9 Business English Games Sites for Infinite Interactive Learning

Business English games sites put a new spin on your love for technology.

If you’re like most people, you probably already spend a lot of time on your computer or phone.

Did you know the average mobile app user spends more than 360 hours per year using apps?

Instead of just scrolling through social media, you can build your English skills—and transform your career in the process.

And since business English games are so fun, you’ll actually want to practice, no matter how busy your work schedule is.

Listed below are nine of our favorite business English games sites and apps to improve your language the fun way.

9 Business English Games Sites for Infinite Interactive Learning

Crosswords, matching games, fill-in-the-gap and multiple choice quizzes–why should we use these?

Simple answer. They work.

Forty years of research show that games are great teachers. Not only do we learn from games, we learn more from games than other types of tools. These sites for fun business English online learning will get you ahead of the game (give you an advantage)!

Business English Games Sites Built for Language Learners

English Media Lab Quizzes

business english games

  • Level: Beginner to Advanced
  • Type: PC
  • Price: Free
  • Features: Matching games, interactive listening quizzes, multiple choice quizzes

Does our company make a lot of business with China? Or does our company do a lot of business with China?

Not sure which way to say that sentence?

Test your skills with the themed multiple choice and matching quizzes. The quizzes and games span many business topics from common idioms to cultural differences.

The site also hosts interactive listening activities. The topics are business related, such as presenting a business proposal or interviewing a job candidate. The listening activities end with a multiple choice quiz to ensure you understood the content and context of the business English.

Idioms in English Interactive Practice

business english games

  • Level: Beginner to Advanced
  • Type: iOS
  • Price: Free for one unit (negotiations). $4.99 for the entire pack (includes accounting, sales, marketing, etc.)
  • Features: Scramble game, multiple choice quizzes

Each themed unit is broken down into three sections. The first section gives you a short story to read to help you understand the context.

Next, test your understanding with a multiple choice quiz. This ensures you fully understand the meaning, even out of the context of the short story.

Last, there’s a scramble game for the multi-worded idioms. You choose which words go into an idiom and put them into the correct order. For example, when you agree with someone, do you see eye to eye or do you see eyes for eyes?

This is a great game to perfect your business English. I’m learning a second language and I can get away with trailing off or whispering words I’m not 100% sure of. It’s pretty embarrassing–everyone knows I’m doing it. This game will fix that issue for you–confidence restored!

Also, this app has a good use of audio. As English is a stress-timed language, the included audio and complementary (accompanying) transcript help learners improve the stress and cadence of words and idioms.

FluentU Business English Vocabulary Games and Lessons

international business 101 business english resources 4 learners

  • Level: Beginner to Advanced
  • Type: PC, iOS app, Android app
  • Price: Free trial, $20/month and $30/month membership options
  • Features: Interactive captions and vocabulary sets

Do your friends tell you that you sound like a textbook?

Robot, perhaps?

No more!

This approach helps you ease into English language, culture and current events at the same time. Ultimately, you’ll learn English as native English speakers actually use it.

Each video has interactive subtitles. That means you can tap on any word to see an image, definition and useful examples.

But the best part? FluentU isn’t just about watching videos, it’s about active learning. FluentU provides plenty of tools to actively practice your English vocabulary and grammar, like interactive subtitles, flashcards, vocabulary lists and more.

The site keeps track of the vocabulary that you’re learning through your chosen videos, and it recommends more great videos based on the words you’ve already learned. This means that every learner has a truly personalized experience, even if they’re using the same video.

Dineshbakshi Business Crosswords

  • Level: Advanced
  • Type: PC
  • Price: Free
  • Features: Crossword puzzles, fill in the gap games

This is for serious business studies students.

The site is great because the crosswords provide detailed definitions. Where other sites simply tell you that you answered incorrectly, this game will teach you the meaning of the word so you can improve. Also, their fill-in-the-gap games are sentences written in a business context, so you’ll learn how they’re spoken in real life.

What is demand when it does not change with a change in price? Inelastic!

What type of asset is reputation and goodwill? Intangible!

Here’s a sample fill-in-the-gap sentence: “A couple of short term objectives (goals) such as ____ sales and market share may lead to ____ term objectives such as ____ of scale.” Possible answers: increasing, decreasing, short, long, economies

The answer? Increasing, long, economies. “A couple of short term objectives such as increasing sales and market share may lead to long term objectives such as economies of scale.

You can even print these to take with you on your commute or to sneak into places your phone is forbidden, such as the next meeting or (shhh!) class lecture.

