Become a Pro: Take One of These Business English Courses

Do you want to improve your business English skills?

Would you like to impress your boss?

Do you dream of speaking English with confidence at work?

Studying on your own is a wonderful way to learn, but some people need more structure (order).

An awesome way to learn quickly through high-quality teaching is with a business English course.

There are lots of business English courses available, so this guide will help you choose the right course for you.

How to Choose a Business English Course

There are several things to consider before starting a business English course.

Why do you want to study business English?

First, you need to think about why you want to study business English. Make a list of your main learning goals and the areas that you want to study. This is important because there are many courses to choose from, and the course content can vary a lot. Business English is so wide, so you really need to know exactly what you’re looking for in a course.

For example, if your main focus is in marketing and advertising, don’t take a course that mainly focuses on sales and negotiations.

Many courses give a general overview and build a few key areas, with options to take extra units that focus on more specialized (certain/particular) areas.

When choosing a course, make sure that you read the course overview (description) to make sure it’s what you want. It sounds obvious, but many people forget to do this before signing up!

Certificate of studies and awards

Some courses are certified by different professional bodies (organizations) and well-known examination boards. Others don’t have recognition like this, but are still very useful for personal and professional development, as well as building confidence.

If you will need to show evidence (proof) of your level, you will need to make sure you choose an appropriate course. If you need to take a test and get a certificate, make sure this is included.

Other considerations

Other considerations (things to consider) when choosing a course are cost, length of course, number of class hours per week and location. You may want to consider online learning and distance learning, as well as a traditional classroom courses.

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Popular Business English Course Providers

Now that we’ve looked at why you might want to study a business English course and how to choose one, let’s look at some popular providers.

Kaplan English for Business Course

business english courses

Type: Face-to-face (In person)
Where Offered: Various locations in Australia, USA, UK, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, Malta
Length: 2 weeks+
Format: 45 min/class, 28 lessons/week.
Cost: Approximately $440 USD per week

The course provides 20 general English classes, focusing on reading, writing, speaking and listening. There are eight specific business English lessons, which aim to build business vocabulary. In addition, you will have seven extra sessions to build on the formal lessons. These can be quite fun and very interactive! They include clubs, and are a terrific way to meet new people as you enjoy learning.

You’ll receive a certificate of achievement when you complete the course, which can be useful for your current or future job.

If you really want to study a lot, you can take several courses at the same time. For example, you may want to also study towards a formal exam such as IELTS, TOEFL or the Cambridge exams. Expand your business English knowledge, get a certificate, and pass a formal international exam all at the same time – it really is a one-stop-shop for all your English requirements!

Kaplan Intensive English Business Course

Type: Face-to-face (In person)
Where Offered: Various locations in Australia, USA, UK, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, Malta
Length: 2 weeks+
Format: 45 min/class, 28 lessons/week.
Cost: Approximately $440 USD per week

If you want a more intense (advanced) course, Kaplan also offers an “Intensive English Business” course. This course assumes that you already have a good grasp of general English and business vocabulary. There are no general English classes in the intensive course, so you will be expected to already know essential words and phrases for business.

Class sizes are small–usually between 10 and 15 people. In addition to set business classes, you also have the freedom to choose some topics yourself—and there are many subjects to choose from. These help you to specialize your learning even more.

There are also extra sessions, which can include clubs, project work, extra tasks, practice sessions and guided self-study. These sessions let you work with other students and practice together. This is an excellent way to prepare for communicating and working with people in the “real” world of business. You won’t feel as self-conscious on the telephone, in a negotiation, or giving a presentation when you’ve already done it before as part of a group.

EF Englishtown

business english courses

Type: Online
Where Offered: Anywhere
Length: Various packages available
Format: 45 min/class (group), 40 min/class (private)
Cost: $1 USD for a 14-day trial, $99 USD for 9 months

EF Englishtown is the perfect way to be flexible with your English studies. The online classes run every hour on the hour, 24 hours of the day. This means that you can take classes at any time and day that works best for you. Simply log in and learn.

A teacher leads the classes, but there is plenty of student talk time. Classes are very structured with PowerPoint presentations to work through. You can join group lessons or have individual classes. Individual written feedback is given after each class, telling you areas to work on improving, recommended resources and tasks that you performed well. Feedback is a lot more detailed if you take individual classes, though.

There are extra classes for different jobs and industries, which can help you focus on a specific area of work. Additional topics include aviation (all about airplanes and flying), finance, the oil and gas industry, medical, IT and travel.

You can take a free test to check your level of English whenever you want. The test assesses grammar, listening and reading. There are also plenty of assessed written tasks, as well as lots of resources for self-study. Additional resources include video lessons and podcasts, daily lessons by email, and advanced speech recognition software, which will correct your pronunciation just like a live tutor!

