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9 Hip and Handy Business English Apps for Android


You’ve just woken up.

The sun is breaking over the horizon.

You reach over the side of the bed, eyes still a bit blurry.

And what’s the first thing you grab?

If you say, “my Android,” then this article is …

4 Types of Words in Business English That’ll Automatically Improve Your Company Profile


Sometimes the most basic questions are the hardest to answer.

Who are you? What does your company do? Why should I choose you?

There’s so much you want to explain! It can be overwhelming enough in your native language.…

Message Taking in Business English: The 6-step Guide for Flawless Phone Skills


Terrified of answering the phone at your new office?

You’re not alone.

When I first moved to Spain, I got nervous every time I thought I had to take a phone message!

The thought of it can be daunting, …

The Ultimate Business English Tense Review for Every Workplace Situation


How many different verb tenses do you use every day at work?

Probably a lot.

Business communication requires us to talk about the past, present and future all the time.

In a single morning, you might talk about something …

How to Set Appointments in Business English: Use These Phrases and Grammar Hints


Does your life feel like an endless series of appointments and meetings?

That’s just how it goes for most professionals!

That’s why learning how to make appointments in business English is crucial to keeping your calendar and workflow in check.…

The Best Business English Certificates for Job Hunting or Work Visas


Are you thinking about a new career challenge?

Well, the world’s your oyster!

Don’t fret—I’m not asking you to slurp the world down with a dash of lemon juice.

That idiom just means there are many opportunities for you

London Language: The Top 6 Courses to Learn Business English in London


Are you looking for a good excuse to make a trip to London?

Here’s a pretty convincing one: you can learn business English while you’re there!

I’ve done the research for you and found some top business English courses