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The Top 34 French YouTube Channels for Learning French in 2024

Already bored of the French you started learning not so long ago?

Whatever your language woes, the solution is simple: Why don’t you begin enjoying content on YouTube? 

The quality of French lessons can vary a lot, but don’t worry, we’re here to help!

Below you’ll find the 34 best YouTube channels to learn French, from mega-popular language instructors to unique sources of native-level French and more.


Language Learning French YouTube Channels

1. FrenchPod101

FrenchPod101 specifically designs its videos to be informative but entertaining. The videos are presented by engaging native speakers and French experts.

This channel is a smart place to start your YouTube French learning, because it’ll give you the foundations, but you can also stick with it as you advance towards fluency.

Head to the playlists page to see all their series for different levels and learning goals. There are tons of videos covering the basics, including vocabulary, cultural insights and study tips.

2. Learn French with Alexa

Alexa is someone you warm to immediately. Her French lessons win top marks for fun as they have a rich vein of humor running through them. It’s another great place to start!

All of the lessons involve Alexa speaking straight to the camera and her words are accompanied by subtitles in French. Her teaching style is engaging and she naturally slips in the English explanations as she goes along.

Alexa also occasionally does livestreams where she’ll answer your French questions live!

3. lingoni FRENCH

Videos on this channel are tied to activities and lessons in the Lingoni French app, but they can also be used on their own as a method of study.

Playlists are divided into various levels, and topics include grammar tutorials and common French vocabulary and expressions.

There is a mix of French and English instruction, though French becomes more dominant as learners grow in their proficiency of the language with the B1 (intermediate) level videos.

4. Comme une Française

Comme une Française (Like a French Person) teaches you to speak French… well, like a French person!

Using English as a medium of instruction, Comme une française is less focused on French grammar and more on vocabulary and tips for sounding more French.

This channel is focused on French as it’s actually spoken with many videos talking about pronunciation and slang. In addition to these tips, there are also two playlists focusing on French literature.

5. YouLearnFrench

YouLearnFrench focuses on vocabulary for beginners with quizzes, tests, songs and sample dialogues. 

It’s a great series of videos for beginners because it guides you to French improvement step-by-step. The videos are organized by topic, from the most-used French adjectives to super-specific stuff like Olympics vocabulary.

The graphics might not be your cup of tea, but they’re straightforward and often only a few minutes long, so it’s easy to squeeze in some practice anywhere in your day.

6. Learn French with Frencheezi

Learn French with Frencheezi (pronounced “French Easy”) is a YouTube channel run by Cindy, a native French speaker and French teacher from France. 

These videos focus on grammar, pronunciation and a mix of expressions to improve your French speaking. The teaching style is a bit direct and Cindy gives explanations in English. 

Each video also includes a few comprehension questions to reinforce what’s been covered in the video itself. There are also videos on French pronunciation. 

7. Learn French By Suchita

This French learning channel is run by Suchita, an experienced French language teacher. These videos present common vocabulary and grammar in a classroom setting.

Originally created for Indian learners of French, there are also videos for learning and practicing French pronunciation and vocabulary for all kinds of words which anyone can benefit from. 

Suchita also does videos for DELF test preparation, so if you plan on certifying your level of French with that official exam, these videos would be a great addition to your French learning routine.

8. Love Learning Languages

If you like the idea of seeing a teacher explain something to you face-to-face, this may be the channel for you. 

Jennifer uses a whiteboard as she explains in-depth grammar, writing words on the board when necessary. Her presentation are detailed and clear, with lots of examples. 

She also does some videos on exercises or language challenges for you to practice even more. Every learner is different, but if you thrive in a traditional classroom setting, this may be a good resource for you.

9. Language City

While many of Language City’s videos focus on conversational French, there are also dozens of videos for learning French for beginners.

They go beyond a basic haul of stock vocabulary and phrases—there’s a concentration on slang, idiomatic expressions and common verbs.

Videos from Language City are presented in English with native pronunciations of spoken French. Each video is short, often under five minutes.

10. Tarik Elamari

The Tarik Elamari YouTube Channel features over 340 dialogues in French.

These can be a great supplement to your other French learning methods. Even if the graphics aren’t your thing, it’s a good option for seeing how sentences and conversations are constructed. 