The self-study materials include text-to-speech features, meaning that you can click on a word and hear how it is pronounced. You can also hear how whole sentences are spoken if you highlight the relevant text, and there are pop-ups that give a translation of a selected word.

The EF Englishtown app is available for some devices, meaning that you can access your class from a tablet, like an iPad, and also see all lessons in advance. You don’t even need an internet connection to learn if you pre-load your lessons, so you can then look at the course material even when you don’t have internet!


business english courses

Type: Face-to-face (In person), instructor-led online or self-study program
Where Offered: Global
Length: Varies
Format: Varies
Cost: Varies

Berlitz offers a range of business courses, which are best for those at an intermediate level or above. The classes focus on management, intercultural skills and language development. The tutors are professional, experienced and very knowledgeable.

The exact courses available depend on your location. So from the Berlitz website, click “Please Select a Country” on the picture of the world map in the top left-hand corner. Then select your country and answer a few questions to find out what courses are offered for you.

A wide variety of course materials are used in the various classes, including a student book and audiobooks. The website allows you to perform different everyday tasks, such as visiting other websites. It also has lots of useful tips, idioms, quizzes and fun educational activities.

If you prefer a formal learning environment with a lot of emphasis on self-study, a Berlitz course could be ideal for you.

EC Language Centres English for Work Course

business english courses

Type: Face-to-face (In person)
Where Offered: Malta, UK, USA, Canada, and South Africa
Length: 1 week+
Format: 45 min/class, 30 lessons/week
Cost: ~$220 to $300 USD per week

The course is broken down into 20 general English classes and 10 business English lessons each week. This means that you can learn some business English at the same time as improving your everyday English.

Although you study in a class with other students, there are regular activities that let you work in smaller groups, in pairs and alone. Equal amounts of time are spent on speaking, listening, reading and writing. Regular homework is given to students, and teachers give constructive feedback and guidance on all homework assessments.

A huge benefit of studying with EC Language Centres is that you live in an English-speaking community, so you can learn a ton outside of the classroom. All schools are in central locations, so getting around is easy.

Other out-of-class activities include free language workshops, pronunciation clinics to improve your speaking, conversation sessions, and lectures to practice listening and taking notes. All schools have libraries with great resources as well.

A major benefit of this course is that there is a guarantee. If you go to all the lessons, do all of your homework and tasks, and are committed to developing your skills, yet you do not progress as you should (according to a set progress schedule), EC Language Centres will give you extra lessons and support for free to help you reach your target.

EC Language Centres Business English Mini Group

Type: Face-to-face (In person)
Where Offered: Various locations in USA, Canada, UK, Malta and South Africa
Length: 1-4 weeks
Format: 45 min/class, 30 lessons/week
Cost: $370 to $450 USD

This course is available for students who are at an intermediate or advanced level.

If you prefer to study in small groups, the Business English Mini Group, could be good for you. There are a maximum of six students in a group, which really gives you chance to bond (get to know each other well) and help each other on your learning journey.

It is a great middle option for people who like to get more personalized feedback from a tutor, but still want to have classmates to share ideas with.

Graded homework with feedback from your tutor, academic activities and social activities are extra ways for you to learn more outside of the formal lessons.

This course is designed to give maximum progress in a short period of time. Like the previous EC course, there is a guarantee that if you complete all the required tasks but don’t progress as expected, you’ll get extra help for free.

EC Language Centres Business Semester/Year

Type: Face-to-face (In person)
Where Offered: Malta, UK, USA, Canada, and South Africa
Length: 24 weeks minimum
Format: 45 min/class, 30 lessons/week
Cost: ~$210 USD per week

This in-person course needs lots of commitment and motivation because it’s very intense. You will study with students who are at a similar level as you, since all students take a level test before joining a course.

Professional and experienced instructors will teach you almost everything there is to know about business English. Regular feedback is given for tasks and homework, so you can continually monitor and assess your learning.

Long-term students have a language portfolio, something that is only found in this longer course. The personalized language portfolio gives even greater feedback, documents challenges and successes, notes goals, and gives meaningful advice to help students meet their language goals.

In addition to all the extra resources and activities, you will also have your own personal mentor–a person that you can go to with any questions. Your mentor will help keep you motivated so you can reach your goals. This is a terrific way to get feedback and help with any challenges you might face.

When you successfully complete the program you will receive a business English qualification that is recognized all around the world.

There are many more excellent providers of business English courses in addition to these, so remember to compare different companies to make sure that you choose the course that is just right for you.

A business English course could be just what you need to build your ability, confidence and communication skills.

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