The Top 15 English Vlogs for Language Learners

English vlogs (video blogs) are a great way to immerse yourself in the language and learn something new. 

They’re visual diaries that cover a wide range of topics from traveling the world to cooking easy recipes and more. 

In this post, you’ll get 15 popular English vlogs you can follow on YouTube right now, ranging from beginner-friendly to advanced. 

These vlogs will show you how the language is really spoken by native speakers, and entertain you at the same time!


1. Ben Brown

On Ben Brown, he shares about his travels, relationship, mental health and more. Some of his most famous videos are from his trip to the Arctic where he recorded huge icebergs, whales and villages.

He also makes “behind the scenes” videos where he records all the things he has to do to create content for his channel. Unlike many other YouTubers, he has a whole crew who help him make professional videos.

This channel is great for beginners since Ben speaks in short sentences at a slow pace and focuses more on the visual content of the video. He’s from the UK, so this vlog will expose you to a British accent

2. FunForLouis

Louis is another British vlogger. Through his vlogs, he aims to “share the diverse and beautiful world we live in.” Louis’ videos almost look like a documentary, focusing on interesting places such as the windfarm in the video above. 

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He’s often having fun with friends or spending time with his wife, and they recently shared their experience becoming parents. He also interviews interesting people he meets while traveling.

Louis’s videos also have a relaxed and easy pace and some of them even include subtitles, making them perfect for beginners. Try to remember to repeat or write down what he says while the music plays in between the dialogues!

3. Zoe Sugg

Zoe Sugg is a lifestyle and beauty vlogger who’s been making videos for almost a decade. She focuses on fashion, shopping, makeup, parties…and more recently on parenting and home decor. 

By following her channel, you can discover English customs around the holidays. For example, she makes detailed videos about Christmas shopping, Halloween festivities and her child’s birthday parties. 

Zoe has a strong British accent but it’s not overly difficult to understand. Her videos are recommended for intermediate learners, although upper beginners will also benefit from watching.

4. TheCottageFairy

This is a really calming vlog that will make your English practice stress-free and maybe even relaxing. The vlogs are set to classical music and focus on the daily life of Paola, who lives in a cottage in the countryside of Washington State. 

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She lives a slow life and documents how she takes care of herself and completes daily tasks. She also shares her thoughts on relevant topics such as social media and finding true friends.

Paola speaks a bit formally in a somewhat old-fashioned style. She also speaks pretty slowly, making it easier to understand her. This is a great channel to follow if you’re interested in what it’s like to live a slower life in a rural area. 

5. Delish

If you’re into cooking, baking or just food in general, Delish is a great YouTube channel to follow. With these videos, you can learn some new recipes while picking up new English words and phrases. 

You’ll also learn some food and cooking-related vocabulary that will be useful if you’re planning to travel to English-speaking countries since you’ll be eating at restaurants and buying food there. 

There’s a whole team who makes the videos on the Delish channel, so you’ll get exposed to different voices and accents. And the videos have subtitles, making it easy to follow along if you need some extra support.  

6. Charles and Allie

This is a daily video journal of married couple Charles and Allie Trippy. They’ve been making vlogs for years and have even created a world record that got them featured in the Guinness World Records!

Their vlogs are about what they do in a day, and many of them show common daily tasks like buying groceries and shopping for toys, gifts and items for their pets. They also like to go on road trips around the U.S.

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This vlog is great for listening practice and conversation practice since they speak individually, unlike many vloggers who like to put in more music than dialogue. Their videos are ideal for intermediate learners.

7. CaseyNeistat

Neistat is all about doing what others say you can’t. With over 12 million subscribers on YouTube, he’s well-known for his highly entertaining, professional-quality videos—although he’s never even studied filmmaking! 

You can see him snowboard with the New York Police Department, review luxury airlines or even talk about his personal life. He also makes adventure movies and DIY (do-it-yourself) videos in which he creates gadgets.

His videos are all different, some containing almost no dialogue and others featuring him talking to the camera most of the time. Since they’re always very fast-paced, they’re recommended for intermediate to advanced learners.

8. Mayim Bialik

Mayim is an actress (she plays the character of Amy in “The Big Bang Theory”), a neuroscientist and a mother. Her vlogs focus on relationships, mental health and other personal topics

English learners can use them for listening practice, vocabulary building and intonation, while gaining awareness of the issues that are important and relevant in American society. 

Mayim typically talks directly to the camera and speaks in a steady and slow pace with a very clear voice, while her many guests offer a variety of voices and speeds. Try to write down any new words you hear and look them up later! 

