7 Best Movies to Learn Real Korean Effectively


Want to completely boost your Korean to the next level?

Well close that textbook and sit back, because you’re in for a really wonderful treat.

One of the best ways to learn Korean is through movies.

And the cool …

Embrace Freedom: Try These 5 Independent Ways to Teach Yourself Korean


So, you’re ready to begin learning Korean on your own.

Welcome, to all beginner, intermediate and advanced Korean learners who’ve found their way here!

First off, congratulationsYou’re in for a fun adventure.

Second, know this: You’ve

I Want to Learn Korean… Now What? 3 Steps to Get Started


Korean is such a cool language to learn!

Not only is the written script one of the easiest to learn, but the language will open doors to a culture unlike any other.

From addictive Korean dramas and catchy K-pop …