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Mysteries and Misconceptions: 8 Interesting Facts About the Japanese Language


Put the kettle on and settle down in your comfiest chair.

It’s time for a 休憩 (きゅうけい) — break.

Here at FluentU, we write a lot of articles to help you improve your fluency in whatever language you’re interested in.…

5 Advanced Japanese Lessons Online for Native-level Fluency


It’s been a long road, but you’ve finally made it.

You’re officially an advanced Japanese learner.

The journey has probably been a difficult one but ultimately incredibly rewarding.

Celebrate! Be proud of yourself! Far too many don’t get to …

Learn Japanese with Audiobooks: 5 Books (and 3 Resources) to Freshen Up Your Japanese


Is the act of reading a good book finally dying out?

We firmly believe that it isn’t.

However, we definitely can see why curling up with a good book is a bit harder to manage nowadays.

Between work, school and …

Binge-Watch for Fluency: Learn Japanese with YouTube Using These 4 Tips


YouTube isn’t just a place to watch people eat copious amounts of food or play video games.

It’s also a fantastic resource for learning a new language.

We’re not just talking about watching Japanese lessons on YouTube, either (though …

Now What?! 6 Intermediate Japanese Courses for Focused Learning Beyond the Basics


Nobody likes to be stuck in the middle.

Middle school? Middle of a work shift? Middle seat in the back of a car?

No thanks.

And nothing makes you feel stuck in the middle like being an intermediate language learner

What’s a Weasel’s Last Fart?! 10 Funny Japanese Proverbs for Everyday Situations


You know what they say!

The best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

And the best way to teach someone a valuable lesson is with a quirky proverb.

What is it about idioms and proverbs that find …

Watch Japanese Anime for Every Language Level with These 12 Top Anime Picks


Let’s make a pretty bold guess here:

Did getting hooked on アニメ (あにめ) — anime make you want to learn Japanese?

There’s no shame in that. In fact, anime’s been a gateway for Westerners becoming interested in Japanese culture for …