The videos vary in length and have built-in French transcriptions. English translations aren’t very common for this channel, so they would be helpful for once you have a solid foundation in the French already. 

Learning Channels Completely in French

11. Easy French

Easy French uses real conversations with native French speakers to teach the language. There are built-in transcriptions and translations, so the subtitles are always accurate and clear.

Each video focuses on a topic such as food, travel or French culture and then asks random native speakers from a given location to answer some questions related to the topic.

The spoken French in the videos may be fast and have slang or informal language that’s often not taught to beginner French learners. 

12. Français avec Pierre

Français avec Pierre (French with Pierre) explains things in French, so it’s a great option to completely immerse yourself in the language!

French-only audio is a great way to learn useful grammar, vocabulary and tips at the same time. French subtitles are available for all videos and, occasionally, there are ones in English, too. 

In addition to the videos available on the YouTube channel, Français avec Pierre users can access additional learning material on his website, such as exercises, transcripts and in-depth French courses.

13. Français Immersion 

In addition to its immersion approach, Français Immersion (French Immersion) uses humor to teach grammar and typical conversational situations. 

Video topics include shopping, going to the hairdresser, basic verbs, pronunciation and more. They’re often in vlog style, so it’s a great way to learn French for daily life

Better yet, there are almost 70 videos that are part of the “Learn French for Beginners” playlist. Of course they’re all completely in French! 

14. Français Authentique

This channel also believes in teaching French through natural, online immersion. Videos are presented in slow, clear French with corresponding French subtitles.

Learners can access videos about French grammar, intermediate and advanced vocabulary and common French expressions. These videos are great for learners who already have a basis in the French language.

Because of the non-academic nature of these types of videos, they’re fantastic for those who want to hear it in natural contexts spoken by an actual native French speaker. 

15. innerFrench

innerFrench focuses less on teaching grammatical concepts and vocabulary lists and more on understanding spoken French through real life topics.

That means that this channel is completely in French with French subtitles, but the French used is spoken slowly and clearly. It’s at an easy enough level that most learners of French can benefit from it.

Common video topics include tips and tricks for learning French, French culture, history, politics and media

Science and History French YouTube Channels

16. e-penser 2.0

Learn about physics topics, but in French! If you’re a general science fan, this is a channel you’ll probably enjoy watching, but if physics is your thing, then you’ll absolutely love it. 

Though you won’t find as much comedy, it’s still an exquisite learning resource that introduces scientific questions with thorough answers while giving small hints and tips along the way.

They are lengthy clips, lasting anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour—don’t be discouraged though, because the host is very slow, informative, patient and a tad bit repetitive, which allows more room for learning.

17. Linguisticae

Interested in linguistics? Prepare yourself to learn with Romain Filstroff, Linguisticae‘s creator, about everything concerning the history and culture of languages

Some of the topics include the origin of expressions, the Indo-European languages, the evolution of French, the use of languages in wars and so much more!

The further back you go on his videos, the easier it will probably be for you to understand him, since he used to speak at a slower pace than he does now.

18. Nota Bene

Nota Bene is a channel covering world history topics in what feel like small documentaries. 

What could be better than practicing your French while learning about battles, myths, Vikings or even what historical facts “Game of Thrones” is based on? 

As you can expect, there are lots of historical terms in his videos that are not exactly the most common words you’ll hear in day-to-day life, but his speech is nice and clear with some slang here and there to add a humorous tone.

19. DirtyBiology

If biology is what you prefer in terms of topics, then DirtyBiology is the channel for you.

The channel’s creator, Léo, talks about biology topics, with a touch of history and philosophy in there as well. He doesn’t speak particularly fast or in a very colloquial way, but it depends a lot on the video and the tone.

And also, just as in the other cases above, you’re likely to find some technical vocabulary here and there, but if you’re into biology then it will definitely be worth it. 

20. Axolot

Patrick Baud is the creator of Axolot, a quite unique channel where you’ll find videos that include unusual history, curiosities and wonderful content in general.

Language-wise, it’s not the easiest of channels, not because of the speed at which Patrick speaks, but rather due to the higher register of language he tends to use.

In terms of clarity, his voice is great because he speaks both very clearly and in a tone that perfectly fits the narrator role he takes on during his videos.

