The MEXT Scholarship: Absolutely Everything You Need to Know


Who doesn’t dream of studying abroad?

You get to travel, see the world, learn new things and meet new people, all while getting an education at a reputable school. If you’re a Japanese language student, what better way to get …

16 Authentic Japanese Resources for Learning Real-world Skills


Designer sunglasses are usually better constructed than cheap knockoff specks.

Movie remakes are rarely as good as the originals.

Sushi from a restaurant probably tastes better than the sushi from your neighborhood gas station.

So it should come as no …

Learn Japanese with 15 YouTube Channels You Don’t Wanna Miss


YouTube is good for so much more than quick fame and/or embarrassment.

You can use YouTube to tickle your funny bone.

You can use it to master a delicious recipe.

You can even use it try to master the latest …

Tiny but Mighty: Use Japanese Particles Like a Pro


Particles are like flavors.

It’s not much use having an espresso shot of hazelnut or vanilla if you don’t have a coffee to mix it with.

Furthermore, while vanilla coffee and hazelnut coffee are both still coffees, they’ve also become …

Why Saying “I Want to Learn Japanese” Won’t Help You and How to Set Good Goals


I became a vegetarian in high school but that all changed about two days after arriving in Japan. I realized that it would be a sin to spend an entire year in the country without trying sushi, so I did.…

Umm… 12 Japanese Filler Words That Are, That Is, Super Useful

japanese filler words

How often do you say “like” when you’re speaking to a friend? What about “um”?

These little space-fillers are called filler words, and they’re extremely useful for maintaining the flow of a sentence.

So, as a Japanese learner, you may

Kanji Mnemonics, or How to Learn Kanji by Picturing Grandma Doing a Headstand

kanji mnemonics

Nothing could’ve prepared you for this.

Your grandmother, all 93 years of the woman, is balanced upside down on a solid ivory pedestal. Her mouth is at the base of the pedestal and her elbows are swaying back and forth …