5 Fresh Reasons to Learn German This Fall

5 reasons learn german fall

Fall is the perfect season to start learning the powerhouse language of Europe.

First and foremost, you’ve got to get yourself ready for Oktoberfest in Munich.

But the value of learning German isn’t just seasonal. 

If you’re headed back to …

13 Great Apps to Learn German Like a Boss

the top 13 apps to learn german like a boss

Studying German and mobile devices are a match made in heaven.

They give you access to cutting-edge German podcasts and must-read blogs.

You can watch German Youtube channels on the go. Or movies. Or TV shows.

Hell, …

German Listening Practice: 6 Authentic Resources to Train Your Ears

german listening practice 6 authentic resources train ears

You’re working through a book, you’re memorizing your adjective endings and you’re getting the hang of der, die, das. But can you understand the things you hear?

Where can you find authentic German recordings from native speakers, spoken at …

The Big Scoop: Top Resources for Learning German Through the News

learning german news

Could following current events in German strengthen your language skills?

Tune in tonight at 6 to learn the shocking truth.

Nah, we won’t make you wait.

The answer is obvious: the news is a fantastic tool for any language learner, …

2 Simple Steps to Always Get German Adjective Endings Right

kid school

German language learners understand, better than anyone, the old expression: “the devil is in the details.”

The devil seems to be alive and well in German adjective endings.

Correct adjective endings seem like small details, but they are critical to

11 Must-watch YouTube Channels for Learning German

learn german youtube

Hey, you.

Diligently searching the Internet for educational German resources?

That’s great.

Now, I want you to give into the dark side – the one which is begging for you to procrastinate by fooling around on the Internet.

This list

Top 20 Places in Germany You’ve Got to Visit


When I say, “Germany,” what’s the first thing that pops into your mind?

Beer? Sausage? Lederhosen?

Yeah, yeah. That’s what I thought you’d say.

Despite being a modern political giant which has undeniably shaped the course of human history, …