by Innovative Language provides advanced learners with advanced audio on a variety of topics such as cultural aspects of the Spanish-speaking world, complex grammar and specialized vocabulary. Their audio (and video) lessons are updated often and come advanced spanish lessons onlinewith accompanying PDFs of the audio in case you stumble across some words or phrases that are difficult to hear or understand. There are also other interactive learning features here that you can take advantage of. Sign up for free to get a taste of what’s offered.

2. Lessons for the Visual Learner

YouTube isn’t just for watching funny cat videos. No, no—it’s also there to help you in your advanced Spanish studies. A search on the video site for “advanced Spanish lessons” yields a huge number of results. Take your pick!

advanced spanish lessons online

Want to venture outside of your YouTube comfort zone? Check out lingus.tv, a site that dedicates an entire page to advanced video lessons and provides the text of the dialogues so it’s easier to follow along.

advanced spanish lessons onlineAlthough LightSpeedSpanish mainly offers free Spanish audio lessons, they do provide some high-quality video lessons as well.

Señor Jordan has produced an informative video series covering a number of advanced Spanish topics. advanced spanish lessons onlineSeñor Jordan is an enthusiastic guy who teaches tons of information in an entertaining way. His attitude is infectious, and his videos are well worth a view!

3. Text Lessons

Do you tend to be a more traditional learner? Do you want to amp up your Spanish skills via text lessons? Gearing up to read “Don Quixote” in its entirety sans Spanish-English dictionary? You’re in luck, as there are plenty of websites devoted to providing text-based lessons and boosting your overall reading comprehension.

advanced spanish lessons onlineCheck out Practical Spanish’s section listing advanced Spanish readings. The aspect that makes these texts so informative is that the website has underlined tricky words and phrases and gives you an on-screen definition whenever you click one. Thus, the frustrating need for a dictionary is eliminated!

SpanishDaddy.com can seem a bit daunting at first due to the sheer amount of links listed on its page, but it features some really helpful lessons. For example, there’s a link teaching vocabulary for use at the gym and other practical lessons you can use in daily life.

advanced spanish lessons online

Bowdoin’s site is similar to an online version of a Spanish textbook. It offers straightforward text lessons with some interactive tools to practice your new advanced knowledge.

LivingSpanish.com’s advanced Spanish lessons are straightforward and short but informative morsels of information. Short and sweet! These lessons are absolutely ideal for getting crystal-clear introductions to big topics and for reviewing what you’ve already learned.

The name of the site Learn Spanish Online speaks for itself. It features straightforward text lessons on grammar, verb conjugations and more advanced topics.

4. Advanced Spanish Combo Lessons

Need a one-stop shop for advanced Spanish audio, video, text and more? Look no further. Check out the following sites, which feature two or more mediums by which to learn advanced Spanish.

You’ll quickly see the appeal of LightSpeedSpanish, a blog-style site with advanced lessons merging together podcasts, video, audio and text.

advanced spanish lessons onlineGet ready to dedicate some serious time to TheSpanishBlog. They have a huge list of available advanced Spanish lessons. With 75 free lessons covering tricky topics like “Expressing probability with El Futuro and El Conditional,” one can easily spend hours learning from this site. The lessons generally feature videos, notes and questions to assist you in your learning. Many of the lessons feature multiple parts, so you really get an in-depth learning experience.

The program FluentU creates Spanish lessons out of authentic videos featuring the content that native speakers would watch. Each video comes with interactive captions that provide comprehensive, contextual explanations about the vocabulary used. Flashcards, word lists and personalized quizzes (which include voice recognition “speaking questions”) are also provided.

advanced spanish lessons onlineDonQuijote is a veteran Spanish-learning site with tons of free resources for advanced learners including text and video lessons as well as practice activities and a “word of the day” section. Furthermore, the comprehensive site provides tips to get the most out of your Spanish studies.

LivingSpanishClassroom offers complete lessons that combine essential elements of learning Spanish such as grammar and vocabulary. Their lessons include practice activities and are interactive to keep learners engaged.

advanced spanish lessons onlineDon’t be deceived by the name of the site Spanish Listening, as it isn’t solely dedicated to audio. The lessons on the site are comprised of multiple parts, including videos, self-quizzes and additional practice.

The website Lengalia provides a wealth of information in multiple forms for advanced learners. Browse their page for podcasts, video lessons and tons of thoroughly-advanced spanish lessons onlineresearched information regarding the culture of Spanish-speaking countries. Keep in mind that you must pay a small fee for full access to all of their resources, but there are samples of lessons available for free.

5. Time to Practice!

advanced spanish lessons onlineWhile many of the above sites feature interactive activities to practice your newfound knowledge, you may still find yourself craving more ways to test your skills. The following are places to venture for just that purpose.

The website of The Denver Library compiles a number of sites for advanced Spanish practice. The links featured on this comprehensive site lead to online games, quizzes and more.

advanced spanish lessons onlinePractice reading, writing, verb conjugation and more at Spanish-resources.com. The practice activities focus on a number of topics ranging from cultures of Spanish-speaking countries to Spanish listening and reading tests.

Check out todo-claro for some activities to practice advanced Spanish topics, mainly advanced grammar.

The University of Texas, Austin features activities to practice grammar, vocabulary, phrases and audio comprehension via podcasts. Once you have mastered their advanced tasks, feel free to move on to their superior level.


So, are you feeling overwhelmed by options yet? Good!

Get clicking and may your advanced Spanish studies continue to lead you to your Spanish language learning goals.

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