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The Beginner’s Guide to Learning Japanese Reading: From Kana to Novels

learn japanese reading 2

Reading is an extremely important part of learning a new language.

And when a particular language’s writing system is completely different from one’s native language, finding great resources for reading is a necessity.

Luckily, there are a ton of resources …

An Honest Review of JapanesePod101: Is It Right for You?


If you’ve ever attempted to learn Japanese online, chances are you’ve heard of JapanesePod101.

JapanesePod101, by Innovative Language, is one of the most well-known Japanese learning programs out there. It utilizes video and audio lessons, vocabulary lists and more …

The MEXT Scholarship: Absolutely Everything You Need to Know


Who doesn’t dream of studying abroad?

You get to travel, see the world, learn new things and meet new people, all while getting an education at a reputable school. If you’re a Japanese language student, what better way to get …

Umm… 12 Japanese Filler Words That Are, That Is, Super Useful

japanese filler words

How often do you say “like” when you’re speaking to a friend? What about “um”?

These little space-fillers are called filler words, and they’re extremely useful for maintaining the flow of a sentence.

So, as a Japanese learner, you may

11 Top-notch Japanese Translators for Language Learners


Let’s be honest with ourselves here: Sometimes, we’re all a bit lazy.

We cancel plans to go out because we have a couch, a blanket, Netflix and a cat waiting for us after work.

We text somebody who’s literally in …

Learn the Japanese Language Online with 10 Remarkable Resources

learn japanese language online

Who needs a classroom, anyway?

If you want to learn the Japanese language but don’t want to spend the gas and tuition money to go to a traditional Japanese class, you’re not alone.

What’s better than learning a new

Japanese TV Apps for Android for All Your Bingeing Needs

japanese tv app android

Don’t you just wish you could pack your TV and take it with you wherever you go?

Oh wait, you can.

Android devices have some pretty awesome television apps.

This is terrible news if you’re guilty of binge-watching your favorite …