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Daily Japanese Lessons for Busy People: 6 Resources for Any Schedule


Doing anything on a daily basis can be hard.

Adhering to a strict skincare routine? Good luck on Friday night.

Eating healthy? Maybe for a few days, but then the craving for a pizza kicks in with a vengeance.

Hitting …

Learn Japanese with Romaji and Skip the Kana Confusion

learn japanese romaji

Learning the Japanese writing system can seem as difficult as successfully deciphering a toddler’s drawing: Nothing you have learned this far prepares you for it, and making a mistake can have drastic consequences.

Japanese writing looks completely different from English …

Is Japanese Hard to Learn? A Look at Both Sides of the Equation


Japanese is a pretty incredible language.

It sounds pretty. It’s a unique language. It has words that don’t even exist in English.

And yet, when some people consider learning Japanese head-on, they quickly get spooked away. It’s no …

8 Authentic Japanese Resources for Learning the Language Naturally


Who doesn’t love browsing Instagram and watching videos?

When you’re relaxing and killing time, there’s nothing better than binge-watching your favorite YouTuber’s videos with a bowl of popcorn in bed.

But instead of spending hours perfecting your makeup game …

12 Tips and Resources to Learn Spoken Japanese and Start Communicating Today


You’re a social butterfly.

You don’t have time to study thousands of kanji or obsess over the use of every Japanese punctuation mark.

You just want to learn how to speak Japanese, so you can get right into …

Let’s Go to the Zoo! 40 Japanese Animal Words to Liven Up Your Vocabulary


We talk about animals a lot more than we realize.

We have our lion’s share of animal idioms, we give humans animal characteristics and we gush about our pets.

Maybe you watch adorable cat Vine compilation videos online. If …

12 Japanese Punctuation Marks to Put Some Pep into Your Writing


Have you ever wondered what that weird little circle is at the ends of Japanese sentences?

Are you lost in the sea of parentheses and brackets sprinkled into the Japanese text on websites and social media?

What do all