Learn Japanese with 15 YouTube Channels You Don’t Wanna Miss


YouTube is good for so much more than quick fame and/or embarrassment.

You can use YouTube to tickle your funny bone.

You can use it to master a delicious recipe.

You can even use it try to master the latest …

Tiny but Mighty: Use Japanese Particles Like a Pro


Particles are like flavors.

It’s not much use having an espresso shot of hazelnut or vanilla if you don’t have a coffee to mix it with.

Furthermore, while vanilla coffee and hazelnut coffee are both still coffees, they’ve also become …

Why Saying “I Want to Learn Japanese” Won’t Help You and How to Set Good Goals


I became a vegetarian in high school but that all changed about two days after arriving in Japan. I realized that it would be a sin to spend an entire year in the country without trying sushi, so I did.…

Umm… 12 Japanese Filler Words That Are, That Is, Super Useful

japanese filler words

How often do you say “like” when you’re speaking to a friend? What about “um”?

These little space-fillers are called filler words, and they’re extremely useful for maintaining the flow of a sentence.

So, as a Japanese learner, you may

Kanji Mnemonics, or How to Learn Kanji by Picturing Grandma Doing a Headstand

kanji mnemonics

Nothing could’ve prepared you for this.

Your grandmother, all 93 years of the woman, is balanced upside down on a solid ivory pedestal. Her mouth is at the base of the pedestal and her elbows are swaying back and forth …

11 Top-notch Japanese Translators for Language Learners


Let’s be honest with ourselves here: Sometimes, we’re all a bit lazy.

We cancel plans to go out because we have a couch, a blanket, Netflix and a cat waiting for us after work.

We text somebody who’s literally in …

Japanese Present Tense to Discuss Current Happenings with Confidence


Boy do we have a gift for you—a Japanese one, to be precise.

We’ll be teaching you how to use the present tense in Japanese!

What, did you think we’d give you a お土産(おみやげ)— a charm often bought as …