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Two Sides of the Coin: Agreeing and Disagreeing in English Conversations

agreeing and disageeing

“And I will, but you won’t

And I do, but, but you don’t

We won’t budge either way

But we like it, we like it”

These lines from Katy Perry’s song “Agree to Disagree” show that just because you disagree …

20 Minimal Pairs in English to Practice Perfect Pronunciation

minimal pairs

Look at this poem by Lewis Carrol:

We lived beneath the mat,
Warm and snug and fat,
But one woe, and that
Was the Cat!

Do you notice anything interesting?

There is something special about the rhyming words at …

Sing Along and Learn 6 Continuous Tenses in English with These 11 Popular Pop Songs


You know that feeling when something just does not seem to end?

Or all those moments that you wish could continue for longer?

Maybe it is that book you have been reading for the past two years.

Or it is …

The 15 Best Online English Intermediate Courses for B1, B2 and Beyond


Have you heard about “Middle Child Syndrome?”

It sounds like a disease, but it is not.

It is a theory about how middle children (people with both older and younger siblings) often feel ignored.

Unlike the oldest child, they are …

Learn English YouTube: All the Best Videos to Learn How to Speak English Quickly


“Efficiency is intelligent laziness.”

This David Dunham quote offends many people.

We generally think “efficiency” involves working very hard, while “laziness” is the opposite of hard work.

But efficiency is all about saving time and effort. If you’re efficient, …

Gift of Gab: 15 Memorable Speeches in English for Listening and Speaking Practice


Lions roar.

Birds chirp.

And humans speak.

It is the natural way we communicate with one another.

But then why are so many people afraid to speak in public?

Well, giving a speech in front of a whole room …

Learn English Like a Cheetah: 14 English Tutor Sites for Fast, Focused, Friendly Learning


Have you ever seen a cheetah learn?

When cheetahs are born, they have no idea how to hunt.

They are the fastest land animals in the world. But in the beginning they are actually quite helpless.

Their mother is the …