Kana, Kanji, Go! Learn to Read Japanese in 3 Steps



あなたはこれを読めますか?(あなたは これをよめますか?)

Okay, okay—maybe I’m getting ahead of myself.

You’re coming here to learn Japanese reading, right? So the above might not look like anything comprehensible yet.

But I can assure you that by the time you’re done …

Binge-Watch for Fluency: Learn Japanese with YouTube Using These 4 Tips


YouTube isn’t just a place to watch people eat copious amounts of food or play video games.

It’s also a fantastic resource for learning a new language.

We’re not just talking about watching Japanese lessons on YouTube, either (though …

Now What?! 6 Intermediate Japanese Courses for Focused Learning Beyond the Basics


Nobody likes to be stuck in the middle.

Middle school? Middle of a work shift? Middle seat in the back of a car?

No thanks.

And nothing makes you feel stuck in the middle like being an intermediate language learner

Learn Japanese with Instagram: 20+ Sugoi Accounts You Should Follow Today!


Beautiful photographs.

Funny, interesting captions.

Fascinating glimpses into the lives of people around the world.

Hashtags galore.

There’s just something about Instagram that makes it irresistible.

In fact, you might find yourself tapping to open Instagram instead of your favorite …

What’s a Weasel’s Last Fart?! 10 Funny Japanese Proverbs for Everyday Situations


You know what they say!

The best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

And the best way to teach someone a valuable lesson is with a quirky proverb.

What is it about idioms and proverbs that find …

Watch Japanese Anime for Every Language Level with These 12 Top Anime Picks


Let’s make a pretty bold guess here:

Did getting hooked on アニメ (あにめ) — anime make you want to learn Japanese?

There’s no shame in that. In fact, anime’s been a gateway for Westerners becoming interested in Japanese culture for …

5 Common Types of Japanese Mistakes (and How to Correct Them!)


It’s a trap!

Yes, you’ve encountered another one of those sneaky little tricksters in the Japanese language.

The ones that lure us learners in every once in a while.

They might be parts of Japanese grammar that seem weird to