9 Amazing Spanish Immersion Software Programs to Surround You with Learning

Consider this your ticket to Spanish immersion at home.

You won’t need to fly to Barcelona or get an apartment in Costa Rica—as much as you may want to.

Traditional immersion in a Spanish-speaking environment may be appealing, but it’s not possible for all language learners.

So can you still enjoy the massive language learning benefits of immersion without packing your bags?

The answer is simple: All you need is a Spanish immersion software program.

There are a lot of great immersion software programs to help you learn Spanish like a native. These programs are great for anyone looking to learn Spanish from scratch, improve his/her Spanish skills or nudge closer to fluency.

Why Use Spanish Immersion Software?

It’s important and helpful to immerse yourself in Spanish even if you don’t live abroad, but it can also be challenging. Home immersion is sometimes a Spanish student’s only immersion option. Spanish immersion software provides an interactive immersion experience with dialogues, exercises and a wide array of activities to simulate the sort of language experiences you’d have if you lived abroad.

Ultimately, immersion software can provide you with an experience that replicates living abroad.

  • It’s geared toward teaching you functional skills. Rather than focusing solely on memorizing vocabulary and grammar rules, immersion software shows you Spanish language concepts in context. This is helpful since you’ll pick up skills that’ll allow you to begin communicating with native speakers immediately.
  • It can help you learn Spanish faster. It’s designed to get you started much faster than the traditional classroom setting or other learning environment you may be used to. Most Spanish immersion software programs are designed for speed, so you’ll pick up rules and skills quickly.
  • It’ll help you become fluent. Even if you’ve previously studied Spanish, immersion software can provide you with that extra nudge you need to master the language. It’s an effective way to practice and perfect your skills.

9 Amazing Spanish Immersion Software Programs to Surround You with Learning



eSpanishTeacher offers both an online course and learning software program. The software program is a nice tool for anyone looking to learn Spanish through immersion software.

The software comes on CDs, so you can use it offline.

eSpanishTeacher focuses on teaching you Spanish with virtually no memorization. Instead of learning by studying, you learn by speaking. The lessons are interactive, incorporating both listening and speaking activities. Quizzes along the way help you test your learning progress.

There are programs geared for beginner learners, intermediate advancement and verb mastery. The programs offer a total of 45 lessons.

Each level costs $17.99 or you can purchase all three for $34.99.


learn spanish

FluentU is an innovative immersion program that you can use to upgrade your Spanish skills. Unlike most programs, you make all the decisions. You choose what you learn and you choose your own pace.

FluentU takes authentic videos—like music videos, movie trailers, news and inspiring talks—and turns them into personalized language learning lessons.

You can try FluentU for free for 2 weeks. Click here to check out the website or download the iOS app or Android app.

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Language Zen


Language Zen offers traditional language courses and an option to learn using Spanish music. The courses teach key expressions to use in a wide range of interactions you’d have with native speakers.

Language Zen is an online program with options for beginners through near-native level speakers, so it’s great for Spanish students of any proficiency level. The program covers the basics, but it also covers more specialized topics including everything from investing to flirting.

Lessons feature vocabulary and audio. You can listen to the word spoken at a normal rate of speed or slowly to help you nail the pronunciation.

A free version offers you limited access to a variety of materials including “adaptive” lessons that cater to your unique needs or topical lessons that focus on certain subjects and songs to augment your learning. The $7.95 a month premium subscription allows you unlimited access to lessons, songs and ad-free usage.

Rosetta Stone

What lisRosetta-Stonet of Spanish immersion software would be complete without the classic yellow box? Rosetta Stone is known worldwide for its highly effective method of teaching languages—or rather, of helping you to teach yourself a language.

Rosetta Stone attempts to imitate the natural experience of picking up your first language as a child, through visual associations and aural repetition of words and phrases. New Spanish vocabulary will be presented to you with powerful images and scenes, and you’ll start to build connections between sights and sounds. That’s real immersion! All in all, this leads to you being able to look at an object and name it in your new tongue.

Now, we all know that the yellow box comes with a hefty price tag stuck on it, but nowadays it includes additional features that only the internet could make possible—like their app and bustling community of fellow language learners who communicate via online forums. Either way, the instant digital downloads and classic CDs start at $119, and the monthly subscriptions can cost you as little as $9.50 per month (it’s cheaper if you commit to a longer subscription).

