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How to Learn Korean Grammar with Color-coding and Other Superpowers


Perhaps you’ve always dreamed of traveling to see the bright lights of Seoul.

Or befriending Koreans on the beautiful beaches of Jeju Island.

Perhaps you want to be able to sing along fluently to your favorite K-pop songs.

Or …

Easy as ABC: Learn to Read the Korean Alphabet in 3 Simple Steps


Imagine walking around Seoul.

Hopping on the metro without a moment’s hesitation.

Glancing at the signs on your way to your destination.

Passing a restaurant and thinking, “ooh yes, that’s exactly what I’d like to eat for lunch…”

Imagine …

How to Use Korean Music to Actively Grow Your Vocabulary


Time to go digging for gold.

Korean learning gold, that is.

You can find it in the unlikeliest places.

Even an indie Korean tune or a jammin’ Korean rock ballad.

That’s right. Korean music is an awesome place to dig …

7 Study Techniques That Will Supercharge Your Korean Listening Skills


We all know that practice makes perfect…

But it’s not always quite so simple.

Of course, practicing Korean is crucial to progressing toward fluency, but the type of practice you do is just as key.

This is especially true …

Want to Learn Korean? Think Like a K-pop Star!


Unless you’ve got some seriously sweet dance moves and a radio-ready voice, you probably don’t think you have much in common with Korean superstars like PSY, BoA and Rain.

Well, if you’re a Korean student, you actually share a

8 Simple Steps That Will Improve Your Korean Language Skills Forever


Feel like you’re hanging on for dear life?

Learning Korean can often feel like an arduous climb.

Even once you’ve managed to get started, you may get frustrated when you seem to be struggling and not making much progress.…

7 Chill Ways to Experience Korean Immersion Right at Home


Close your eyes and imagine that you’re completely surrounded by Korean language and culture.

Where are you? Are you in downtown Seoul? At a famous historic site like Gyeongbokgung Palace?

Now imagine this: The place where you’re surrounded by Korean