35 Spanish Dubbed Movies to Get Your Movie and Language Fix

Imagine sitting on the couch, relaxing and watching your favorite movie… with a twist.

The movie is in Spanish!

Combine your love for movies and get some Spanish learning done at the same time with Spanish dubbed movies.


Before You Watch: Notes About Region-locked Films and Netflix

In order to watch a movie in Spanish on Netflix, you may have to change the audio for your movie. Simply go to the bottom right of the Netflix bar. The button next to the full-screen option will let you change both the audio and subtitle options for your movie.

Netflix has a rotating catalog, so the availability of titles at different times and in various regions of the world can vary. If you cannot find a title on Netflix, check Amazon. If it is not available on Amazon, either, you can try a local store or eBay. If all else fails, there are other movies out there! We have included plenty of options for you to pick from.

In addition, some DVDs and Blu-rays are region-locked. This means that, depending on which region you live in, you will need special hardware to play it or someone to convert it for you. Always make sure the disc you are buying is compatible with your region.

Now that all the technical stuff is out of the way… enjoy and learn!

Spanish Dubbed Action Adventure Movies


Action flicks are great for beginner Spanish learners: they are exciting, they usually feature scarce (though dramatic) dialogue and they are easy to follow.

Check out these Spanish dubbed choices for action-packed learning.

1. “Iron Man: Rise of Technovore”

What it is: A mysterious evil villain has wreaked havoc on the city and the use of a very dangerous weapon is imminent. This animated film involves Iron Man, the Punisher and a few other familiar faces from the Marvel Avenger team.

Where to get it: On Amazon, the movie is dubbed in Spanish and it has Spanish and English subtitles.

2. “Iceman”

What it is: A young palace guard in the Ming Dynasty is wrongly accused of a murder and his brothers hunt him down. In the middle of a battle, the entire set of brothers is frozen in ice for 100 years. What will happen when the ice thaws?

Where to get it: The Amazon version has Spanish audio.

3. “Jauja”

What it is: “Jauja” is a period piece set in the 1880s about a father (played by Viggo Mortensen) and his relationship with his teenage daughter.

Where to get it: You can buy a copy of the unrated version on Amazon.

4. “An Innocent Man”

What it is: In this R-rated movie, Tom Selleck plays a man who is framed for a drug bust by two corrupt cops. When he finally gets out of prison, he comes after them with a vengeance.

Where to get it: A DVD copy can be bought on Amazon.

5. “Alive”

What it is: Based on a real story, this is the tale of a rugby team whose plane crashes in the Andes mountains. Watch the team as they struggle to get back to civilization alive.

Where to get it: The Amazon version has Spanish audio available.

6. “Spectral”

What it is: A Netflix original that features an alien force wreaking havoc on a distressed Europe. A team of Special Ops elite attempt to stop the unknown enemy.

Where to get it: You can stream this movie on Netflix with Spanish dubbing and subtitling.

7. “King Arthur: The Legend of the Sword”

What it is: A classic tale with a violent twist. You will have to watch it to find out the new take on this timeless story.

Where to get it: Amazon has a special Spanish/Portuguese Blu-ray copy available.

8. “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2”

What it is: An action-packed adventure that involves saving the entire galaxy. This band of fun-loving friends is on a mission. If you have not seen the first movie, we recommend that you watch that one first (which is also available with Spanish sound and subtitles).

Where to get it: You can find an edition of this movie on Amazon with Spanish audio and subtitles. 

Spanish Dubbed Dramas


Dramas are better suited for intermediate to advanced Spanish learners who want to hear the Spanish spoken between people in tense situations. No matter what the subject matter is, the dialogue is usually applicable to everyday life since it usually focuses on the human connection.

So, whether the movie is set in a fantasy world or in outer space, you will find something to learn in these movies.

9. “Moulin Rouge”

What it is: A young writer falls in love with a woman of the night in one of the most iconic places in Paris, the Moulin Rouge. The movie is full of music, color and, of course, drama.

Where to get it: In addition to Amazon, Walmart has a Spanish copy available on its website.

10. “Divergent”

What it is: In a society of five categories, everyone is divided by their strengths. A young girl becomes a special case when she falls into more than one of these categories. What happens when the very foundation of a society is questioned?

Where to get it: You can buy a DVD copy on Amazon.

11. “Grace of Monaco”

What it is: When the famous movie star Grace Kelly marries the Prince of Monaco, her fairytale life seems complete. A look into her marriage many years later shows that it was not a perfect happily ever after.

Where to get it: You can buy the Spanish version on Amazon. Interestingly, this movie is dubbed in Catalan as well!

