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Celebrate Japanese Christmas! Fun Facts and Essential Vocab for a Meri Kurisumasu

merry christmas in japanese

The holidays are finally here! Gather around the Christmas tree for some Kentucky Fried Chicken and cake!

Wait a minute… KFC and cake?

That’s right, Christmas in Japan is a bit different than what you may be used to.

There …

“Happy Birthday” in Japanese: Your Guide to Celebrating Like a Native

happy birthday in Japanese

It’s celebration time!

Put on your party hat and go wish someone a happy birthday—in Japanese!

…But wait a minute, are you sure you know how to?

Japanese is a language that places emphasis on relationships and politeness.

That …

To Each Their Own! Your One-stop Guide to Nanori in Japanese


Remember the guy who changed his legal name to Captain Awesome?

Or the little girl with the name “Moxie CrimeFighter?”

Those are pretty bizarre names.

…But guess what?

 漢字(かんじ) — kanji can form extraordinary names, too!

And …

It Is, I Am and More: Solving the Mystery of the Meaning of Desu

desu meaning

Have you ever found yourself struggling to end your sentences with a bang?

Like a “bang” that screams “I’m a grammar guru?”

Or perhaps you’ve been listening to native Japanese speakers’ sentences and realize that you hear a certain word …

Say Thank You Like You Mean It! 20 Phrases for Saying Thank You in Japanese

thank you in japanese

If you’ve ever been stuck on the crowded trains of Tokyo, you know the relief of being offered a seat (though it rarely happens!).

So when somebody is nice enough to give your aching legs a rest, what would you …

The Ultimate Kanji Flashcards to Kick Your Kanji Up a Notch

kanji flashcards

Unlike written English, which uses a mere 24 letters, kanji is made up of 2,000 commonly used characters.

As a Japanese language learner, mistakes are totally understandable, but can be nonetheless embarrassing—especially when a few missed strokes can …

The More the Merrier! Master the Plural in Japanese with Simple Grammar Techniques

plural in japanese

“Do you like reading manga?”

First of all, yes! I do.

But why do we ask people if they like reading “manga” and not “mangas”?

I’ll give you a hint: It’s the same reason we call them emoji and not