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Never Stop Improving! 16 Inspiring and Entertaining TED Talks for English Language Learners


Picture a campfire—a pile of burning wood in the middle of a camp.

The fire itself is not special, but what happens around it is.

Generally, people sit near it and share stories.

Sometimes the stories are scary, but many …

What to Watch in English: 14 Subtitled Movies, Show and Videos You’ll Love


English movies and shows can be hard to understand.

The actors speak too fast.

Too many people speak at once.

Sometimes things are blowing up in the background.

Other times, we are simply distracted by the beauty of the set.…

Picture Perfect! 6 Fun Ways to Learn English with Instagram


When is the last time you received a postcard?

In the past, they were used by everyone.

Soldiers sent them to their families with photos from the battlefield.

Tourists used them to show off their trips to all their friends.…

7 English Listening Practice Techniques for Different Types of Learners


“There’s a lot of difference between listening and hearing.” 

This famous quote by the English writer G. K. Chesterton makes an important point.

Hearing is simply perceiving sound. You hear a dog bark even if you were not expecting it.…

Bite-Sized Literature: Take a Piece of One of These 18 Easy English Short Stories


Have you tried to run a marathon with no practice?

I hope not. You might pull a muscle.

You need to start small in order to achieve something big like that.

When it comes to learning English, what if I …

Learning English with Music: 17 Hot New Songs for English Learners


You know what brings us all together?

Music does.

Music is called the “universal language” for a reason.

“Universal” refers to something that is true for or applies to everyone. Every human being has a certain understanding of rhythm and …

The Top 19 American TV Mega Hits for Learning English


Have you heard of the phrase “idiot box?”

It is generally used to refer to a TV set.

For example:

Are you really going to spend all afternoon staring at that idiot box?

The common idea is that TV shows …