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11 Terrific Japanese Translators Learners Should Know About


Let’s be honest with ourselves here: Sometimes, we’re all a bit lazy.

We cancel plans to go out because we have a couch, a blanket, Netflix and a cat waiting for us after work.

We text somebody who’s literally in …

Learn the Japanese Language Online with 10 Remarkable Resources

learn japanese language online

Who needs a classroom, anyway?

If you want to learn the Japanese language but don’t want to spend the gas and tuition money to go to a traditional Japanese class, you’re not alone.

What’s better than learning a new

Japanese TV Apps for Android for All Your Bingeing Needs

japanese tv app android

Don’t you just wish you could pack your TV and take it with you wherever you go?

Oh wait, you can.

Android devices have some pretty awesome television apps.

This is terrible news if you’re guilty of binge-watching your favorite …

5 Japanese Grammar Checkers to Get You Over That Learning Hump

japanese grammar checker

Learning grammar is always tricky, isn’t it?

Even when you were learning your native language growing up, grammar probably presented some serious roadblocks here and there.

According to some, Americans still suck at English grammar!

If native speakers can’t …

Type to Learn: The 5 Best Japanese Keyboards for Android Devices Students Will Love


You know that feeling when you’re trying to find that perfect app and nothing quite does the trick?

You might shrug ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ and say it just can’t be helped.

Wait, what’s that? You happen to be looking for an awesome

Excuse You: How to Say Sorry in Japanese with 17 Expressions

how to say sorry in japanese

One of the most important phrases you can learn in any language is a genuine apology.

Imagine traveling to a different country and accidentally offending someone or making a small but substantial mistake. It happens! Social norms are so different …

36 Japanese Weather Vocabulary Words to Know, Come Rain or Shine


Whether you’re a spring bunny or a polar bear, there’s one aspect of the weather everyone can agree on: it makes a great ice-breaker.

Awkward silence? Mention the storm coming in.

Not sure what to say on the phone to …