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Studying Abroad? Download These 10 Apps for International Students

Who doesn’t love the idea of being an exchange student?

The exhilarating culture shock. The valuable world experience. Traveling and living abroad as a student is a real adventure!

Still, it’s not all smooth sailing.

Traveling abroad and living semi-permanently in a new country can have its difficulties, such as homesickness, finances and language barriers.

But fret not! There’s an app for that.

There’s an app for just about every international living-related issue you could have!

To make things a bit simpler for you, we’ve tested out a ton of awesome apps designed for international students and made a list of our 10 favorites.

Ready to dive into these seriously useful apps? First, let’s take a step back and look at why certain apps are so necessary for international students to have on hand.


How Apps Can Change International Students’ Experiences

  • A navigation app is a lifesaver in unfamiliar territory. It’s true! You probably have no problem getting around your hometown, but you could be left scratching your head in a new place. If you’re in a country where people don’t speak your native language, navigation can be even more difficult. A reliable mapping and navigation app can make traveling much less stressful.
  • Language and translation apps will help you communicate. Even if you’ve mastered the basics of a language, people often find themselves breaking into a sweat when it’s time to have an actual conversation. You may need to ask a native for help or communicate complex ideas. Language and translation apps can make this much easier for everyone involved.
  • The list of things an international student needs help with is endless. When you move abroad, everything is different! It can be hard to prepare for every aspect of your new life. You’ll need to know the weather, what’s going on politically in the country and how to connect with other exchange students. There’s an app for all of those things!

Studying Abroad? Download These 10 Apps for International Students

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apps for international students

If you’re studying in a non-English speaking country, becoming conversational in the local language will be invaluable. You’ll be able to befriend locals, ask for directions and find hidden gems around your new city of residence.

You may be studying abroad, but that doesn’t mean you have to learn a language from boring textbooks and long lectures.

Like learning languages with music and fun videos? Then you’ll love FluentU!

FluentU takes real-world videos—like music videos, movie trailers, news and inspiring talks—and turns them into personalized language learning lessons.

It’s an entertaining method to immerse yourself in a language the way native speakers really use it, while actively building your vocabulary.

Videos are conveniently organized into lessons, so you can easily work towards a particular objective, topic or skill. Want to learn about food in Spanish? How about the local education system in Italian?

Access the full video library for free with a FluentU trial!

Google Translate

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apps for international students

Google Translate has a ton of perks that make traveling abroad and communicating with non-English speakers quick and easy.

First, it’s free to use. Who doesn’t love free stuff?

Google Translate also has an audio feature that allows users to play an audio clip of the sentence they’re trying to say. This makes talking to people much easier, especially if there’s an emergency.

My favorite feature of this app is its live translation feature. You take a picture of written text, such as a food product label or traffic sign, and translate the words into English.

Google Translate can translate dozens of languages, as well. Technology is pretty great, isn’t it?

Scholarships for International Students


apps for international students

This app is specifically for students who are considering studying abroad but haven’t made the move yet.

When it comes down to it, studying abroad is expensive! You have to pay for an international flight, tuition, books, housing, food, transportation and many other things. And it’s important to take all of these expenses into consideration before committing to studying abroad.

For many, studying abroad on their own income isn’t a possibility. That’s why a scholarship can really make or break your decision to travel overseas.

Scholarships for International Students is a game-changing app. It compiles new scholarship and grant opportunities for different countries, majors, ages and other demographics so you can find the scholarship that’s perfect for you.

It also makes applying for these scholarships fairly easy.

Smart Traveler

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apps for international students

Smart Traveler is an official app released by the Department of State for American travelers. It’s designed to teach you different things about your new country from the perspective of a United States citizen.

With Smart Traveler, you can check out current country information, receive travel alerts, build itineraries, find local U.S. embassies and organize your trip all within one compact app.

This app is great to have in case of a national emergency, such as a natural disaster or political unrest. Smart Traveler can even help you if your passport is lost or stolen.


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apps for international students

Moovit is an ultra-reliable public transportation app that logs routes in over 80 countries. Never miss a bus or train again while studying abroad!

With this app, you’ll find up-to-date bus times, train times, transit maps and real-time line arrivals. You can also locate nearby stations and use the live navigation guide to walk you through your route.

You’ll hear a ding when your stop is next. You won’t have to worry about zoning out and missing your stop with Moovit!


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apps for international students

Like Scholarships for International Students, this handy app is designed for students who are in the beginning stages of planning their time abroad.

With AdmitKard, you fill out a personalized profile and match with universities in other countries as well as specific courses that fit your needs. You then receive in-depth guidance on how to fill out an application form, find the appropriate documents and apply for a student visa.

Using this app, you have the opportunity to connect with other international students and find a mentor before making the move to the university of your choice. They will provide advice and guide you through the process.


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apps for international students

Waze is one of the best apps around when it comes to navigation and travel. Luckily, it’s available literally anywhere there are roads.

Are you sick of getting stuck in traffic because there’s an accident? Or turned around because you can’t find a gas station with decent prices?

Waze can give you the details related to everything on your route, from accidents, to police presence, to construction, to gas prices, to accurate ETAs. You can even listen to music within the app.

Plus, it’s free. How cool is that?

WiFi Finder

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apps for international students

This app is as simple as it gets, but it’s also extremely useful if you’re struggling with your data rates while abroad.

WiFi Finder can find Wi-Fi hotspots at local cafes, restaurants, airports and everywhere in between. You can save spots to your list of favorites if you’re traveling regularly to that particular area and need to access the internet.

Safety App by Stay Safe Worldwide

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apps for international students

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to stay safe, especially in a brand new country. Stay Safe Worldwide’s Safety App is a personal safety app that can help you travel without worry.

With Safety App, you can access news alerts for your immediate area. The GPS feature will help you avoid large events and traffic while driving or walking.

You’ll also see live alerts on emergency situations in your area, such as severe weather or shootings.

TravelSafe Pro


apps for international students

TravelSafe Pro is similar to Safety App by Stay Safe Worldwide, but it contains a few different features.

TravelSafe Pro provides you with crucial information, such as national emergency numbers and embassy locations. It also gives details about time zones and electric voltages, as well as a tip calculator, currency exchange rate calculator and a panic button.

TravelSafe Pro also works offline, which could be a serious life saver!


Studying abroad can be scary. You’re away from home—possibly for the first time!

Download these apps to calm your nerves. Then you can just focus on having the time of your life as an international student.


Em Casalena is a published author, freelance writer and music columnist. They write about a lot of stuff, from music to films to language.

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