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Learn English with Films! 14 Recent Movies Learners Will Love


Films are like feasts.

Just like a feast, a film has different parts.

But instead of different dishes, you get different scenes.

You don’t get to taste anything. But you do get to enjoy different sights and sounds.

And a …

2 Steps to Endless Beginner English Listening Practice!


The beginning is the hardest part.

Ask the famous writer Stephen King.

He threw away the first draft of his novel “Carrie.”

After his wife encouraged him to rewrite the novel, it got rejected 30 times.

But when …

Learn English with the Radio: 13 Great Shows + 4 Steps to Use Them?


It’s always cool to be a little retro.

When you’re retro, you’re bringing back a fashion or trend from the past.

You’ve probably seen it before:

People are wearing clothes from the last century.

They’re buying classic cars.

They’re …

Type to Learn: 12 ESL Typing Practice Resources and Games


Do you know the difference between something “basic” and something “easy”?

When something is easy, it can be done without much effort.

Something basic, on the other hand, comes from the term “base.” A base is the bottom of something. …

Go Ahead, Play with Your Phone! 13 English Improvement Apps


Are you addicted to your phone?

It seems that many people are.

According to one study, Americans check their phones 46 times per day.

Another study found that a third of citizens in the UK start using their …

Learn English, Save the World: 14 Great Video Games That Can Teach You the Language


Today, you’re the ruler of an epic civilization.

Tomorrow, you’ll be a firefighter in the American West.

But you might take a break to train as a warrior and seek revenge on some villains.

All you need are some fun

The Top 14 Real English Video Blogs for Language Learners


An old proverb goes something like this:

Tell me and I will forget. Show me and I may remember. Involve me and I will learn.”

Most videos do a marvelous job of showing you something memorable.