12. “Forrest Gump”

What it is: A classic story that follows the charmed life of Forrest Gump as he stumbles through history and into our hearts.

Where to get it: A Blu-ray copy of this movie can be purchased on Amazon.

13. “Saving Private Ryan”

What it is: An academy-award-winning movie that will leave you in tears. This war movie follows a squad of US soldiers as they try to find meaning among the brutality of war.

Where to get it: You can buy a DVD copy on Amazon.

14. “Titanic”

What it is: A classic movie about the sinking of the Titanic and the story of Jack and Rose, two unlikely lovers brought together in the face of tragedy.

Where to get it: Check for availability of a DVD version on Amazon.

15. “Interstellar”

What it is: A group of astronauts is forced to explore unwelcoming planets in this science fiction drama.

Where to get it: You can buy a DVD copy on Amazon with Spanish audio and subtitles.

Spanish Dubbed Documentaries


You will find more formal and specialized language in documentaries. We recommend focusing on something that you love to learn about or something that you can apply to your life or job.

For example, if you are interested in the food industry in a Spanish-speaking country, you might find “A Year in Champagne” useful. If, on the other hand, you just absolutely love the ocean and want to learn more specific marine biology words in Spanish, “Chasing Coral” is the documentary for you.

Choose what you find interesting and important to your learning to get the most from this genre!

16. “Chasing Coral”

What it is: Our coral reefs are disappearing, and this documentary follows the scientists and photographers who are trying to raise awareness and stop this. The film examines the human and natural forces that are threatening coral reefs everywhere.

Where to get it: You can stream this one dubbed and subbed in Spanish on Netflix.

17. “Take Your Pills”

What it is: A deep look at how widely available drugs are affecting children and adults in a hyper-competitive world.

Where to get it: This movie is available to stream on Netflix.

18. “Francis: The Pope from the New World”

What it is: This film follows the life of the current Catholic pope. It includes interviews and interesting information about the pope’s humble beginnings.

As a bonus, the documentary is actually bilingual, featuring both Spanish and English sections because Spanish is the native tongue of the pope (since he is from Buenos Aires, Argentina).

Where to get it: A DVD copy can be purchased on Amazon.

19. “Planet Earth II”

What it is: Filmed in stunning ultra-high-definition, this documentary (narrated by the wonderful David Attenborough) is one of the best nature documentaries available today. Explore all corners of the globe and discover the wonderful world around us.

This documentary has also birthed possibly the most heart-pounding chase scene in cinema history.

Where to get it: Look for a Blu-ray copy of the Spanish version on Amazon.

20. “13th”

What it is: A focus on the U.S. prison boom in association with the criminalization of African Americans.

Where to get it: You can stream this on Netflix.

21. “Cuba and the Cameraman”

What it is: One cameraman follows three families for 45 years under a devastating rule through their times of hardship. Both English and authentic Spanish can be heard on this one, featuring Cuban Spanish in particular.

Where to get it: You can stream this on Netflix.

22. “Gaga: Five Foot Two”

What it is: Learn more about the eccentric celebrity Lady Gaga in this documentary and get to know the woman behind the outlandish costumes. This documentary reminds us that underneath all the makeup, celebrities are people, too.

Where to get it: As this is a Netflix original, you can stream it on their platform.

23. “The Battered Bastards of Baseball”

What it is: If you love baseball, then you will love this look at the Portland Mavericks, a bunch of underdogs who formed a truly independent baseball team in the 1970s.

Where to get it: Stream this one on Netflix and turn on those Spanish dubs!

Spanish Dubbed Comedies


Understanding humor in a different language is extremely difficult since it often hinges on cultural knowledge and wordplay. These comedies are originally in English, so the culture will be within grasp for you—and you can really focus on the language.

Pay attention to the words used to portray English humor in Spanish. Is everything translated literally? How does the use of certain words change the meaning of a scene?

Consider this as a stepping stone into the world of Spanish humor!

24. “Legally Blonde”

What it is: Watch a young “dumb blonde” succeed against all odds as she deals with a break-up by heading to Harvard and killing it! Definitely a fun romantic comedy.

Where to get it: Amazon has a DVD copy for purchase that offers Spanish dubs and subs.

25. “Kronk’s New Groove”

What it is: A Disney movie about sorcery, body-building and fathers that will leave you in stitches. This is a spin-off of “The Emperor’s New Groove.”

Where to get it: This movie is available on Amazon.

26. “Bridesmaids”

What it is: A hilarious movie about a group of mismatched women brought together through being bridesmaids, and the overwhelmed but determined maid of honor who leads them on an epic adventure en route to their friend’s wedding.

