Want the Best Korean Learning Books? Here Are 8 You Don’t Want to Miss


Want to speed up your Korean learning?

You know, so you can get to the juicy parts faster.

The parts which often tie into your motivations for learning Korean in the first place: to better understand a fascinating …

Looking for a Great Blog to Teach You Korean? Here Are 6!


Looking for great blogs to teach you Korean?

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Blogs are also good for guidance if independent study is your method of choice.

After …

5 Must-visit Websites for Learning Authentic Korean Online


Learning a new language is a fun, challenging and incredibly rewarding experience.

And as it turns out—you’ve also probably heard this one before—Korean is one of the most difficult languages for English speakers to learn.

Or is

7 Best Movies to Learn Real Korean Effectively


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Embrace Freedom: Try These 7 Independent Ways to Teach Yourself Korean


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Welcome to all beginner, intermediate and advanced Korean learners who’ve found their way here!

First off, congratulationsYou’re in for a fun adventure.

Second, know this: You’ve

I Want to Learn Korean… Now What? 3 Steps to Get Started


Korean is such a cool language to learn!

Not only is the written script one of the easiest to learn, but the language will open doors to a culture unlike any other.

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