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16+ Essential Japanese Gestures, Plus Body Language to Avoid


Have you ever tried to speak Japanese over the phone?

It’s not any easier than speaking to someone face to face, is it?

In fact, it can be much more difficult.

When you can’t read a person’s face and …

The Top 6 Classic Japanese Movies for Language Learners


When was the last time you watched a movie made before 2010?

What about a movie in a language other than English?

Oh man, you’re missing out!

Japan has a wonderful, rich filmmaking history. Some of the greatest …

29 Genius Japanese Idioms That All Learners Should Know


Have you ever come across an odd Japanese phrase that just makes… no sense whatsoever?

You think you understand what all the individual words in the phrase mean—but that meaning doesn’t seem to mean anything.

This is a ridiculously common …

How to Learn Japanese Just by Watching Videos


In Japan, there’s a proverb: “継続は力なり” (けいぞくはちからなり).

It means “in anything you do, persevering every day will reap rewards.”

What I love about this idea is that it doesn’t proclaim that we must take enormous steps or knock down significant …

Novel Idea! 5 Classic Japanese Books for an Authentic Reading Experience


Ready to go on an adventure to another place and time?

To be transported to Heian or Meiji Era Japan?

Even if you’re dying to read a full-on Japanese novel, it’s okay if the answer is still “not quite yet.”…

Your Virtual Classroom: 5 Japanese Language Labs for Learning Anytime, Anywhere


Unless you are studying Japanese full-time at school or university, chances are that your language learning is primarily driven by self-study.

There are many benefits to this, such as having the freedom to create your own study plan, …

What Is Manga? 5 Crazy Cool Japanese Comic Books You’ve Got to Know


Who didn’t love comic books as a kid?

Well, thanks to your need to study Japanese, you can love comic books again!

Manga, Japanese comic books, spans across all genres and appeal to audiences of all ages and stages.…