21. Data Gueule

Just by the name of this channel you should be able to see that it’s not exactly like the others.

At Data Gueule (something like “data in your face”), they try to take a look at all the data we’re all constantly bombarded with and put it into perspective by using lots of graphics and constantly moving images.

The videos are divided into two halves, the first one explaining the facts and the second one including some interviews with relevant people in the domain. The speed and diction of the voice-over is perfect for learners.

22. TEDx talks en Français

For science or linguistics fans, TEDx Talk videos could be very interesting. You can learn academic and scientific words used in these videos, so it’s a good option for intermediate learners

For example,  “Mais comment font-ils pour apprendre une langue?” (“But what do they do to learn a language?”) is a video explaining how babies learn languages. 

You can also check out 70 other TEDx Talks in French and with subtitles!

Humor and Sketch French YouTube Channels

23. Golden Moustache

Golden Moustache is a bit different in the sense that there’s not only one person behind it, but a group of people.

This is a sketch channel, with lots of short films related to a comical situation and a high production value. There are trailers, parodies and mini-series with several episodes. 

Is it difficult to get what they say? It can certainly be a bit challenging. They speak fast, with slang and in a very colloquial way, but French subtitles are there to help you!

24. Palmashow

This channel presents very short, high quality sketches that are similar to SNL (Saturday Night Live).

The acts are hysterical, satirical and burlesque, perfect for learners who want to pick up original French talk and expression, but never have the time.

The creators like to play with puns. You might feel a little lost at first, but the brevity of each video gives you an advantage: you’ll be better able to memorize words, phrases and even entire skits (if that’s your thing).

25. Parole de chat

This channel, which translates as “Word of a cat,” is truly one of the gems of French learning. Did you know your cat can teach you French?

This YouTube channel features hilarious cat videos with French voice-overs so it looks like the cats (and sometimes other animals!) are speaking French. Plus, all their videos have English subtitles, so even beginners can enjoy the fun.

For more subtitled videos, you can also try out FluentU.

FluentU takes authentic videos—like music videos, movie trailers, news and inspiring talks—and turns them into personalized language learning lessons.

You can try FluentU for free for 2 weeks. Check out the website or download the iOS app or Android app.

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FluentU Ad

26. SEB

SEB is a French YouTuber with SEB’s Ce mec… (This guy…) series where he makes  videos on subjects from grocery shopping to going to the bathroom. Try them all out!

For example, Ce mec… dans son lit (This guy… in his bed) is a humorous video that talks about sleeping habits.

This is a perfect video for those in the pre-intermediate stage looking for a little bit of a challenge. The subtitles are incorporated into the video rather than scrolling at the bottom of the screen.

While not everything is subtitled (don’t fear, 90 percent is!), there’s useful vocabulary for the bedroom and sleeping that should be familiar to learners. Further, the parts that aren’t subtitled will allow you to really stretch those comprehension muscles.

27. Extr@ French

“Extr@ French” is a sitcom-style TV show that was created specifically for a French learner audience. (In fact, the Extr@ series is available in a number of languages, and offers an entertaining introduction to casual spoken French.)

“Exr@ French” follows a group of friends and the funny and heart-warming shenanigans that they become a part of. This series is great for beginners of French because the speech is slow and the subtitles are really accurate. There are also annotations and language learning hints incorporated directly into the episodes.

Best of all, once you’ve finished the first episode, there are several more on this YouTube channel for you to enjoy!

French YouTubers

28. Cyprien

If you’ve ever read or heard anything about French YouTube then you’ve already heard about Cyprien. He has one of the biggest channels in the country.

He often takes a seemingly simple and general topic like food, school or technology and builds a bunch of jokes and sketches around it. He occasionally also makes some short comedic films and slightly different videos.

But is it easy to understand him? Well, he sure uses lots of slang and colloquialisms, because most of his audience is made up of teenagers and young people, but that’s what the subtitles are for!

29. Norman fait des vidéos

Norman fait des vidéos (Norman Makes Videos) is also without doubt one of the hottest comedy channels in France. I even saw his face on the cover of a magazine when I was in France recently.

His videos are a mix of vlogs and sketches, many of which center on everyday life, such as having a cat, going grocery shopping and spelling mistakes.

Keep in mind that he talks somewhat quickly, and his videos don’t normally have subtitles, so this channel is probably best for intermediate or advanced learners.

