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How to Learn Medical English for Healthcare Industry Work


There’s English…

And then there’s medical English.

Even to native English speakers, medical English can seem like its own, complicated foreign language.

If you’re an English learner working in or studying the medical field, it can be easy to …

8 Easy Ways to Learn English with the Bible


Have you ever tried to read an English Bible?

Did you end up wondering whether you were actually reading English?

As I child, I often wondered why the Bible had all of these strange English words that nobody used in

The 8 Best American Movies for English Learners (with Subtitles!)


Have you heard of the red carpet?

If not, I bet you’ve seen it before.

The red carpet is where Hollywood stars pose for pictures and give interviews before big events like the Oscars.

It’s a place for …

10+ Resources for Learning How to Speak English Without an Accent


There’s nothing more frustrating than not being understood.

I lived in South Korea for four years. During that time, I took Korean lessons at the local university and practiced my speaking skills every day.

And no matter how hard I …

8 Tools for Anyone to Start Talking About School in English


Have you ever sat in an English class feeling lost and confused?

When I was teaching English in South Korea, I spent most of my spare time studying the Korean language.

I had a stack of textbooks that I would …

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is with These 20 English Idioms About Cash


You take a taxi in New York City and the driver tells you to “cough up $20.”

How do you respond?

Do you start coughing until $20 comes out of your mouth, or do you hand him a $20 …

Game On! The 10 Best Online Games to Practice English


Online games to practice English changed everything for a friend of mine.

Tell me if this sounds familiar.

My friend just couldn’t get anywhere with English class. He’s a French speaker from Canada and was studying English as a second …