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10+ Resources for Learning How to Speak English Without an Accent


There’s nothing more frustrating than not being understood.

I lived in South Korea for four years. During that time, I took Korean lessons at the local university and practiced my speaking skills every day.

And no matter how hard I …

The Well-rounded English Learner’s Guide to 7 Different Types of English


English speakers aren’t robots.

Too bad, right?

Wouldn’t it be great if they all sounded exactly like Siri when they spoke?

Unfortunately for English learners, native speakers all have their own unique ways of talking. There are thousands of English

8 English Software Immersion Programs to Help You Get Comfortable with English


We all know how important it is to get out of our comfort zones.

That means we can’t keep doing things that are easy and expect to improve.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t be comfortable while doing difficult tasks.

Get Serious About Getting Fluent: 7 Effective English Intermediate Courses

english intermediate course

Starting an English intermediate course can feel like leaping across the Atlantic Ocean.

It just seems like there’s a huge sea between beginner and intermediate learning!

I mean, you know your verbs. You have the essential vocabulary.…

Journal Time! How to Master Intermediate English Grammar with Just Your Journal


Having trouble with intermediate English grammar?

Do you ever sit in English class and feel completely lost when the teacher talks about grammar?

That is how I felt when I was learning Spanish.

Every time the teacher would …

6 English Exercises Designed for Tourism and Hospitality


There’s a reason Hollywood loves to make hospitality movies.

I mean, the world of tourism is definitely not boring.

You see exciting places. You meet new (sometimes wild) people all the time. There’s a lot of drama and a …

6 Resources for an Inside Look at English Idioms


“It’s all Greek to me!”

We say this when we don’t understand something.

Like spoken or written Greek, it just doesn’t make sense to us.

And that’s how many English language learners feel about idioms.

Idioms are funny, colorful and …