Where to get it: You can buy this movie on Amazon with Spanish audio and captions.

Spanish Dubbed Family Movies


Movies meant for kids to enjoy often use simpler language and focus on important themes like friendship and family. Perfect for beginners, these movies will make you smile and also teach you some important vocabulary words for everyday life.

27. “Pooh’s Grand Adventure: The Search for Christopher Robin”

What it is: The classic character Winnie the Pooh is off on another adventure in this adorable movie. If you have young children, or you want to introduce your kids to Spanish, then this could be a great one to watch with the whole family.

Where to get it: You can rent or buy this movie with Spanish dubbing and subtitles on Apple TV.

28. “Cinderella”

What it is: You know the story but it gets better every time you watch it. Practice your Spanish with this classic Disney rags-to-riches story.

Where to get it: You can purchase the DVD on Amazon.

29. “Beauty and the Beast”

What it is: This film is a live-action adaptation of the original Disney animated movie. The magic comes to life and love triumphs all in this beautiful rendition of the story.

Where to get it: A copy of the DVD can be bought on Amazon with available Spanish dubbing and subtitles.

30. “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone”

What it is: This is the first movie of the well-known Harry Potter series, where an eleven-year-old boy realizes he’s a wizard for the first time. 

Where to get it: Most boxed sets of multiple “Harry Potter” films do not offer Spanish dubbing, but individually packaged films do on Amazon. 

31. “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them”

What it is: A spin-off of the Harry Potter series, this movie follows another young wizard as he looks for fantastic beasts in London.

Where to get it: Check Amazon for a DVD copy.

32. “Star Wars Trilogy: Episodes 1, 2 and 3”

What it is: Watch episodes one, two and three unfold as a galaxy struggles to maintain order. The learning is strong with this one.

Where to get it: Buy a box set of the Spanish edition DVDs on Amazon.

33. “Tarzan”

What it is: This gritty remake of the classic ape-man is actually rated PG-13 but it is a fun live-action adaptation of Tarzan’s story.

What happens when you take the jungle man out of the jungle and deposit him in 1880s proper English society? You can probably imagine.

Where to get it: You can buy a copy of the Spanish dubbed edition on Amazon.

34. “The Aristocats”

What it is: A family of cats goes on a wild adventure after a bitter old man dumps them in the middle of the country. Watch them make their way home with the help of a street-smart cat.

Where to get it: A DVD copy can be purchased on Amazon.

35. Finding Dory”

What it is: A forgetful fish goes in search of her parents, with her two friends in tow. A sequel to “Finding Nemo,” this animated film won the hearts of audiences all over the world.  

Where to get it: Amazon has a DVD with the Spanish dubbed version. 

The 3 Best Places to Find Spanish-dubbed Movies

If you want to binge on more Spanish dubbed movies, consider these three websites as your go-to: 


Amazon offers a terrific selection of dubbed movies if you know where to look for them. Luckily, it’s not hard.

All you have to do is look at the page for any DVD you might be interested in. Scroll down to “Product Details.” In this section, look for the heading “Dubbed.” If Spanish is listed, then the DVD comes with Spanish dubbing, which you can access by adjusting the language settings once the DVD is in your player. While not all DVDs have this feature, many do.


Netflix is great for binging on entertainment, learning or both. You can easily turn your Netflix binge into a Spanish-learning binge by using subtitles, but what’s less well-known is you can also use dubbing. provides a helpful list of Netflix options available with Spanish audio and/or subtitles to help guide you on your way. While many items on the list are not available for streaming and it’s unclear whether the website refers to DVD rentals or streaming, it’s a good jumping-off point for finding options.

Children’s movies have Spanish audio far more often than other movies, so these are a good option to target if you want to stream Spanish-dubbed movies via Netflix.

Once you’ve found the film you want to watch, you can change the language settings by going to the “Options” panel and selecting “Audio & Subtitles.” Select your language choice, press back to return to the options panel and then press play.


YouTube is usually best for clips of movies and movie trailers. Full-length movies often appear but are generally removed quickly due to copyright issues. Still, if you look every now and then, you’ll generally stumble upon some full-length movies. To find them, it helps to search for the name of the movie and “Spanish.” Otherwise, if you can find the Spanish title of the film, try typing it into the search bar.

How to Use Spanish Dubbed Movies as Language Learning Tools

If you are anything like me, then it can be hard to make time to study Spanish at the end of a long day. Most days, the only thing I want to do after work is to just lay on the couch and watch TV.

