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Korean Pronunciation 101: Your One-stop Guide to Sounding More Native

korean pronunciation

The great philosopher Chris Tucker once said, “Do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth?

Perhaps the most common fear among language learners is the possibility of humiliating oneself in front of a native …

Gentle Advice: 10 Ways to Improve Your Korean Speaking


Yelling at someone to help them speak seems counter-intuitive.

And yet there’s so much yelly “advice” out there for learning to speak a foreign language.

“You just have to go to the country! There’s no other way!”

To …

Step by Step: 6 Steps to Learning the Korean Language

how to learn korean language

Teaching yourself Korean is a tad more complicated than your deep connections with each and every member of BTS.

But if you want to learn Korean without the intimidation factor, the entire process can be broken down into just

6 Gosh Darn Good Reasons Why You Should Learn Korean


Why Korean?

Your brain may not immediately light up with a good answer to this question.

Whether you’re considering learning Korean yourself or being questioned by someone else about your choice to learn the language, you may find yourself at

The Korean Accent Guide: Learning the Rhythm and Rhyme


Feeling stuck in your efforts to speak Korean?

Despite having already garnered a good chunk of Korean vocabulary in your studies?

There are few things quite as awkward as knowing exactly what to say in a foreign language, only …

How to Learn Korean Grammar Without Tearing Your Hair Out


Perhaps you’ve always dreamed of traveling to see the bright lights of Seoul.

Or befriending Koreans on the beautiful beaches of Jeju Island.

Perhaps you want to be able to sing along fluently to your favorite K-pop songs.

Or …

Easy as ABC: Learn to Read the Korean Alphabet in 3 Simple Steps


Imagine walking around Seoul.

Hopping on the metro without a moment’s hesitation.

Glancing at the signs on your way to your destination.

Passing a restaurant and thinking, “ooh yes, that’s exactly what I’d like to eat for lunch…”

Imagine …