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Solo Travel Apps: 7 to Download When You’re Ridin’ Solo

Solo travel can be scary.

What if you get into a bad situation and there’s no one by your side to help you?

What if you get lost and don’t know how to ask for directions?

Or what if you’re just too lonely to enjoy yourself?

These are common worries for solo travelers. But the good news is there’s an easy fix! Believe it or not, you can download travel apps to make your solo adventure better.

From finding new friends to finding lost items, there are plenty of ways solo travel apps can help you.


Solo Travel Apps: 7 to Download When You’re Ridin’ Solo

Apps to Prepare for Solo Travel Beforehand

1. Language App: FluentU

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solo travel apps

Let’s say you’re traveling in Bolivia and suddenly… nature calls.

You can’t find a bathroom. You don’t have a travel buddy to rely on, and you don’t know how to ask where a bathroom is. You, my friend, are in a sticky situation.

Learning with FluentU can eliminate these types of problems on the road. FluentU takes authentic videos—such as music videos, news programs and movie trailers—and turns them into fun language learning experiences!

Not only will you know how to ask where the bathroom is, but you’ll have knowledge of cultural news and media to talk about with your new local friends.

FluentU is unique because you can download files for offline use. So if you don’t have time to become conversational before your big trip, you can keep studying on trains or in taxis after you arrive.

You can also access all nine of FluentU’s languages with just one account, making this app perfect for backpackers traveling to multiple countries.

Knowing the local language gives you the confidence and know-how to avoid being taken advantage of abroad. It also aids you in making local friends. Looks like you won’t be a solo traveler for long!

2. Packing App: PackPoint

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solo travel apps

How many times have you forgotten to pack an essential item for a trip? You don’t have a travel buddy who can lend you their deodorant or shampoo. So you had to spend money to buy items all over again! We’ve all beaten ourselves up over that mistake.

Well, there’s an app that advises you about what must-have items you should pack.

Download PackPoint and enter your trip destination, dates and activities. Then the app generates your perfect packing list!

For your convenience, it’s integrated with TripIt and Evernote.

You can also share your packing list with fellow solo travelers who have PackPoint!

3. Finding Lost Items App: Prey Anti-Theft

solo travel apps

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We all lose things. Some of us more often than others!

When we travel alone, there’s always the chance we’ll lose a device while hostel hopping or hiking.

There’s also the chance that someone could target a solo traveler and steal your electronics.

Prey is an anti-theft program that tracks your devices. With one account, you can install Prey on multiple devices, and Prey tracks where they are.

All tracked gadgets have to be online and GPS enabled. Once the device is declared as “Missing,” you can lock it remotely, as well as retrieve or delete private documents.

Prey automatically sends you the device’s location, even screenshots, taken from your stolen device!

Create control zones in your city and get a report whenever your smartphone is outside the designated areas.

If you’re a solo business traveler carrying important data on your devices, Prey is an excellent choice to secure business tools such as laptops, tablets and smartphones.

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Apps for Solo Travel Navigation

4. Recommendations and Meetups: Travello

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solo travel apps

When you travel alone, sometimes you’re at a loss for what to do. You don’t have a fellow traveler to bounce ideas off of.

Travello can fix that problem.

Granted, you don’t have to use Travello to meet people. You can just look at the message boards to find tips and directions for the best places to visit in the area. Travelers and locals post about events in a city’s hottest spots.

But if you’re looking to find fellow travelers, there’s no better app than this!

Identify which type of traveler you are. A backpacker? Or maybe you’re a corporate traveler. Or a couple or family! Select your category, then choose which types of travelers you’d like to meet up with.

You can also filter who you find by age, gender, nationality and a bunch of other filters.

People on the app host events at certain spots in the city. You can host your own event, too! Travello kills two birds with one stone, helping you find the best places and meet people with just one travel app.

5. Public Transportation: Moovit

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solo travel apps

There are numerous taxi and ridesharing apps available on the market. But what about public transportation: Buses, trains and subways?

One of the best transit apps in the world is Moovit. It contains data for 80 countries and over 2,200 cities. And it works offline, so you can find your way when you don’t have Wi-Fi!

What makes Moovit so great?

First of all, the app includes day-to-day updates of public transportation routes and timetables.

Second, Moovit accompanies you on your journey, showing exactly how many stops are left before your destination.

And guess what? With Moovit, you can plan your transit by bicycle and locate the nearest drop-off station.

Survival Solo Travel Apps

6. Nature App: SAS Survival Guide

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solo travel apps

Planning to trek around Peru on your own? Or maybe you want to backpack in the Swiss Alps.

While exploring nature is a favorite travel pastime, it has potential to be dangerous if you’re on your own. What if you get lost or hurt, and you don’t know where the closest town is?

Thankfully, author John “Lofty” Wiseman wrote a book called “SAS Survival Handbook,” then created a corresponding app. Wiseman was a British soldier for over 25 years, survival instructor in the Special Air Service and chief instructor at one of the United Kingdom’s best survival schools– Trueways Survival.

All that to say, he knew what he was doing. And now you can, too.

SAS Survival Guide includes numerous ways to help you survive in the wild, such as a comprehensive first aid section, survival checklist and quizzes to check you’re ready to venture out on your own.

7. Emergency Information App: Sitata Travel Safe

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solo travel apps

When it comes to safety, you don’t want to play around! Make sure the travel safety app you download meets two criteria: It’s been updated recently and you can use it offline.

Thankfully, Sitata Travel Safe meets both of these requirements. And it has everything you need to remain safe on your own.

You’ll find a list of local hospitals along with quick-access directions. Sitata also provides information about local diseases, necessary vaccinations and medications and signs of those illnesses.

Sitata includes a personal touch, too. You’ll see advice from other explorers, which can help you avoid scams and stay away from sketchy areas. If you have any bad experiences, you can also tell your own travel story to keep others safe in the future.


Solo travel doesn’t have to be lonely or scary.

Download these seven solo travel apps to ensure you always know where you’re going, who you’re meeting, where your stuff is and how to have the best trip possible. 

Who knows? You might discover going alone is your new favorite way to travel.

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