London Language: The Top 4 Courses to Learn Business English in London

Are you looking for a good excuse to make a trip to London?

Here’s a pretty convincing one: you can learn business English while you’re there!

I’ve done the research for you and found some top business English courses and schools located in this fantastic city.

You’ll improve your business language skills while immersing yourself fully in English—and having a rip-roaring time in London Town!

Let’s see what London has to offer then, shall we?

Great Reasons to Learn in London

London is a fantastic destination to visit for any reason, but more importantly, it offers a host of advantages for English learners like you.

  • Total immersion: London is one of the global epicenters of business where you can immerse yourself in business English from dawn to dusk. Learning in face-to-face lessons and interacting with other professionals in this fast-paced business capital will inspire you and keep your brain buzzing with new language skills.
  • Cultural exposure: A melting pot of cultures, London won’t only speed up your English language skills but will also grant you invaluable exposure to new cultures and global business contacts. There are professionals just like you from all over the world and industries that want to achieve the same goals and are likely to make London their destination.
  • Great variety in programs: Competition is a good thing for the consumer. As a business English course consumer, you’ll benefit from the plethora of courses that are available in and around London.

How to Get the Most out of Your London Experience

You’ve traveled a long way to take a course in London, so why not make the most of your time there and maximize your learning opportunities?

  • Eat, breathe and sleep business English: Whether you’re planning to stay for a week, a month or even longer in London, use every opportunity to engage in and absorb business English.

Tune into BBC News Live while you’re brushing your teeth, pick up the newspaper from a London Underground station every morning or go to a local pub or cafe with your new friends and classmates where you can hear real conversations about work and business.

  • Join social and business events: Don’t forget to unwind after many hours of study and get yourself to some interesting local events. London is buzzing with activity every day of the week. When you’re not at your course or sight-seeing, take advantage of exciting events where you can apply what you’ve learned while doing some business networking.
  • Build up your bookshelf: London is a literary heaven! Shop around bargain bookstores and quirky independent bookshops while you’re in town and pick up some new additions to your English language library to build up your vocabulary.

London Calling! 4 Incredible Courses to Learn Business English in London

It would be impossible to list all the business English courses you can find in London, which is why we’ve done the hard work for you and found a handful of well-reviewed, varied courses for your consideration.

The London School of English


Running since 1912, the London School of English is an established institute that works both with individuals and corporate customers to deliver high-quality business English and communication courses.

Instead of the typical categorization by skill level, the London School of English groups learners into career stages. For example, they offer a Business English 20-30 course that helps professionals early in their careers.

There are more tailored courses for Specific Purposes, focusing on language required in specialized industries such as oil and gas or human resources. As an added challenge, check out their Voice and Accent Training course, designed for experienced professionals who want to break the “accent barrier” and improve their articulation in English.

St George International


This school, set in the bustling center of London, is a great place for young professionals as it provides a range of courses that feature practical, real-world business scenarios such as conducting SWOT Analysis, contract negotiation and product pitches. They teach in small groups or one-on-one.

If you can’t decide whether it’s better to take a group or private course, why not try both? St George International has a cool course that combines the benefits of both types of classes through their Business English Combination Course.

Aside from being smack in the middle of London Town, surrounded by exciting theaters, bars, restaurants, shopping and culture, St George International also arranges interesting activities that help you get to know the city and feel relaxed communicating in English with your classmates.

Wimbledon School of English


If you prefer a more calm and tranquil environment to do your learning, then Wimbledon might be just the thing.

A convenient 30 minutes to London by train, Wimbledon School of English provides a range of targeted business language courses and specialized English courses in their lovely Edwardian house. The property is surrounded by a beautiful garden where you can read and mingle, away from the crowds in busy central London.

Study with like-minded business professionals and work on all-around proficiency. Or, if you need to hone your communication skills in a particular field, check out their specialized business English courses for medical professionals or legal professionals.



Alternatively, you could venture off the beaten path (of typical language schools) and sign up for a more intimate, tailored course for professionals focused on communication in a global business context. Miticom is a communications and language training consultancy run by successful communicator and teacher, Miti Ampoma.

In smaller, independent training establishments such as Miticom, there’s a higher degree of flexibility in the structuring of courses and individual teachers. Several of the courses are highly personalized to your needs and the content will adapt to you as you progress.

The professional and business English courses can focus on management, presentation skills, negotiating and more.

It’s located in southwest London near the gorgeous Richmond Park nature reserve. You can opt to stay in the accommodation offered by Miticom and enjoy curated cultural activities in the Richmond Park area or central London.

University-led Business English Courses

Whether they’re standalone courses or pathway courses to degree programs, some universities offer English courses for business through their language departments.

The advantage of a university course isn’t just the opportunity to experience dynamic campus life, but also the prestige of having a university course on your resume. This can quickly prove your language abilities to future employers or business partners and can open up new doors to pursue other learning adventures in English-speaking countries.

Here’s one option right in the heart of London:


Let London inspire you and breathe new energy into your business English improvement plan!

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