Learn the Japanese Language Online with 10 Remarkable Resources

learn japanese language online

Who needs a classroom, anyway?

If you want to learn the Japanese language but don’t want to spend the gas and tuition money to go to a traditional Japanese class, you’re not alone.

What’s better than learning a new

Japanese Phonetics and the Power of Pronunciation

japanese phonetics

Let me set the scene: Japanese class, second semester. Small university in the middle of nowhere. A meter of snow.

The semester had just started, so my 10 classmates and I were arranged in horseshoe formation around the teacher, who …

The Japanese Future Tense, or How to Fake It


Welcome to the future, where everyone drives a flying car and spends summer vacation on a different planet.

Or maybe not. What do I know? I’m not a fortune teller and I have no idea what the future holds.

I …

Learn Japanese with 6 Essential YouTube Channels for Beginners Through Advanced


Sometimes, sitting in class and listening to a staged mother-daughter conversation on audio cassette can definitely feel a little “20th century.”

And if the only native speaker you otherwise listen to on the reg is your 先生 (せんせい) — teacher,…

Make Japanese Friends Online and Go Beyond Language Exchange


“Blasphemy” is the word Vera chose to describe the fact that I’d only just finished Harry Potter at the age of 24.

The impact of this strong word was notably lessened by the fact that she pronounced it as “blas-PAY-me” …

Japan Study Abroad: 10 Tips to Prepare and Experience a Stress-free Trip


Studying abroad in Japan can be an amazing, life-changing experience.

But it can also be daunting. How do you get ready? What steps do you need to take? Did you pack everything you will need!?

You can keep questions like …

Japanese TV Apps for Android for All Your Bingeing Needs

japanese tv app android

Don’t you just wish you could pack your TV and take it with you wherever you go?

Oh wait, you can.

Android devices have some pretty awesome television apps.

This is terrible news if you’re guilty of binge-watching your favorite …