8 Amazing Korean Textbooks for Effective Korean Learning


Are you looking to become a true master of the Korean language?

Immersion is without a doubt the most effective way to learn Korean, and the options are endless to reach your goals: Korean dramas, apps, comics, K-pop

The 7 Most Effective Korean Dictionary Apps for Your Smartphone


Let me ask you something: What’s free (or very cheap) but actually priceless for learning Korean?

A great Korean app.

It can take you to heights and depths you’ve never imagined.

Here we’ll talk about the top apps that …

The 9 Most Riveting Korean Podcast Resources for Language Learners


You may be unable to take a trip to Seoul, Busan or Gyeongju yet, but don’t despair!

Modern technology obliging, it’s incredibly easy to learn Korean online today.

Reading Korean blogs on a regular basis can help you stay …

10 Killer Korean Apps That Get Learners Addicted to the Language


Are you using your smartphone to zap zombies with magical garden plants in your spare time?

Or to listen to your favorite American pop songs when you hit the gym?

You’re doing it wrong—or you could at least be doing …

Learn Korean with Songs: 7 Memorable Tunes That Capture the Language


Want to supplement your Korean learning with some catchy tunes?

You’ve come to the right place!

That’s right, we’re bringing the words “Korean,” “songs” and “learn” together in one convenient post.

This is one to bookmark for your studies.

Here …

Want the Best Korean Learning Books? Here Are 8 You Don’t Want to Miss


Want to speed up your Korean learning?

You know, so you can get to the juicy parts faster.

The parts which often tie into your motivations for learning Korean in the first place: to better understand a fascinating …

Looking for a Great Blog to Teach You Korean? Here Are 6!


Looking for great blogs to teach you Korean?

Reading fun content created for language learners is a low-pressure way to work on your fluency.

Blogs are also good for guidance if independent study is your method of choice.

After …