Although I find my lack of motivation embarrassing sometimes, I know that I am not alone. Watching Spanish dubbed movies is a good option to improve your language skills in a fun way that avoids the tedium of sitting down to run through verb conjugation drills.

But you will learn very little if you only watch: You need to be an active watcher to get the most out of your Spanish movie learning.

Here are some tips for boosting the learning power of Spanish dubbed movies:

Start with movies you’re already familiar with in English

If you’re familiar with the movie, you’ll have a better idea of what is happening. This will take some of the pressure off and allow you to focus more fully on the language.

Alternatively, you can also watch the movie in English before you try to watch it in Spanish!

“How will this help me learn Spanish?” you might ask. Well, consider this the groundwork to learning. If you’ve already watched the movie in English first, you’ll know what happens. You’ll know what each character is like. You’ll know what each scene is about. This familiarity with the movie will make it easy for you to follow the movie even once it’s in Spanish.

Consider your learning level and interests 

Choose the right level of dialogue for your goals. Obviously, more dialogue means more exposure to the language. However, if you’re a beginning Spanish learner just hoping to hear the language a little more, something action-packed might be less overwhelming.

The genre of the movie matters too. If you want to learn common phrases, try a romantic comedy. If you want to learn legal terms, a legal drama will help you out. If you’re looking to learn police terms, try a police procedural. There’s a movie for every vocabulary need!

Finally, pick something a movie you’d actually like. If you do not want to watch the movie in English, then it is unlikely you will want to try it in Spanish either.

Experiment with subtitles

Some DVDs offer subtitling in addition to dubbing. This is a helpful way to get the most out of the movie.

  • Watch the movie in English while reading Spanish subtitles. This is a helpful way to practice your Spanish reading skills.
  • Watch the movie in Spanish with English subtitles. If you can’t quite understand a word or phrase, you can glance down for a quick translation. Just keep in mind that the translation might not be literal.
  • Watch the movie in Spanish with Spanish subtitles. This will help you practice your reading and listening simultaneously. It’s also great for making sense of the words being pronounced by speakers.

If you enjoy learning Spanish from movie subtitles, you might like learning Spanish with FluentU. You’ll find video clips from Spanish movies, TV shows and more, complete with interactive subtitles, transcripts, personalized vocabulary quizzes and more.

Jot down notes

As with any activity, putting in a little more work can lead to faster results.

  • Write down words and phrases. If you want quick results from watching dubbed movies, you might want to jot down some notes on key words or phrases you don’t fully understand while watching. You can also make note of words that you’ve heard before and understand but really want to reinforce until they’re committed to your long-term memory.
  • Look up words and phrases afterwards. Keep track of unknown language, but don’t interrupt your movie viewing experience to look everything up right away. This kind of active listening will ensure that you understand the precise meaning of the vocabulary.

Try saying the lines along with the movie

Once you’ve learned a scene, try saying the lines along with the movie. This will help improve your speaking and pronunciation. It will also help you remember not just what the word means, but how to use it in context.

You can even memorize famous lines to remember key words and grammar rules. Not only will you have fun quotations to share with your Spanish-speaking friends, you’ll also have a handy model to use whenever you need a little help with vocabulary or grammar. 

Learn one scene at a time

Try not to stop there! Push your learning even farther by learning one scene at a time. Pick a scene you really love—or one that you really struggle to understand, if you want a little challenge—and use the following learning tactics.

  • Watch the scene. After watching it once, stop and rewind to the beginning of the scene.
  • Watch it again and jot down the words you don’t understand. Look them up.
  • Watch the scene again and again until you understand every word in context. This will help improve your vocabulary and your listening.

Sit back and enjoy

A more relaxing learning option is to just sit back and enjoy the movie. Don’t take notes. If you don’t understand something, don’t worry about it. Just try your best to enjoy the film.

This type of passive listening (where you’re not actively trying hard to pay attention and make sense of everything) is still very useful, too. While you might not know the precise definitions of some individual words, you’ll have a better understanding of how the spoken language sounds in general. This will help you improve as a speaker, and it will also help you to get more and more comfortable and confident understanding of spoken Spanish.

Make it a daily activity

With language learning, repetition is always key.

  • Daily viewing. If it’s a movie you love, go ahead and watch it every day.
  • A little a day. If you don’t have the time or energy for that, try watching a little each day—perhaps a scene with rapid dialogue or one you find particularly challenging.
  • Background viewing. You can always leave the movie on in the background while you’re busy doing other things. This is very helpful for passive listening, as you will hear the words and sounds without even having to pay full attention to it.

Get that popcorn ready. Have fun and happy watching!

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