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10 Hilarious Japanese Comedy Shows for Language Lessons While You Laugh


Let’s not kid around.

Japanese comedy can be… strange.

But in a good way.

There’s not much else like it and Western comedy really can’t match the ironic surrealism of Japan’s token comedy styles.

If you’re a Westerner who …

Learn Japanese Today with These 10 Fantastic Free Apps


Everything is better when you don’t have to leave the house.

Work, food, parties, language learning.

So what can you do to minimize your no-pajama-wearing time and still learn Japanese?

You might already be learning with courses, classes and …

Japanese Greetings: 21 for Engaging with Natives on the Fly


Confession: I have a crush on a Japanese man.

Well, not a crush exactly.

More like an intense reverence for his music and talents.

I first saw this gentleman perform in his band at a venue a few years …

So Kawaii! 17 Cute Japanese Words That Are Fun to Say


It’s in anime.

It’s on Japanese television.

Even some of our Western admirers have appropriated it.

Yep, we’re talking about 可愛い (かわいい) — “cute,” known phonetically as “kawaii.”

Whether you’ve been learning Japanese for years or just have a …