BusinessEnglishPod’s Business English Games

international business 101 business english resources 4 learners

  • Level: Intermediate and Advanced
  • Type: iOS, Android, PC
  • Price: Free weekly podcasts and games. Premium membership ($150 for one year, $180 for two years) for study notes, online practice, etc.
  • Features: A wide variety of flash games, quizzes

This is one of my favorite business English online learning tools. They cover many business topics such as negotiations, presentations, meeting workplace idioms and more. Each post comes with audio, transcripts, quizzes (members only) and business English vocabulary lists to review.

The amazing part is the interactive games, such as fishing for negotiations, where you literally hook a fish that takes you to a question on business negotiations. From feeding seals to shooting soccer balls to playing battleship, there is certainly something for everyone here.

All of the games link to a business English post so you can easily reference the topic you’re currently playing/ learning.

Learn English Today Business English Practice Tools

business english games

  • Level: Intermediate to Advanced
  • Type: PC
  • Price: Free
  • Features: Crosswords, word search, fill-in-the-gap games

This site has lesson posts as well as vocabulary lists to expand your business English.

The topics are very interesting and relate to the current work climate. For instance, one fill-in-the-gap exercise is titled “Unfair Pay Differences,” and describes the pay gap between men and women. Regardless of your view on this topic, it’ll likely come up in a business conversation. You’ll be prepared with the correct business English vocabulary!

The crosswords also have great topics and allow you to ask for hints, which are synonyms or definitions, but beware–you’ll lose points for this!

Learn4Good Business Simulation Games

business english games

  • Level: Intermediate to Advanced
  • Type: PC
  • Price: Free
  • Features: Business simulation games

This site has a great collection of business simulation games. For instance, you’ll see games relating to mechanics, oil, technology, hotel and hospitality, agriculture, transportation, restaurant, retail, realty, spa and more! Choose the industry that you work in to learn specialized business English vocabulary and phrases that are most relevant to you.

Over the years, education has evolved. In the past, education was focused on memorizing and recalling information. The internet age makes that less important. Today’s valuable skills include problem solving and critical thinking.

This is where business simulation games come in. Business simulations are just that—copying, or imitating, the business world. These simulations reflect real-word operating systems and issues, making it perfect to practice your business skills while learning relevant vocabulary!

One great simulation is the “Theme Hotel.” This is perfect for any employee or customer of the hospitality industry (hotels, restaurants, casinos).

For example, the tutorial tells you, “first you’ll need reception, where your guests will check in and out of the hotel.”

In the first part of the sentence, they tell you a business need while in the second part of the second, they provide a definition. This is a perfect example of the ways you can learn industry-specific English and business skills at the same time.

Overall, this is a very convenient site that allows you to customize your learning to your industry. It also develops your management and multi-tasking skills, teaching you to look at the big picture—from budgets to hiring to expansion.

Once you get comfortable with these simulations, there are many multiplayer business simulations where you build your business or industry while working, or competing, with other online players. This brings a new element to real-world business simulation. In addition, the multiplayer games are great to interact with people of every culture and background.

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General English Games for Business English Practice

These options are a little different, but just as awesome. Unlike the business English games sites above, they’re focused on general English learning. They offer an incredible opportunity to build your overall language skills the fun way.


business english games

  • Level: Beginner to Advanced
  • Type: iOS
  • Price: Free
  • Features: Hangman, where you guess letters to spell out a word or phrase

Play hangman with topics from current events. Every game links to the article it’s referencing. This can be tough since news titles aren’t always easy to read. However, if you master this, you can truly sound like a native speaker.


business english games

  • Level: Beginner to Advanced
  • Type: iOS, Android, PC
  • Price: Free
  • Features: Trivia quiz games

Build your own vocabulary set, or search through the thousands that others have created. Quizlet provides flashcards and quizzes to get you started. Once you’re ready, there is a great matching game that gets faster as you go. The app and PC versions of the matching game are different so be sure to test both. Compete with friends to get the best score!

The Game Plan

A game plan is a plan for achieving success.

What’s ours?

Turn part of those 360 app-using hours into a business English online education! Your goal is 10%? That’s only six minutes a day. Easy! Get your friends involved and compete for the highest scores, fastest times and most improved skills with these business English games sites!

Joyce Fang grew up all over the United States and currently lives in Yokohama, Japan working as a freelance business plan writer and graphic designer. She has earned a Japan-focused MBA and has worked across almost every industry including finance, hospitality, retail and event management. She loves traveling, food, rugby, hot yoga and her dog, Gator.

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