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Netflix and Thrill: The 15 Most Exciting Korean Movies on Netflix


Order a pizza.

Stay at home, in your warm pajamas. Leave all that club partying for others.

Tonight, it will be just you… and all those Korean movies on Netflix.

Netflix is home to an impressive array of Korean

Korean Drama Apps: 6 Tools for Binge-watching Your Favorite Shows




Plot twists.

Swoon-worthy stars like Lee Min-ho and Ji-hyun Jun.

There are about a million reasons to love Korean dramas.

In fact, we’ll give you one more reason: Thanks to Korean drama apps, you can now

Famous K-pop Songs: 7 Hot Tunes for Studying Korean




Wonder Girls.

These aren’t just the names of famous K-pop groups. They’re also fantastic resources for you to learn Korean.

By learning Korean through famous K-pop songs, those icons will become your own personal …

KakaoTalk: 7 Ways to Use It to Learn the Korean Language


What’s as Korean as hamburgers are American, Oktoberfest is German and the Eiffel Tower is French?


KakaoTalk is the leading messenger app in South Korea.

It’s ubiquitous there.

South Koreans do practically everything on it—talk to friends, …

More Feeling! 5 Spots for Korean Drama Scripts in Hangul


Want to learn lines that’ll make a native Korean speaker swoon?

Want to know funny and witty comebacks for conversing with your Korean friends?

Want to learn the language in a way that mixes both its written and spoken

How to Start Reading Korean Webtoons on Your Phone Right Now


This could be the day.

This could be the day you realize reading comics really can change your life for the better.

Because today we’re diving into Korean webtoons.

As it turns out, webtoons aren’t just a convenient format …

7 Talk Shows for a Korean Learning Party on Your TV


Hey there, Korean language learner!

Would you like to know your K-pop idol’s innermost thoughts?

Would you like to hear their darkest, best-kept secrets?

And, while you’re at it, learn Korean on the side?

I give you, Korean talk