How to Say “I Love You” in Japanese: 11 Ways to Spread the Love


Love is in the air!

Yell it loud and proud!

Express it with romantic phrases!

Isn’t love wonderful?

Maybe you’re planning to drop the L-bomb to a beloved who speaks Japanese. Or perhaps you simply want to broaden …

How to Say Hello in Japanese: 24 Greetings That Go Beyond Konnichiwa


Human beings greet each other a lot.

We greet our significant others in the morning, our friends and coworkers during the day and new people when we go out to parties or other events.

We greet the people who …

10 Advanced Japanese Words to Memorize for the JLPT N1 and Fluency


You might never need to use the word “defenestration” in a sentence, but it sure is a great word to know, right?

Japanese also has words like this: slightly more difficult and obscure, but definitely good to know.…

5 Websites with Japanese Word Games You Can Play for Free


Who doesn’t love playing a good game?

Games provide us with a way to escape from reality and to have some fun during our downtime.

But believe it or not, games can also be great teachers.

Learning with games—especially …

It’s Super Effective! Learn Japanese with Pokémon


You’re addicted.

You can’t stop until you…

“Catch ‘Em All.”

That’s right: Pokémon.

There are so many of them! They’re waiting for you near waterfalls, taunting you from the tall grass, leering at you in dark caves.

If you’ve played …

Learn Anime Vocabulary: 3 Beginner-friendly Ways to Learn Japanese from Anime


Choose a topic. Any topic.

Science? There’s an anime about that.

Introverts? Yep, there’s an anime about those.

A girl who turns tiny and literally becomes her crush’s right hand? You’d better believe there’s an anime about that

8 Interesting Facts About the Japanese Language You Didn’t Know


Put the kettle on and settle down in your comfiest chair.

It’s time for a 休憩 (きゅうけい) — break.

Here at FluentU, we write a lot of articles to help you improve your fluency in whatever language you’re interested in.…