7 Must-see Cities with Ancient Ruins in Italy


What do you think of when someone mentions Italy?

Fashion? Pizza? Gondolas?

How about ancient history?

I’ve compiled a list of places perfect for the traveler who’s either obsessed with the Roman Empire or wants to see some of …

Love FluentU? Learn How to Use It to Learn Languages While You Travel

language travel with fluentu

It’s decided: you’re going abroad!

You’re going to spend time in another country, learn a new language or improve your current skills and hopefully befriend a lot of new people from all around the globe.

You’ve decided that language

16 Study Abroad Scholarships: Travel and Study Without Going Broke

study abroad scholarships

As the saying goes, money makes the world turn.

But just because you don’t have money doesn’t mean you can’t make the world turn, either! 

All you ambitious students out there—study abroad scholarships are out there and just waiting

Travel While You Work: 12 Digital Nomad Conferences Around the World


Working as a digital nomad is the dream, isn’t it?

You set your own hours. You work from wherever you want—your bedroom, a cafe, the beach.

Best of all, you get to travel the world as you work!

But …

Freighter Travel: The Most Unique Mode of Transportation Today

freighter travel

Air travel is speedy. Road trips are scenic. Train travel is easy.

But there’s nothing quite as magical as traveling on the water.

Feeling the wind on your face as soon as you step out of your room. …

Work Like a Boss: How to Work and Travel in Korea

work and travel korea

Hyeonseo Lee, a Korean writer and activist, has a special appreciation for her home country.

She said, “…Even though the life here is not easy, [it] makes me so happy. I feel that sitting in a coffee shop, having …

Living as an Expat in Korea? 6 Ways to Make Friends

make friends in korea

As a kid, I loved getting new toys. At first, anyway.

Eventually, I’d grow tired of playing with that toy or it would break. I remember very few of my childhood toys.

However, I cling to memories of being with …