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27 Common English Conjunctions and How to Use Them


“To be, or not to be?”“Hamlet”

“I’ll get you, my pretty, and your little dog too!”“The Wizard of Oz”

If you build it, he will come.”“Field of Dreams”

Most English conjunctions are short, …

Soar to New Heights with 50 Common English Verbs


Do you know how to learn English verbs?

Study flashcards. Work hard. Travel to America, if you want.

Verbs are everywhere.

To be able to form a single sentence in the English language, you’ll probably need to know at …

How to Have an English Conversation at a Restaurant: 7 Common Scenarios


You probably look forward to going to a restaurant in your hometown.

Food, drinks, fun atmosphere and time with friends and family. What’s not to love?

But when you visit a restaurant where you have to speak a foreign language, …

How to Greatly Improve Your English Pronunciation in 14 Steps

how to improve english pronunciation


“Can you say that again?”

How many times do you hear this when you’re speaking? Even if your vocabulary and English grammar are perfect, it can still be difficult for people to understand you because of your pronunciation.

Learning …