Even though it’s expensive, you do get a lot of material for your money. If you’d like less structure and more freedom, you’ll probably find Rosetta Stone to be unnecessary and can opt for a less expensive program.

Rosetta Stone could be the right program for you if you’d like to have plenty of support and structure to lead you through Spanish lessons.

The only way to know if it’s right is to try it yourself. Sign up for an account and take it for a spin—for free!

LinguaShop’s TeachMe! Spanish


LinguaShop offers an array of resources including audio downloads and audio CDs. However, their software program, TeachMe! Spanish, is a real standout.

Designed for beginning to intermediate Spanish students, TeachMe! Spanish includes not only a software program but also an audio CD and a book of stories to provide you with a well-rounded Spanish education.

The software offers some useful features such as a “talking dictionary” that’ll play words for you to help you learn the correct pronunciations. Additionally, voice recognition will help you improve your accent and pronunciation. Interactive features will help you absorb Spanish stories and learn key vocabulary.

Another nice feature of this program is that lessons can be printed. This is great for anyone who wants the benefits of a software program but still likes having print material as well.

Prices may vary, but if you buy this program through the LinguaShop website, TeachMe! Spanish costs $47.70.

Rocket Languages


Rocket Languages focuses on helping you speak and understand Spanish in as little time as possible. Lessons vary from beginner to advanced, so there’s something for everyone.

Rocket Languages uses audio lessons along with printed text to help teach you valuable words, phrases and grammar.

Additionally, Rocket Languages offers a pronunciation tool to help you hone your skills by comparing your speaking to a native speaker.

Testing sections will help you check your skills to see how your pronunciation, writing and knowledge have progressed.

You can purchase the first level for $99.95, the first two levels for $249.90 or all three levels for $259.90. You can use the program online or contact their customer service to purchase a 20-CD pack of the program that also comes with online access. This is a good option if you want to use the program offline.

Transparent Language


In addition to a variety of free resources and paid learning tools including audio courses, live instruction and mobile apps, Transparent Language offers an online Spanish learning program. Transparent Language based this program on research to provide you with quick results.

This online Spanish program offers a comprehensive learning experience with activities to help you practice and build core skills. You can even practice your speaking by using Transparent Language’s voice-enabled activities to compare your pronunciation to that of a native speaker.

With dictation to help you practice typing in Spanish, multiple choice activities and listening recognition activities, Transparent Language’s online program offers a wide variety of useful tools to immerse you in the Spanish language.

Transparent Language’s online program starts at $16.66 a month with prices based on the length of subscription.

Living Language


In addition to an array of apps and combination packs of books and audio CDs, Living Language offers a strong option for software immersion. Living Language has an online subscription program with 46 different Spanish lessons. These lessons use audio conversations, games, quizzes and puzzles to help you understand Spanish grammar, vocabulary and culture.

Each lesson has a different combination of features, such as vocabulary lists, sample conversations and activities to help you practice what you’ve learned.

Living Language’s online program offers “essential Spanish,” which is basic survival Spanish, along with an intermediate level and an advanced level. You can also track your results to monitor your progress.

Subscriptions to Living Language’s online program start at $12.50 per month based on the length of subscription. A year-long subscription also gets you two tutoring credits for one-on-one virtual support.

Speed Learning Languages


Speed Learning Languages is designed to get you speaking Spanish quickly and effectively. By using audio CDs and e-books in combination with online downloads, Speed Learning Languages offers a well-rounded approach.

Speed Learning Languages’ Spanish program uses a structured approach to guide you through the material in a focused, planned order.

The program has you start speaking Spanish immediately to provide you with more experience using the language. It’s audio-intensive to help prepare you for engaging with native Spanish speakers.

Instead of focusing on memorization, Speed Learning Languages aims to improve your Spanish through repetition. Dialogues and grammar lessons will help you improve your skills with little need for conventional studying.

Speed Learning Language offers four levels appropriate for beginning to advanced students.

You can purchase levels one and two or levels three and four for $149. Plus, if Speed Learning Languages updates or adds content, you’ll get that, too.


With so many great Spanish immersion software programs on the market, you’re sure to find something to suit your needs and learning style.

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