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Hiring Russian Translator: Long-term Opportunity to Work from Home

Location: Anywhere
Compensation: Competitive, hourly rate
Employment Type: Freelance, part time
Telecommuting: OK
Title: Russian Translator

Are you passionate about language education?

Do you have excellent Russian and English skills?

You might be the perfect person for this job!


Learn Russian on YouTube and Master the Basics in Just Under 7 Hours


Have you ever tried to run wearing only one shoe?

What about driving with a flat tire?

If so, you know what it’s like to try to deal with something that’s imbalanced or uneven.

The same thing can happen to …

15 Untranslatable Russian Words and What They (Sort of) Mean


“Drop it, or you’ll drop it.”

Ha! Funny, right?

Wait, what do you mean you don’t get it?

Let’s try that again, in Russian this time:

Брось, а то уронишь. (Drop it [on purpose], or you’ll drop it [by accident].)…

7 Online Russian Exercise Resources to Work Up a Sweat


Get your sweatpants. Bring a towel.

We’re going to do some exercises.

No, we’re not talking about jumping jacks or squats.

We’re talking about Russian exercises.

Language skills are like muscles: If you don’t work them out, they become …

Bang for Your Book: 6 Free Russian Audiobooks That Come with Text


Давным-давно (once upon a time), there lived a Russian learner.

This learner knew the value of using audiobooks to study the language.

They also knew that reading is a fantastic way to study Russian.

But they never thought to …

Crooked Goats and Crying Cats: 10 Fun Russian Phrases Straight from the Zoo


Hold your horses and stay as quiet as a mouse because I’m about to let the cat out of the bag:

Languages sure love their animal sayings (in case you haven’t noticed).

Every language has idioms and phrases that revolve …