How Can I Improve My English Speaking Power?

how can i improve my english speaking power

Have you ever felt like you just can’t speak?

Even if you practice English at home for hours and know all the words to use, sometimes they just won’t come out of your mouth!

If you’ve ever had …

15 Superb Songs with Lyrics to Learn English Through Karaoke

learn english with song lyrics

Have you ever heard of an empty orchestra?

The word karaoke means “empty orchestra” in Japanese.

Karaoke lets you sing along to your favorite songs by removing the singer’s voice and leaving only the music. “Empty orchestra” makes sense …

35+ Simple English Sentences You’ll Want to Use at Your New Job

simple english sentences

Congratulations on your new job!

Starting a new job is exciting but stressful.

You’re ready to learn and do your best, but you’re also nervous.

How do you talk to your new coworkers? What do you talk about? How can …

How to Effectively Improve Your English Reading Skills on Your Own

how to improve english reading skills

Reading is like exercise for your brain.

It can improve your focus and memory.

It can help you learn new words and teach you things you didn’t know.

People read to relax, to learn or just to have fun.…

Add Variety to Your English Practice by Listening to Dialects

listen to english

You’re learning English. Good for you!

What kind of English are you learning?

If you don’t know the answer to that, you might want to learn more about English dialects.

Dialects are the ways a language is spoken …

Hilarious and Entertaining: The 13 Best Cartoons for Learning English

best cartoons for learning english

Bright colors, tons of action, animation, upbeat music, tons of humor—sounds like you’ve found some English cartoons!

You turned on the TV looking for a good English show for learning English, and a kid’s cartoon is on.

Wait, don’t …

9 Australian English Phrases You Need to Befriend Aussies

australian english

So, have you decided to study in Australia?

Are you planning a vacation in the land down under?

You have read about Australia…the fresh food, the gorgeous beaches, the sunshine and, of course, the KILLER ANIMALS!

Killer animals? Yes, …