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5 Easy German Short Stories to Boost Your Learning


What we learn with the heart is seldom forgotten.

And short stories can make that happen for your German.

Reading creations from great writers is simply good for the soul, and the German language has thousands to choose from

6 Advanced German Vocabulary Lists That Cover Literature, Law, Politics, Society and More


As advanced as your German skills might be, you will never really outgrow lists.

They are effective because they are so wonderfully simple.

And, after all, there is always more vocabulary to be learned—even for lifelong native speakers

Have You Ever Read a Bilingual German-English Book? You’ve Gotta Check Out This Fresh Way to Learn!


Wish there were some sort of “training wheels” to help you learn to read in German?

Look no further!

Bilingual books will forever change the way you learn German.

More than anything in the world, reading great bilingual …

10 Simple Shortcuts to Get Online German Tutoring

german tutor online

Have you ever felt like your classroom teacher was focusing on something unnecessary or uninteresting?

Are you sick of running around to have the class schedule fit into yours?

That can all be over now.

You are officially free. Welcome

Don’t Settle! Read What You Love in German on These 9 Websites

read in german

Reading provides access to a Weltanschauung (worldview) rooted in both language and culture.

The moment you’re able to read in a new language, your whole universe expands.

Languages shape thought. Once you master a language, you’ve mastered a new way …

Onwards and Upwards: Navigating the Climb to Advanced German Grammar and Fluency


If your native language is English, German grammar can seem like Mount Everest during a blizzard.

A worthy challenge, yet few would dare.

As a confident speaker of six other languages, I still found German tremendously complex.

Anecdotally, I’ve heard …

Where to Download German Songs Online, Plus 7 Catchy Tunes to Get You Grooving

download german songs

Let’s play a quick little game, which I like to call “gimme five.”

I’ll say a topic, and you shout the first five words that come to your head, which fit in that category. (Go ahead and play in German …