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Top Korean Movies: 20 Can’t-miss Films to Watch in 2020


There’s a rampaging zombie on your train!

Quick, what’s your plan?!

Plus, your country’s at war, and the guy you’re about to shoot at looks just like your long-lost brother.

Are you still going to pull the trigger?

And, wait—you’ve …

For You, My Love: 9 Korean Terms of Endearment and a Dozen Roses


You never thought it was going to happen.

Not in this lifetime, or the next.

But, it has…

You worked up the confidence to approach your crush, and now you have a native-speaking Korean paramour!

Now, you’d like to …

Sweet Studies: 100+ Deliciously Easy Korean Words All Beginners Should Know


If every Korean word were a sweet, this post would be an entire candy store.

In other words, this post is the motherload of Korean vocabulary.

Here, you’ll get a summarized view of the language and get the most

Hurry Up and Learn Hangul: The Quick and Easy Guide to the Korean Alphabet


Are you tired of feeling like a confused deer when looking at those inscrutable Korean characters?

Do you want to end the tyranny of wholly depending on Romanizations?

Well then, this post is perfect for you!

You’ll finally get to…

Interested in Self-guided Korean Lessons? This Program Is All You’ll Need


Language learning is an adventure and like any good adventure, it’s full of dangerous pitfalls.

Have you fallen into the trap of overlooking your listening comprehension practice until it’s too late?

Did you get ensnared in the tangled tendrils of …

Korean Immersion Online: 17 Free and Almost Free Resources for Learners


Many language learners look at “immersion” the wrong way.

They think that it’s all about going to the country where the language is spoken.

They have this idea that if you surround yourself with native-level content, then you’ll simply …

Learn Korean with YouTube for Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced Learners


Some superpowers are overrated.

A fear of heights might keep you from using your flying abilities.

Your power of invisibility could get super annoying when you’re trying to get the barista’s attention to order your venti mocha.

But there’s one …