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9. Justin Escalonay

Justin Escalona (previously @PlayTheGameFilms on YouTube) is a young artist from Chicago who currently lives in Los Angeles. He studied filmmaking and started a lifestyle streetwear brand called 1340 COLLECTIVE.

His vlogs are great for learning slang and informal language commonly used by young people, including some swear words. Many of his videos feature him chatting with friends, exposing you to everyday conversations and dialogue. 

Although the words they use are often simple, the speed of their conversation makes it suitable only for intermediate to advanced learners. His videos are energetic, highlighting different places in the U.S. including NYC and LA. 

10. vlogbrothers

Vlogbrothers have a whole community of fans who call themselves “nerd fighters.” By following the vlog, you can connect with fans from all over the world and practice your English in the comments!

The vlog hosts, John and Hank Green, are also entrepreneurs, social activists and authors. They talk about a variety of topics in their videos, including current events such as climate change and personal things like New Year’s resolutions.

Each video has only one brother speaking directly to the camera, free of music and distractions, so you can focus on the language. However, since both the brothers speak fast, the channel is best for intermediate to advanced learners.

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11. VSauce

While he hasn’t posted any new videos in a while, Michael Stevens started his channel VSauce in 2010, so there are plenty of videos to choose from. With over 20 million subscribers, the channel has received a lot of attention over the years. 

Michael asks and then answers interesting questions about the world with real data and science. He makes complicated issues easy to understand, and his charisma is unmistakable. 

He speaks very clearly and enunciates his words well, helping with comprehension for English learners. You’ll learn a wide range of vocabulary from the VSauce videos, along with curious facts you can share with others. 

12. Hey Nadine

While she hasn’t reached millions of subscribers like some of the other vloggers on this list, Nadine is a great person to follow if you like to travel. She shares her adventures in places all over the world along with plenty of useful travel advice. 

Nadine has also written, produced and created content for some big brands, so you know she’s a talented content creator. If you want to couple your listening practice with some reading practice, check out her written blog

She often speaks pretty quickly, so this vlog is best for intermediate to advanced learners. It’s also good for learners who want to get familiar with an American accent

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13. Gone with the Wynns

This channel is run by the Wynn family, who’ve been traveling around the world full-time since 2011. They share their adventures sailing around the world, taking road trips and discovering new places. 

They like to make informational videos for people who want to live like they do, sharing how to use solar power, how to live in a van and more. Along with their travel videos, they also make videos about their own stories and history.

Through the vlog, you can learn vocab on specific topics like sailing, and discover different places and cultures. The vocabulary they use is often complex, so this channel is recommended for advanced learners only.

14. Lilly Singh Vlogs

Lilly Singh Vlogs (previously @SuperwomanVlogs), features lots of high-energy videos starring Lilly, an Indian-Canadian YouTuber, actress, comedian, writer and advocate. 

The vlogs on this channel feature her daily adventures, behind-the-scenes moments from her career in entertainment and more. Most of them feature other people alongside Lilly, including her parents and other celebrities. 

Lilly speaks extremely fast and jumps all over the place, so advanced learners will be more likely to understand. You can find new videos on her current channel, @LillySingh, which features content about gender equality. 

15. SmarterEveryDay

If you’re interested in science and have at least an intermediate level of English, you should consider subscribing to this channel. The host is a mechanical engineer, so he’s well-qualified to explain how things like engines work.

Along with the interesting information you’ll learn about science and engineering, you’ll also learn some useful vocabulary for everyday objects and more technical language from the field. 

The vlogs contain a lot of engaging visuals that will hold your attention even when the language gets a bit complex. While it still might be a challenge to follow along, you can always turn on the subtitles if you start to feel lost.  

Why Vlogs Are Great for Learning English

  • They’re not scripted: Vlogs are supposed to be casual and spontaneous. This makes them more real and gives the viewers a clearer idea of how native speakers generally talk.
  • They’re about daily life: Vlogs are not supposed to have complex plots. Vloggers generally just talk about what they did that day or that week. Sometimes they talk about the things that interest them. But every vlog relates to their everyday life somehow.
  • They’re informal: Vloggers rarely use formal language in their videos. That means you will hear slang, casual expressions, common abbreviations and more.
  • They’re relatable: We all like to shop, have parties, eat, travel and just have fun with our friends. These are the things that vloggers talk about in their videos. This relatable (familiar; relevant to your own life) quality makes the videos both easier to understand and more interesting.

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For your English practice, it’s best to follow different channels so that you get exposed to different styles, accents and vocabulary.

But make sure to watch videos on a topic that interests you so you’ll stay engaged and motivated!

For some YouTube channels specifically made for English learners, check out this post next:

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