30. Natoo

Natoo is a hilarious YouTuber as well as talented singer. Her colorful videos are wild, weird and she is often just her wacky self. 

Natoo makes vlog-style videos and often has guests or collaborators on her channel. She does various challenges with friends, and makes videos on travel, make up, fashion and life in general. 

Even if you don’t understand much French at this point, her videos are a visual treat and you can often understand what’s going on even without following the language. 

31. Bruno Maltor

Thinking about going abroad? Or just need to satisfy some wanderlust from home? Travel vlogs like Bruno Maltor’s are a popular genre on YouTube.

Follow Bruno on his travel adventures around the world and various destinations in France. He also features other world travelers and shares insights on what it’s like to travel full-time. 

Bruno is well-known in France, and in my personal opinion, not only is the content he offers amazing, but he also has a very neutral accent. He does speak quickly though!

32. Kevin Tran 陈科伟

This is a YouTube comedy channel that was originally created by two brothers of Chinese and Vietnamese descent. Now it’s mostly videos created by one of the brothers, Kevin.

Kevin offers a view into the Asian-French experience. He also started posting more animated biographical videos as well. 

He used to make only videos in French, but has been making videos in English, too, after an English video of his went viral. This means that there are a great selection of subtitles, so you can choose your language!

33. Joueur Du Grenier

For the gamer French learner, check out this YouTuber named Joueur Du Grenier (Attic Gamer).

His videos often focus on him playing and commenting on video games, but he also makes videos about comics, movies and TV shows. He will take you back to your childhood with Super Nintendo, Megadrive and other retro consoles.

But even if you’re not a gamer yourself, you can still enjoy the hilarious videos full of sketches, jokes and even songs! 

34. Amixem

Maxime, the guy behind Amixem channel, creates super fun content ranging from gaming and travel adventures to hilarious challenges. If you’re learning French, this channel is a goldmine.

Maxime’s natural way of speaking gives you a real feel for colloquial French—perfect for picking up slang and everyday expressions. Plus, you’ll get a peek into French culture and lifestyle through his vlogs.

Whether you’re into gaming or just love a good laugh, watching Amixem is not only entertaining but also a fantastic way to level up your French skills.

Why Learn French on YouTube?

Perhaps you’re wondering—out of all the resources you could be using, why learn French on YouTube?

  • You might already have books or a teacher, but you can diversify your language learning and vocabulary with YouTube.
  • It may just be a natural human fascination with things that move or light up, but watching videos is an engaging and visual way to learn instead of looking at a textbook all day.
  • With all the French learning videos out there, it’s possible for everyone to find something that interests them.
  • You can watch at your own pace and review anything you don’t understand.
  • The best French learning content on YouTube is actually really good. I’d argue that the need to compete with the rest of YouTube has forced these teachers to work even harder.
  • These free video lessons fit into almost any schedule—you can find bite-sized lessons and full-on courses.
  • YouTube gives you the opportunity to consume authentic French content and improve your own accent and pronunciation.
  • The videos can be adjusted for speed, which is very helpful for homing in on those tricky French sounds.
  • Some channels even offer worksheets or exercises to make sure you’re actively learning.

How to Get the Most out of Learning with French YouTube Channels

  • No matter your level, you may want to start by highlighting some of your shortcomings in the realm of grammar and vocabulary. Maybe pronunciation isn’t your thing. Maybe you have French down except for that pesky subjunctive mood. Define your biggest needs before diving in. 
  • Lucky for you, there’s a lesson for any need. If you don’t find exactly what you’re looking for below, sometimes a simple YouTube search like “French future tense” or “how to pronounce French vowels” will yield pages of videos on the exact issue you’re having.
  • It’s often helpful to make a playlist on YouTube to keep track of your favorite videos. You can make playlists for different themes or categories, such as comedy sketches or grammar resources, like the ones suggested in this list. This will help you find your favorites again so that you can review when needed.
  • You might only understand a few words here and there, but use what you do understand as clues to find the context. Pay close attention to visual clues and refer back to English-language resources (like the original movie, an English book translation, a similar news article in English, etc.) when available.



And there you have it! If you’re ready to improve your French in a fun and engaging way, try out all of these YouTube video suggestions to get closer to fluency right away!

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